What's Arsenal Strongest Starting XI? (If Everyone Is Fit) | The Supporters Club 

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What's Arsenal Strongest Starting XI? (If Everyone Is Fit) | The Supporters Club Ft. Robbie, Cecil Jee, James B & Turkish
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28 mrt. 2021




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MUFC Oles at the wheel
MUFC Oles at the wheel 2 dagen geleden
0:50 me trying to get a 9 from my geography teacher by listening to them rant about global warming
Jason Cuffe
Jason Cuffe 4 dagen geleden
3-5-2 (Gk)Leno (Cb)Mari (Sweeper)Luiz (Cb)Gabriel (Lwb)Tierney (Rwb) Saka (Dm) Partey (Am) odergard (Am) willian (Cf)aubamayang (Cf) lacazete Most influential players are laca and auba then play in there favourite position. And I am chelsea fan so seem how Good willian is when allowed to float. Arteta is ruining a top player
Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne 8 dagen geleden
Aye Yo Turks light up the Kroenke's g Loool!
Gini The Dragon 20
Gini The Dragon 20 9 dagen geleden
Ok ,I guess man subbed to AFTV
Yaniakis Terence
Yaniakis Terence 11 dagen geleden
Smart move Robbie!
M S 11 dagen geleden
Holding should be in there
Trackformers 11 dagen geleden
Turkish and Lee Gunner are the best at AFTV by a mile. Lee Gunner is not on too often but speaks the truth! And Troops is dearly missed, damn sellout..
Trackformers 11 dagen geleden
So this is what dropped standards look like.
Richard Ngata
Richard Ngata 11 dagen geleden
Strongest 11- StraightFoward 442 Leno chambers luiz Gabriel Tierney Saka Partey Odegaard Pepe Laca Auba
Imtiaz 12 dagen geleden
Rip claude
Omar Mohammed
Omar Mohammed 12 dagen geleden
I prefer 667 comments. Great show. Well done Turkish
MrChixpi 12 dagen geleden
Great! Now get Deluded to the fold to handle the academy and U23s on AFTV.
Jermaine Cole
Jermaine Cole 12 dagen geleden
Bro I got so excited hearing Turkish will be part of AFTV!!!! These 4 are my favourite AFTV members!!
Marangoes 12 dagen geleden
If Odergaard dosent join us next season we have an easy replacement in Smith Rowe
J J 12 dagen geleden
Auba’s both seasons of 20+ goals was from the left. With Laca up front. Giroud had better quality behind him. Auba up front has been poor
jean de la croix murindabigwi
You are all deluded to put Xhaka in first Team and Lacazete on the bench It's like Arteta Partey and Elneny play well together at Old Trafford and that the last time we saw them together
Zak Martin
Zak Martin 13 dagen geleden
I agree with James' XI
Andy Lowe
Andy Lowe 13 dagen geleden
if you are talking about choosing a starting XI from players at their best, top form, you cant leave Pepe out
Abz Otf
Abz Otf 13 dagen geleden
Pepe scored same amount of goals as saka but half the minutes of course saka is younger and will have a higher peak but give Pepe sane minutes he’ll do more
Fungy Vetikke
Fungy Vetikke 13 dagen geleden
Esr ødegaard the new ramsey ozil
Harshvardhan Singh
Harshvardhan Singh 13 dagen geleden
Why not consider Lucas Torreira. He'll be returning back from loan as well.
segun temenu
segun temenu 13 dagen geleden
Standard best XI Leno; Cedric,Gabriel,Mari,Tierney; Partey; Odegaard,ESR Saka,Auba,Martinelli Why is it okay to play two right footers in CB but not two left footers? I think it can work perfectly and Gabriel is the key. Gabriel isnt one footed and has also drifted to RCB when we play a back3/when Xhaka drops to LCB and Luiz pushes forward. Cedric knows how to invert to CM when needed so I dont see why we cant play with Partey alone in CM. Martinelli > Pepe because more agile supports defence more (good for Tierney) our best aerial presence (good for Tierney) Against BIG teams we can go with Partey-Elneny as they gave the best pivot performance at OT. One big reason for us being 10th/9th is because of individual errors even when we might be having a good game. Starting without Luiz,Bellerin,Xhaka n Ceballos(a recent issue for him) gives us a good base to win any game.
Next Gen Ownage
Next Gen Ownage 13 dagen geleden
At his best in our attacking players, Martinelli is our second best goal scorer after Aba 10 goals 4 assist last season is exceptional when you consider how little games he played and started last season. I don’t know how no one picked him?
Ricardo Drackett
Ricardo Drackett 13 dagen geleden
Turkish and Moh is two of the best at AFTV
matchoftheday3 13 dagen geleden
Pepe as a CF! With saka esr odegaard behind him. He’s got all the natural ingredients to thrive there, RVP style
Nhlakanipho Hlatshwayo
Nhlakanipho Hlatshwayo 14 dagen geleden
Turkish was lit
Thabo Skillachi Tawana
Thabo Skillachi Tawana 14 dagen geleden
Leno Cedric. Luiz. Gabri. Tierney Odegard. Partey ESR Saka. Martinelli Aubameyang We need to play majority of our games on the front foot for at least 60 to75 minutes then change to bring in Lacazette Xhaka Pepe Elneny Ceballos depending on what the game dictates. Most teams give us possession and dare us to come at them. Let's unleash our best offensive game on them and punish them, then adapt later. All these players can cope in this starting 11 for nearly 70 minutes. That's gonna be great football and better options to get goals.
Kevin Ortiz
Kevin Ortiz 14 dagen geleden
Turkish typically has awful takes. But I can appreciate his passion. Just feel like he’s never kicked a ball a day in his life 🤷🏽‍♂️
Don Man
Don Man 14 dagen geleden
Massive Turkish fan one of the few that talks sense however I think he is bigger than AFTV and let’s hope he can keep what he does on his own channel on AFTV as he’s on a different level with his shows and content, but i will always support Turkish wa ever his decision 👊🏾
captainfabregas 14 dagen geleden
Congrats Turkish. Disagree with most of your takes but still like the way your present your points. Gives us an alternate angle to think from if nothing else.
Andrew Cole-Goins
Andrew Cole-Goins 14 dagen geleden
Jewel 7 7 Jewel
Jewel 7 7 Jewel 14 dagen geleden
Turkish is a Great addition !
james barry
james barry 14 dagen geleden
Calling them strong is a bit of a stretch
Gooner Nelz
Gooner Nelz 15 dagen geleden
If we’re talking about our best team auba doesn’t play on the left if he doesn’t score he doesn’t bring anything to the team don’t defend well n his link up play is very average Pepe smith Rowe are ahead of auba playing on left
Евгений Шумилин
We should sign Adam Hložek if Odegaard is not available.
Sem Goedhart
Sem Goedhart 15 dagen geleden
Potentail Line-up: Hakimi Saliba Gabriel Tierney Partey Bissouma Saka/Pepe Odegaard Martinelli/Reiss Lacazette/Balogun
Rich Head
Rich Head 15 dagen geleden
I'd like to see ESR partnering Partey. He's quick in transition, doesn't get bullied off the ball and links well with fullbacks.
blurryface _14
blurryface _14 15 dagen geleden
Leno Cedric Luiz Gabriel Tierney Partey Saka Odegaard Martinelli Lacazette Aubameyang
iBroewnis 15 dagen geleden
Where graham? Love that guy, Graham should also have his own show.
Kemis Sativa
Kemis Sativa 15 dagen geleden
Partly and torreria as the pivots
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe 15 dagen geleden
I agree with Turkish on Lacazette... Man Turkish is always on point.... Lacazette is nice but not for what we paid for
Dessi Paris3
Dessi Paris3 15 dagen geleden
Arsenal strongest 11. For the arsenal 2021 season when we make the CL. Depay. Auba. Zaha Grealish Ndidi. Partey Tierney. Gabi. Kulibali. Pereira Leno
Farhan Athar
Farhan Athar 15 dagen geleden
Martinez Chambers Saliba Gabriel Tierney Partey Smith Odegaard Saka Pepe Lacazette
Sebastien Cole
Sebastien Cole 15 dagen geleden
Turkish is the biggest whiner too though , the porridge never tastes good with him around
Leece Braham
Leece Braham 15 dagen geleden
Would love to see Cecil line up but I wouldn't put auba on the left. He would be central and pepe on the left. Pepe has to be in it if it's everyone at their best!
Gunnerz Tv
Gunnerz Tv 15 dagen geleden
Leno Cedric Luiz Gabriel Tierney Partey Xhaka Ødergard Saka Auba Pepe
Ilija Strugar
Ilija Strugar 15 dagen geleden
Elneny was good this season for me
Ilija Strugar
Ilija Strugar 15 dagen geleden
Lol, Ceballos was very bad whole season
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 15 dagen geleden
Laca is in the team
Ilija Strugar
Ilija Strugar 15 dagen geleden
Huge announcement. Thanks AFTV, thanks Turkish.
Jacob winspear
Jacob winspear 15 dagen geleden
Anyone else find Turkish annoying?
Saarthak Monga
Saarthak Monga 15 dagen geleden
Cecil looks so uncomfortable in these videos. he looks much better as a presenter/host
Meher Abhiram
Meher Abhiram 15 dagen geleden
The thing with Laca yeah, when he's having a bad game, he'll at least get the other players into the game, he'll be more involved in the attack, unlike Aubameyang when having a bad game, it's like we're playing with 10 men. I love them both though. Man, it's a tough choice for Arteta.
Grego 15 dagen geleden
Some these man got man crush on laca lol. 50million there are requirements. Never touched 20gls a season.
r 15 dagen geleden
Laca Auba odegard saka Smith Rowe partey Tierney gabi Luiz sedric Martinez!!!!!!!! Why sell!
Dan Fry
Dan Fry 15 dagen geleden
Great recruitment proven again and again - great work AFTV.
UnchainedMelody86 15 dagen geleden
Don Robbie's made more signings than Stan Kroenke to be fair.
Liam D'cruz
Liam D'cruz 15 dagen geleden
Surprised it took AFTV so long to bring Turkish on
Warlord Kony
Warlord Kony 15 dagen geleden
Great signing
Gooner 15 dagen geleden
James love of Ceballos is so strange. The guy is bang average.
Daddyori clarks Aka YoYo
Daddyori clarks Aka YoYo 15 dagen geleden
Yeah yeah Turkish
J M 15 dagen geleden
imagine taking this long to get turkish on board
Lee Murphy
Lee Murphy 15 dagen geleden
Leno, Cedric, luiz, Gabriel, tierney, xhaka, party, saka, Pepe, odegaard, Auba
zeeks12 15 dagen geleden
Good selections on paper, but our best team considering chemistry and playing patterns between players should be considered too
Tarkan Bora Kartel
Tarkan Bora Kartel 15 dagen geleden
best 11 if fit and firing? you man forget Chambers when he was playing CB? HB better then cedric when he is on form. and Xhaka?
Soh Clovis
Soh Clovis 15 dagen geleden
Check out ceballlos' errors in the last 3 or matches to the F.A win last season.
Kingsley Emmanuel
Kingsley Emmanuel 15 dagen geleden
Leno Bellerin Luiz Mari Tierney Partey Ceballos Pepe Odegaard Saka Lacazette
Kingsley Emmanuel
Kingsley Emmanuel 15 dagen geleden
Bellerin at his best *
Kingsley Emmanuel
Kingsley Emmanuel 15 dagen geleden
Ceballos ahead of Xhaka...obviously..can't believe most of our fans think Xhaka is quality....Xhaka is given tooo many chances, Ceballos has few bad games he's dropped...Xhaka is never dropped even if he makes mistakes's just unfair
MrMessyb 15 dagen geleden
Great video. Turkish is a great host. Excellent appointment by AFTV!!!
Trevor Howard
Trevor Howard 15 dagen geleden
Turkish........the absolute definition of 'negatively ffs
Troy Baptiste
Troy Baptiste 15 dagen geleden
Xhaka is garbage how are they putting Xhaka in a midfield....that dude is slow predictable and can always make a big mistake
Johannes Losch
Johannes Losch 15 dagen geleden
Aftv constantly growing and growing, remember the 200k subscribers times, big up don robbie, respect
Roli Tshindane
Roli Tshindane 15 dagen geleden
Cecil has the right idea, fully fit Partey doesn't need xhaka next to him holding his hand. We're not gonna get to where we want to be with a xhaka partey double pivot, we don't sustain possession and control games well enough in the midfield, hence why we haven't been a 90 min team yet
anas yassir
anas yassir 15 dagen geleden
4231 Leno Bellerin Luiz Gabriel Tierney Partey Xhaka Pepe Odegaard Martinelli Auba
Shar Lor
Shar Lor 15 dagen geleden
We should be making esr to new santi
Morteza Taheri
Morteza Taheri 15 dagen geleden
Love Turkish!! Big up. Love.
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan 15 dagen geleden
Whats Ironic is that Odegaard plays so similarly to Ozil and these lot wanted Ozil out😂
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan 15 dagen geleden
Arsenal Best XI: Leno Cedric Gabriel Luiz/Mari Tierney Partey Xhaka Odegaard Aubameyang Saka/Pepe Lacazette My Opinion
M. A. Noir
M. A. Noir 15 dagen geleden
Congratulations Turkish you truly deserved.The best defensive midfield for the gunners is Matteo Guendouzi and Thomas Partey. So let’s bring back Matteo Guendouzi
Cal Depen
Cal Depen 15 dagen geleden
I think ESR and Odegaard's work rate makes a 4-3-3 work. I also think Bellerin is better than AFTV gives him credit. He starts almost all of our playing out from the back. He is the lynchpin. Almost without exception he is the outlet. The one thing I would say in addition is that with our kids we need Laca in the 9. The center of the storm, holding up the ball for Saka, Pepe, and the like swirling around him. Leno; Bellerin, Luiz, Gabriel, Tierney; ESR, Partey, Odegaard; Saka, Laca, Pepe.
Dwight D
Dwight D 15 dagen geleden
turkish, cecil and james that's a good lineup
James Dennison
James Dennison 15 dagen geleden
Big up Turkish, congrats 🎉
T B 15 dagen geleden
Can we stop rating xhaka on the sly, he needs to be replaced!!
Mossi 15 dagen geleden
Mavropanos has a strong season in the Bundesliga... Hes incredible
Thabo Skillachi Tawana
Thabo Skillachi Tawana 14 dagen geleden
Let him come to epl and replicate this again on loan in a smaller team.
Kaashif Awan
Kaashif Awan 15 dagen geleden
Luiz has been brilliant for us, barring 2-3 max games where he has made mistakes in 2 years, was a key aspect of us winning the fa cup last season and been one of our only consistent players this season.. Turkish choosing mari over him, clown opinion
Vague1801 15 dagen geleden
Leno,Cedric,Gabriel,Mari,Tierney,Partey, EMR, Odegaard,Saka,Pepe,Laca - im happy for Turkish!
Wilson O
Wilson O 16 dagen geleden
Awesome news! Turkish is official! Love it!
Thuta K.Soe
Thuta K.Soe 16 dagen geleden
if you are saying Ceballos at his best, he is better than Xhaka by a million miles, remember his first game for us?
Alex Vonueman
Alex Vonueman 16 dagen geleden
I definitely agree with Cecil's team
siimmppaa 16 dagen geleden
I'm just glad that this channel keeps growing and growing
Terry Hoskin
Terry Hoskin 16 dagen geleden
I’d go 4141 Leno Cedric gabriel Mari tierny Partey Saka odegaard smithrowe martinelli Lacazette Think laca works with the team better than Auba Luiz I like and I wouldn’t be sore at him over Mari or gabriel Xhaka get in the bin, I’ve been done with this guy for years.
Shane Mulvey
Shane Mulvey 16 dagen geleden
Turkish is the man! No sugar coated opinions, just straight up knowledgeable intelligent analysis! Am I right in saying Turkish is Irish also?
Edwin Kahata
Edwin Kahata 16 dagen geleden
Leno Cedric holding Gabriel KT Ceballos partey Saka ordegard martinelli Auba Sub's ,saka off pepe on, auba off laca on , martinelli of smith Rowe on
Odyssey Studios
Odyssey Studios 16 dagen geleden
The new thumbnails are soo clean well done team
Sugar Ocain
Sugar Ocain 16 dagen geleden
"Multiple" mistakes by Holding? Oh yeah he got blamed for Cedric's clanger against Villa.
Elliot Green
Elliot Green 16 dagen geleden
Turkish and James were great on this teams
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 16 dagen geleden
Leno Cedric Holding Gabriel Tierney Partey Xhaka Saka Odegaard ESR Lacazette Still nowhere near good enough mind.
randyb59 16 dagen geleden
Robbie buying up the competition.
The Blady Pundeh Reviews Funny Videos
giroud is better than lacazette
David Smith
David Smith 16 dagen geleden
For me it’s Leno, Cedric, Luiz, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Xhaka, Saka, Odegaard, Smith Rowe and Lacazette