We’ll Beat Liverpool (White Yardie’s Bold Prediction) | Biased Premier League Show 

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We’ll Beat Liverpool (White Yardie’s Bold Prediction) | Biased Premier League Show
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29 mrt. 2021




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DragonHeart613 Dag geleden
This guy sure looks like a total idiot after that 0-3 humbling courtesy of Liverpool. Seriously why is this Yardie guy on aftv??? He is the poor man's Troopz. This guy is not born & bred aftv like so many of the other people on the channel who have been there for years. Wish Robbie would just dump this guy!!!
Willie Zhang
Willie Zhang 5 dagen geleden
11:25 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gav B
Gav B 7 dagen geleden
who can taker this guy serious. he knows nothing about football and thinks hes a black man. \the man doesnt know himself
Bruno Dacruz
Bruno Dacruz 8 dagen geleden
Yaride got too cocky and arrogant and he got punished for it . Arsenal got battered bruised annihilated
Cicero B
Cicero B 8 dagen geleden
Hahahahahha you smucks
douglas douga
douglas douga 8 dagen geleden
11:35 Clip it
Brian Nazareth
Brian Nazareth 8 dagen geleden
So much smoke from these Arsenal man, and now they quiet. You man gotta hella confident- and I’m struggling to work out where that energy came from! It certainly ain’t there no more, all because of your waste team. The disrespect! You man ain’t nowhere near our level yeah! Salah even megged your keeper after NOT going down like you man kept chattin - ABOUT DOLPHIN! “Better Team den Liverpool”...? About. Slappings?! You damn right! You man got SLAPPED UP! Dead club!
Van Mannie
Van Mannie 8 dagen geleden
This aged well....
Barry Greenberg
Barry Greenberg 8 dagen geleden
I'm a Liverpool fan and what can I say to white Yardle. Well your prediction you beat Liverpool hmmmm.. Well you got smacked smashed destroyed by a half full Liverpool team. Your lucky white yardie Liverpool did not have our full team from last year against the Kings of Kings. YNWA
Chloe Singh
Chloe Singh 8 dagen geleden
Slapins for Arsenal 😂😂😂😂 laca who
Chloe Singh
Chloe Singh 8 dagen geleden
Eeeeddddiiiiooooottttt of the week white yardie man said we will beat Liverpool 😂😂😂😂😂
Professor Loveforme
Professor Loveforme 8 dagen geleden
Oi eedyat where you at ?? More like Yard broom with sweeping statements like that Go hide up the mountain wi di Rasta dem you fi find some humility
neelante 9 dagen geleden
Wha happund white Yardie??? Ya team got smokkkkked BTW stop you and some deluded fans say Tierney better than Robbo he's not. 👀👀👀 Pepe we can't see you 🤣🤣. Your not even the best team in London 😬😬
Okoruwa Alexander
Okoruwa Alexander 9 dagen geleden
Must feel stupid now with this prediction big man
Brian O'Halloran
Brian O'Halloran 9 dagen geleden
Unlucky there love child of DT and Troopz!
Linkz Linkz
Linkz Linkz 9 dagen geleden
3 0
Nafis Khan
Nafis Khan 9 dagen geleden
go to bed you clowns
Kerwin Medwynter
Kerwin Medwynter 9 dagen geleden
Wyardie how did it feel to get bussup by Liverpool 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Damian999 X
Damian999 X 10 dagen geleden
Banter club 💯😭😭😭
John Bertengel
John Bertengel 10 dagen geleden
Matt Bicazette
Matt Bicazette 10 dagen geleden
Jamaican Phill Mitchell needs to apologies. He's been constantly talking gas when Liverpool were doing poorly and then gets slapped 3-0 with two learning CBs. DFKM
Benedict Ajegwu
Benedict Ajegwu 10 dagen geleden
Exactly two young CB just bullied aubamyeng and lacazette
Main man Malone
Main man Malone 10 dagen geleden
Here after the game? From a Liverpool fan
lil joey
lil joey 10 dagen geleden
3-0 lol
By Wōden’s Beard
By Wōden’s Beard 10 dagen geleden
Rayhaan 10 dagen geleden
Aged like milk
Andrxw452 10 dagen geleden
In your dreams! Mid table club at BEST!!
Joe Burns
Joe Burns 10 dagen geleden
This didn't go well for you guys.
Benedict Ajegwu
Benedict Ajegwu 10 dagen geleden
Whose here after Liverpool beat them 3-0
Tenn Kenobi
Tenn Kenobi 10 dagen geleden
This has aged horribly
Daniel Hobbs
Daniel Hobbs 10 dagen geleden
Hi from a Liverpool fan
Marcus 10 dagen geleden
Fat yardie is a clueless clown! Shouldn't be on the show, literally brings nothing except stating the obvious & coming out with ridiculous claims
Ethan Power
Ethan Power 10 dagen geleden
This aged like milk
Akintunde Kayode
Akintunde Kayode 10 dagen geleden
That aged well, Yardie
MOhd Muddassar
MOhd Muddassar 10 dagen geleden
I am here after the match 3-0 😂😂😂
Scouser Tommy
Scouser Tommy 10 dagen geleden
0-3 I’ll just leave this here 😆😆😆😆
Matthew Knight
Matthew Knight 10 dagen geleden
Pikmii 10 dagen geleden
3-0 loss 🤣😅
Kenny GotYourback
Kenny GotYourback 10 dagen geleden
How dat werk out for ya
Masz Guiza
Masz Guiza 10 dagen geleden
We'll beat Liverpool. 3-0
Krate 9 dagen geleden
@Drxqo The guy posted this long after the game finished lol
Drxqo 10 dagen geleden
haha we beat you 3-0
Krate 10 dagen geleden
Were you in a coma?
chuck bass
chuck bass 10 dagen geleden
How did this turn out blud fams?
Neelesh Domah
Neelesh Domah 10 dagen geleden
Yeah we all saw how good Arsenal was.
TheInvincible H
TheInvincible H 10 dagen geleden
This aged well
Kevin Friend
Kevin Friend 10 dagen geleden
This prediction has not aged well.
Kyle Garnes
Kyle Garnes 10 dagen geleden
Yardie still hasn't grown on me as a comedian but he does speak sense.. I respect his contributions
Marcus 11 dagen geleden
Clueless idiot if he thinks arsenal have a chance at winning today. Especially with Luiz at the back 😂
Marcus 11 dagen geleden
Months later I'm still baffled by who this man is, he's just that white Jamaican & that's all I'll remember him as
jonblazeinc 10 dagen geleden
He's a comedian
Adam Bugby
Adam Bugby 11 dagen geleden
Bitch man said couple years ago no one know about man city yano 😂😂😂😂 check out our trophy cabinet guy it says different yano yardie
Jj J
Jj J 11 dagen geleden
Get this guy off the channel his dead
olusegun okuboyejo
olusegun okuboyejo 12 dagen geleden
White Yaddie talks like my brother in-law also from Jamaica. I was just laughing when he acted in the video USA vs Jamaica😂😂😂. Funny man
Jevaughnie Samuels
Jevaughnie Samuels 12 dagen geleden
R.I.P Khanice Jackson
Abraham Johann Oommen
Abraham Johann Oommen 12 dagen geleden
Giving the title as Arsenal will defeat Liverpool and then indirectly saying that you don't believe in it by giving it the name 'the biased show'. Respect😂
connorstevens94 12 dagen geleden
Yardie 11.48 in the vid puts his neck on the line 😂 hope he’s right and we slap Liverpool
lil joey
lil joey 10 dagen geleden
We slapped you lol
Nick Brennan
Nick Brennan 12 dagen geleden
1-1 Draw YNWA
Bruno Miguel
Bruno Miguel 13 dagen geleden
K D 13 dagen geleden
adam4rst 13 dagen geleden
0:54 yardie knows tunes, welcome to jamrock is a banger
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 13 dagen geleden
You should be afraid of Diogo Jota's headers after the Portugal games
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 10 dagen geleden
@LEEDS YNWA I told you, I watched Portugal's games & I could've warned Arsenal! Seems like Holding wasn't listening
LEEDS YNWA 10 dagen geleden
You were right
Alan MC
Alan MC 13 dagen geleden
Gunners wins!
Drxqo 10 dagen geleden
lol ynwa
Shane Liew
Shane Liew 13 dagen geleden
Crackhead Yardie is on meth crystals again.
E.B.A.H 13 dagen geleden
Be quiet about chambers....talking rubbish..he had a good game but no...cedric at right back
Gooner 14 dagen geleden
People seem to forget most of Liverpool's dreadful results this year have largely come at home... I think we'll do well to get a draw.
Gooner 9 dagen geleden
@APEX Can't you read? I said we'd do well to get a draw, meaning I'm not confident. I was right to think that.
APEX 10 dagen geleden
well this didn't age well
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas 14 dagen geleden
alright should not be standard for England or arsenal
erick ragero
erick ragero 14 dagen geleden
number two player eeeeediots
erick ragero
erick ragero 14 dagen geleden
whats robbies"s deal with chambers that guy defends like a overhyped mustafi. chambers is a noooo man
Scientist Tim
Scientist Tim 14 dagen geleden
tbh anyone can beat Liverpool if you can't win against Liverpool you're honestly ass
Scientist Tim
Scientist Tim 10 dagen geleden
LEEDS YNWA 10 dagen geleden
We’ll see at old trafford when we smash 💥 you you trophyless team
Richard Cottington
Richard Cottington 14 dagen geleden
AFTV needs to stop giving the jamaican Phil Mitchell airtime. Dude is clueless about football. Liverpool are superior to you.
Marc Tyler
Marc Tyler 14 dagen geleden
Can we admit Yardie looks like the Home Alone guy 😂 The wet bandit 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 all love G
Laidback Lifestyle
Laidback Lifestyle 14 dagen geleden
Robbie please have more Jamaican Stories. I live for them😂😂😂
CSandSoccer 14 dagen geleden
Yardie get real man, as a Arsenal and Liverpool supporter, the latter is def better than the former.
Potato 98
Potato 98 14 dagen geleden
Afc >lfc really???
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football 14 dagen geleden
The gunners are going well of late credit due but the scousers will make an example of them on the Weekend
Kameel Sabri
Kameel Sabri 14 dagen geleden
8:40 for the Liverpool talk. All the talk before is crap.
keron Duncan
keron Duncan 14 dagen geleden
Straight from yard. Jamaica 💯🙏💯
Malthe Nielsen
Malthe Nielsen 14 dagen geleden
Man said Assna is a better team than Liverpool on paper 😭
Shar_Man 14 dagen geleden
Of all the AFTV members i think that Ty will feel it the most. They were close.
Mc 14 dagen geleden
How u gonna beat liverpool when u couldn't even beat west hame nor olympiakos fml
Ess 1
Ess 1 14 dagen geleden
Football doesn’t work like that bro, from an latch fan
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee 14 dagen geleden
Arsenal beat us at the emirates last season, this weekend we will get our revenge. We’ll beat Arsenal.
jgav 14 dagen geleden
Кирилл Кудряшов
Sound is shocking. Barely hear anything
Anatoly Tinkov
Anatoly Tinkov 14 dagen geleden
k ramsey
k ramsey 14 dagen geleden
We will beat Liverpool they’ll have to rest players for Real Madrid 3 days later away aswell
Drxqo 10 dagen geleden
Pim Keller
Pim Keller 14 dagen geleden
Binaryswinery 14 dagen geleden
Are you happy now Arsenal Fan TV for the hate you caused this man?
luZnaZ 14 dagen geleden
Dominik Warga
Dominik Warga 14 dagen geleden
Tafsear Munear
Tafsear Munear 14 dagen geleden
Have u realised u say this every year 🤣🤣🤣
Garreth 14 dagen geleden
😂I thought ty was delusional
K G 14 dagen geleden
Lacazette.... we nah tek tret 🍾🍾🍾😎
Rupert Nelson
Rupert Nelson 14 dagen geleden
Rob ask white yardie where he buy is jersey and cap because I live in Japan and would like to get a jersey
HLW5002 14 dagen geleden
Harry Broadbent
Harry Broadbent 14 dagen geleden
Close the door now
Close the door now 14 dagen geleden
@Brennan Connelly well this must of been the straw that broke the camels back. Robbie will be racked with guilt I’m sure. It is none the less an absolute tragedy he seemed a nice man.
Mustofa 14 dagen geleden
@Brennan Connelly yeah he was struggling. He needed help. Men don't ask for help that's why it's impossible to help.
Brennan Connelly
Brennan Connelly 14 dagen geleden
@Close the door now no come on mate it was clearly more than that, he’s even talked about having problems in the past. You can find videos of him talking about being depressed 5+ years ago
Close the door now
Close the door now 14 dagen geleden
He took his own life and it’s because of P.C rubbish
Mr. Mentesh
Mr. Mentesh 15 dagen geleden
Big up Turkiye! Half Turkish and getting the Turkey Flag ready for first game of the Euro's 🇹🇷
Mr. Mentesh
Mr. Mentesh 14 dagen geleden
@Hi well I've got an Irish English mix on my other half so I feel your pain ahaha but hey your part Turkish so rep proudly 👍🇹🇷
Hi 14 dagen geleden
Lol I’m half Turkish half Irish and I’ve supported ireland my whole life, might have to rep Turkey instead🤧
Ahmad Al habib
Ahmad Al habib 15 dagen geleden
Is it just me or are Robbie’s fingernails absolutely huge
Mr. Mentesh
Mr. Mentesh 15 dagen geleden
White Yardie strips to the Brazil shirt 😂😂😂😭
Nathan Yabo
Nathan Yabo 15 dagen geleden
This guy is gassing.. Lol. It's liverpool so don't get too cocky..
UnKnown Moe
UnKnown Moe 15 dagen geleden
Big up for speaking about Turkey
Peaceganjareggae 15 dagen geleden
Mary Jane
Sajal Goenka
Sajal Goenka 15 dagen geleden
Can you hear White Yardie Robbie? Coz we CAN'T!!!
Philip Pears
Philip Pears 15 dagen geleden
E1 keeps saying "it's Arsenal we're talking about here" in a negative way. You people call yourself fans? Remember what Arsenal achieved? We should be saying 'Hey it's Arsenal we're talking about here' with authority! COYG!!
Flockingsheep _hence_never_asleep
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