Time To Shake Things Up! | Arsenal vs Slavia Prague | The Warm Up Ft. Turkish, Cecil Jee & James B 

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Time To Shake Things Up! | Arsenal vs Slavia Prague | The Warm Up Ft. Turkish, Cecil Jee & James B
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6 apr. 2021




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Orion Griffiths
Orion Griffiths 5 dagen geleden
Hope they can make amends for Rocky and Claude - a quality performance by all or this tie could be tricky. Drop Auba please and no Eleney or Ceballos. Martinelli to start if Smith Rowe or Saka not match fit. Wrote this before I saw Jame's line up, love that front three, and without Tierney - maybe its time to change it up again, as long as it is attacking, so not 5 or 7 at the back but playing further up the field with a high line.
illmatic 5 dagen geleden
If we ever sack Arteta we must appoint James B.. He will be the English version of Julian Nagelsmann
Luke Hill
Luke Hill 5 dagen geleden
‘I’m trying to be positive as if I actually mean it.’ 😂 Cedric representing the entire arsenal fan base this season!
Harris Khan
Harris Khan 5 dagen geleden
2-0 Arsenal
Steven Brown
Steven Brown 5 dagen geleden
Abuyminag is not supposed to even wear a arsenal t-shirt again, hes just rubbish absolutely rubbish , hes another ozil and needs to go 😂🤣😅😥
Peaceganjareggae 5 dagen geleden
Come on Arsenal!
Jack Peacock
Jack Peacock 6 dagen geleden
Sounds weird not hearing the "hows it going people, welcome back to ma channel" 😂
Samuel Philp
Samuel Philp 6 dagen geleden
I support arsenal and rangers so once they put rangers out i wanted them so bad. Now we do and the boys better be up for it and smash them for kamara atleast
TASHI TENZING 6 dagen geleden
Turkish 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Dhruv Sirohi
Dhruv Sirohi 6 dagen geleden
I'm not confident for Thursday to be real.
JDH 6 dagen geleden
Wouldn’t be surprised if arteta starts Bellerin
AvtomatIvan 6 dagen geleden
We’re gonna get absolutely battered by these Czech farmers. Have you lot seen Liverpool against Madrid? Absolute dreadful, and we made them look like they’re better than Bayern. We’re just useless, no way these mans don’t embarrass us
Ramin Babaei
Ramin Babaei 6 dagen geleden
If we dont get past this stage... "unacceptable" is what sb should be hearing, not saying in post-match interview
Mark thomas
Mark thomas 6 dagen geleden
We lose Tomorrow gonna hurt
Ilija Strugar
Ilija Strugar 6 dagen geleden
Guys, I just tried this profit accumulator, its unbelievable, it chainged my life... Just joking, Im feeling miserable watching my club
Assist King Özil #Arsenal
Arteta still thinks he's at man city with the amount of rotating he does.
SuperHellhawk 6 dagen geleden
I want saka at left back, martinelli at left wing and Cedric on the right
Nhlakanipho Hlatshwayo
Nhlakanipho Hlatshwayo 6 dagen geleden
this connection is hot. too lit
Peter Holmes
Peter Holmes 6 dagen geleden
These three guys are raising the standard, absolutely love these shows. Proper football knowledge
Arvin Khedu
Arvin Khedu 6 dagen geleden
No Pepe deserves to be ....not aubameyang
CLIPPED 6 dagen geleden
TBH I rate AFTV more for analysis than Sky and BT, especially these 3 real fans that know us and don't say the same cliche things
CLIPPED 6 dagen geleden
Hearing Bellerin could leave this summer, would be great for me its Lamptey or Aarons, both do well in the Prem and don't need time to adjust. Not hakimi
Sayad 6 dagen geleden
Giving Turkish a bigger role on the channel was a great decision, top lad
s l
s l 6 dagen geleden
Arsenal this year is badly affected by poor form of most attack players -- a radical overhaul will be needed.
sai R
sai R 6 dagen geleden
Slavia praha are bouta do a ting, you just know it
Damian Kelly
Damian Kelly 6 dagen geleden
I love this show...I love the chemistry!Big up TurkishLDN..James&Cecil
Damian Kelly
Damian Kelly 6 dagen geleden
4 0.....
ja9cob 1
ja9cob 1 6 dagen geleden
Hopefully 3-0 yeh but we will probably concede 2-1
TheParadiseInc 6 dagen geleden
No one cares about historic stats. We’ve never been this bad in the history of arsenal as far as I can remember.
Kaio Hyzel
Kaio Hyzel 6 dagen geleden
Slavia will beat Arsenal, come back to this comment.
No ufo here
No ufo here 6 dagen geleden
It's time to play Martinelli and Ryan
JOB ANGURIA 6 dagen geleden
Turkish, "THE REAL DEAL"
Adewole Aderinto Gabriel
Adewole Aderinto Gabriel 6 dagen geleden
Turkish my man, big up James and Cecil jee..prediction 3-1 arsenal..Leno, bellerin, holding, Gabriel, cedric, partey, xhaka, odegard, pepe aubameyang and lacazette..
MirkwoodGooner 9
MirkwoodGooner 9 6 dagen geleden
I think we actually missed Xhaka against Liverpool. Ceballos hurt us and Partey needs to really have a good showing. I think Odegaard will be out
Elmin Kovac
Elmin Kovac 6 dagen geleden
Why not play Martinelli up top? At the moment he is a better Aubameyang
luka stupar
luka stupar 6 dagen geleden
coyg need to get that win❤️🤍
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 6 dagen geleden
2-0 I hope 🔴⚪️
Zohaib Chaudhri
Zohaib Chaudhri 6 dagen geleden
Good Thinking from James. What a signing He has been for AFTV😅
Hedzer 6 dagen geleden
Bergkamp 😍
segun temenu
segun temenu 7 dagen geleden
James XI or this Ryan; Cedric,Chambers,Mari,Gabriel; Partey,Elneny; Saka,Ødegaard,Pepe; Martinelli
Juan Rayo
Juan Rayo 7 dagen geleden
Every time we go back to the experienced players we start to lose games, we need to go with the youngsters, I’d start Martinelli on the left with Auba up top.
Architeuthis Dux
Architeuthis Dux 7 dagen geleden
SP work much better as a team than we do. Team chemistry is greater than possessing well-known individual players. It will be a draw game for me with Arsenal nicking it in the 2nd leg
StartosTurtle 7 dagen geleden
Sima hasn't scored in his last 8 games, and in his last league game he got a red card after only 22 minutes.. Not afraid of him in the form he's in.
jojolouis 7 dagen geleden
You know with Arsenal, it's like with the girlfriend you've had for quite some time like/love/are attached to/still trust each other somehow.........but you know it's not quite right, you've started to have doubts about the relationship............and then.......... there is the Arsenal /Liverpool game of last week...... and it's like you've come home to find your girlfriend in bed with your best mate!!!!
Daily Content
Daily Content 7 dagen geleden
Cecil is done out man. Turkish and James have great analytical brains and are loquacious. Cecil is fun and happy but doesn’t suit being paired with either Turkish or James.
Damager Uirab
Damager Uirab 7 dagen geleden
Turkish keep coming up my G. I never watched aftv podcast till the end like i did today
Ayub Alom
Ayub Alom 7 dagen geleden
Martineli won't start.
Lewis P
Lewis P 7 dagen geleden
The Arsenal 🐐 is Dennis Bergkamp, our best ever player at the club
Worku Bt
Worku Bt 7 dagen geleden
James line up is 🔥❤
Lewis P
Lewis P 7 dagen geleden
Oh god not Arteta in midfield😂 just as bad as a player than he is as a manager. Love Turkish on all these shows. He’s been on AFTV since it began but has finally signed up permanently 🥳
Romarick Romarick
Romarick Romarick 7 dagen geleden
Is Cecil going for the early Arséne looks???
David Fortes
David Fortes 7 dagen geleden
At this point I would sell Auba, Laca, Willian, send Ceballos back, Sell Holding, Bellerin
David Fortes
David Fortes 7 dagen geleden
Turkish the realest 💯💯
David Fortes
David Fortes 7 dagen geleden
Turkish is a great host. Don Robbie with the recruitment skills
UnKnown Moe
UnKnown Moe 7 dagen geleden
why is Elnenys picture so bad?
MICHAEL OGOLLA 7 dagen geleden
Arteta will never play Gabriel and Mari as the two centre backs pairing. It will never happen lads.
James Barber
James Barber 7 dagen geleden
2-2 for me
Mohamed 201515
Mohamed 201515 7 dagen geleden
Leno Bellarin Gabriel holding Cedric partey xhaka Smith Rowe Saka laca pepe
Nandan Nayak
Nandan Nayak 7 dagen geleden
Most important thing with the win is the clean sheet. Then if we score in the away leg, it's all but done.
David Barrock
David Barrock 7 dagen geleden
The scenes when arteta comes off the bench to score the winner
Dr subodh Kumar
Dr subodh Kumar 7 dagen geleden
God I'm shaking w terror just thinking about this match
Dr subodh Kumar
Dr subodh Kumar 7 dagen geleden
If only arsenal had a technical director like Robbie, look at the signings he makes
Jeremy Mak
Jeremy Mak 7 dagen geleden
why dont we try gabriel at left back, better then playing an inverted rb?
Troy G
Troy G 7 dagen geleden
Cecil Pulis.
lami zogi
lami zogi 7 dagen geleden
Big Agenda hahahahah turkish 🤡🤡🤡
HydroInvalid 7 dagen geleden
Love seeing Turkish on aftv
Tareq Naser
Tareq Naser 7 dagen geleden
I hope Turkish is here for the long run
K A M NICE 7 dagen geleden
Turkish is an amazing host!
anas yassir
anas yassir 7 dagen geleden
Leno Bellerin Chambers Gabriel Cedric Partey Elneny Pepe Odegaard Saka Martinelli
therealdilonjukic 7 dagen geleden
I was thinking the same as Cecil but after seeing James' i really think its worth running with that. Martinelli needs to play!!!!! I want fight on the pitch none of these spineless men
Leece Braham
Leece Braham 7 dagen geleden
At this point I always "kmt it's arsenal we're talking about. Such a damn let down!" Yeah honestly. Whatever happens but I'd love them to win
EliasStacks831 7 dagen geleden
I honestly think playing wit da wing backs isn’t a bad idea tbf
Stum 7 dagen geleden
Why are you still here? Why are you posting more videos. Arsenal is not anymore. I have been a fan since 1988, and there has been ups and downs. However, now it is different. The players do not want to do their best, and the captain is the worst captain in my time as a fan. The game against Liverpool shows everything that is wrong. It is over. I am tired of building up ecpectations for the matches, only to be let down again and again. I would understand if the players were crap, but these players should be good enough, hence they do not want.
Stricto strict
Stricto strict 7 dagen geleden
I tried sneak in the shot at @11:50 😂😂 big up cecil, james and turks
Wavy_SureShot 7 dagen geleden
Mikel Arteta next to Partey?😂
T R 7 dagen geleden
Probably better than xhaka
louis haynes
louis haynes 7 dagen geleden
Due to injuries and the assumption that Saka and ESR may not be available: 3-4-2-1 Holding, Mari, Gabbi Chambers, Partey, Martin, Cedric Pepe, Auba Lacazette
Quick Notify
Quick Notify 7 dagen geleden
Rahhh I didn’t know Cecil plays for Real Madrid...good game v Liverpool 👍🏽
john chase
john chase 7 dagen geleden
I wanna see arteta try Gabriel and Mari cb pairing, don’t care that they’re both left footed, they’re the best 2 central defenders we have, especially now luiz is out
Mezurashii Muzik
Mezurashii Muzik 7 dagen geleden
I like James's the most :)
illmatic1official 7 dagen geleden
This is my squad GK The Steward LB The Chef CB The Stewards Son CB The Nutritionist RB A Hair dryer for bellerins hair CM The Bus Driver CM The Camera Man LW The Site Manager RW The Field Caretaker CAM A Pair of socks ST The goal post
Unknown B
Unknown B 7 dagen geleden
Cecil with that drip jacket, wore that to school back in the 90s 🔥⚪️🔴
FMSheikh 7 dagen geleden
Big up these 3!
floyd thangwane
floyd thangwane 7 dagen geleden
Leno Soares Holding Gabriel Saka Partey Xhaka Odegaard Smith-Rowe Martinelli Lacazette
Sam Medley
Sam Medley 7 dagen geleden
id put these 3 up front for arsenal, good chemistry.
Damian Kordz
Damian Kordz 7 dagen geleden
Going for a shock 4 - 1 win to the Gunnerz!!!!
Dagim solomon
Dagim solomon 7 dagen geleden
i dont now why Turkish hates xhaka too much i dont rate him either but he is our best mid after party its quit clear now my man puts elneny head xhaka thats not fair at all bro
Edi Hodo
Edi Hodo 7 dagen geleden
I have no agenda. ELNENY OVER Xhaka, never laughed that much. I don't know where this Partey hype is coming from, what I have seen in the last couple games beside the west-ham game was average performance.
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 7 dagen geleden
Luckily for us Slavia have a big Derby game on the weekend against 2nd place Sparta Prague, however they are like 20 points clear, but maybe they value going unbeaten, and this looks by far their toughest domestic fixture
Faghmee Jacobs
Faghmee Jacobs 7 dagen geleden
Turkish bossing it on all platforms. This guy deserves recognition. Big up bro, keep up the excellent work 👊
BestInTheWorld 24
BestInTheWorld 24 7 dagen geleden
Cecil's face when Turkish said 3-0 was me 😂
InsaneLeo27 7 dagen geleden
AFTV signing Turkish is a stroke of genius, hats off to the don 👏
Dani-girl 7 dagen geleden
Turkish is just the perfect man for the job 👌
Naser Shaik
Naser Shaik 7 dagen geleden
I like James starting X1
Rigsby 1
Rigsby 1 7 dagen geleden
Auba up front through the middle
Edward Murphy
Edward Murphy 7 dagen geleden
Just saw first half ,real v pool, AND THE first thing that strikes me is you must have from 1 to eleven ,players who have the basic skills ,control trap and pass, AND not fall over. THE SHINING STAR IN PRESENT ARSENAL TEAM CANNOT GET IN REAL FIRST ELEVEN.. DISCUSS
Conal Keaveney
Conal Keaveney 7 dagen geleden
The only player that gets close is Kieran Tierney
Dotingdrip 3043
Dotingdrip 3043 7 dagen geleden
2-0 to the Arsenal
theosj1 7 dagen geleden
Dreaming A Dream. Arsenal fans. I'm watching Real Madrid v Liverpool & we can only dream about qualifying for the UCL. The standard in this quarter final is far far beyond anything our team can serve up.
Pavel Sanda
Pavel Sanda 7 dagen geleden
My prediction Arsenal - Slavia 1:2
Tanvir Ahmed
Tanvir Ahmed 7 dagen geleden
garbage show
DJ Fury DejaVu
DJ Fury DejaVu 7 dagen geleden
Mat Ryan in goal on Thursday
DJ Fury DejaVu
DJ Fury DejaVu 7 dagen geleden
Good show lads.