Shocking & Worrying Display By Arsenal | Full Time Ft. Turkish, Cecil & James 

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Shocking & Worrying Display By Arsenal | Full Time Ft. Turkish, Cecil & James
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5 apr. 2021




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Agilis 5 dagen geleden
Yupp! Thats consistency for you. Arsenal a consistent team. 👍
Mr Feather
Mr Feather 6 dagen geleden
man our senior players are expired... I dont expect anything from them anymore. Even leno, I am starting to doubt his consistency. Our only hope is we do like Ajax did and go with a full young squad and bin all the seniors.
BOB OCHIENG 6 dagen geleden
Did we miss Xhaka in the first 60 minutes? YES. From the start of the game Dan Ceballos was absent. Ceballos was nowhere. Completely Lost. He should be sent back to his team. This is not a one time thing. We conceded goals because Ceballos. Enough is enough.
Kevin Carvalho
Kevin Carvalho 6 dagen geleden
It's not pronounced Yota. It's pronounced exactly how it looks.
Nhlakanipho Hlatshwayo
Nhlakanipho Hlatshwayo 6 dagen geleden
Turkish + james and cecil bringing fire content
GhostWZA 6 dagen geleden
We should play a 3421 formation with Odegaard and Pepe as our Number 10s supporting Laca/Auba - Partey with Xhaka (until we upgrade) with KT & Cedric/Bellerin as wing backs - Hopefully we can upgrade our strongest needs next season with good signings (CM to partner Partey, CB, RB, and a CF) Leno Holding Gabriel Pablo Cedric/Bellerin Partey Xhaka KT Pepe Odegaard (Rotate with Saka and Smith-rowe) Laca/Auba (Rotate based on opposition with Martnelli as Super Sub)
Gary McLaughlin
Gary McLaughlin 6 dagen geleden
Turkish makes great content every time, missed this format.
dritan tahiraj
dritan tahiraj 6 dagen geleden
Lol 😂 their favourite player Gabriel it was bad luck he cost them a goal but if it was Musta fit holding and anyone they don’t like then it’s a catastrophic mistake that cost lol wow what a deluded fan base no wonder why the players are playing crap
dritan tahiraj
dritan tahiraj 6 dagen geleden
James said it’s not parteys fault for allowing his man to go that is his fault if that was xhaka you would screaming blaming him lol this biased crap from arsenal fans make me laugh protecting their favourite
MADHATTAPRODUCER 7 dagen geleden
Cecil has a massive agenda against Pepe he was one of the only players working hard up and down the pitch when it comes to worst on the pitch he wasn't one of them!
turnz 98
turnz 98 7 dagen geleden
Who ever trusts this Arteta process is a fool this guy has the worst record at the club has us sitting mid table not even Emery was this bad we aint going nowhere but downwards the whole team is just trash relying on little kids this clubs a disgrace why is xhaka still at the club I swear he told us to F off, this james guy is lost he said Willian lmao get this guy off AFTV he knows nothing
Ariz Kamal
Ariz Kamal 7 dagen geleden
Auba and laca cant play together. I would rather play the youngsters. Auba has been crap on the wings and st, please play martinelli
OF Fex
OF Fex 7 dagen geleden
AFTV must sign this 3 guys on a massive contract with a gigantic release clause. Especially James. Otherwise, SkySports, BT Sport's, ESPN might steal them under our noses.
Paul Mccullough
Paul Mccullough 7 dagen geleden
These are comments about Aubameyang just before he left Dortmund for Arsenal.. "Aubameyang made his intentions of leaving Borussia Dortmund clear earlier this month after Arsenal showed interest in him. He was suspended from the team for their first game of the season after missing a team meeting. And he missed Dortmund’s second game after the BVB bosses decided that he was not focused enough."Sound familiar?
Jasen Wright
Jasen Wright 7 dagen geleden
What a shower of schiess against Liverpool!
Paul Duke
Paul Duke 7 dagen geleden
I like how everyone is always keen to blame players and not arteta. It’s mad funny honestly
Jabz257 7 dagen geleden
Can you turn off the image 'sshh' sound.
Aim bot
Aim bot 7 dagen geleden
why're people picking on Pepe the midfield was being overrun ,our mid didn't win personal duals , dani lost the ball more than the times he completed .we couldn't even string together 5 passes and you picking on Pepe, stop it .for strikers and wingers to offer something they have to get on the ball, they never got him on the ball. pepe was playing good on the left Arteta took him back to the right look at all that before you pick on him.
kevin bibb
kevin bibb 7 dagen geleden
Only change is danny ion midfield, possible. The game plan and set up the issue-players should be ashamed.
Ibeh John
Ibeh John 7 dagen geleden
Aubameyang and Lacazette worked well under Emery
Golden Boot
Golden Boot 7 dagen geleden
Sj Chan
Sj Chan 7 dagen geleden
Arteta also leaves subs far too long.
87Michael 7 dagen geleden
Why are our standards on the floor when it comes to Arteta? Emery finishes 5th & guys wanted him out. I get we lost back in the Europa League final but if Arteta doesn’t even get us there then he’s gotta go surely? We can’t keep him on if he doesn’t win that for us this season.
Andrew 7 dagen geleden
It's time to go!
Hdjs Ndjsj
Hdjs Ndjsj 7 dagen geleden
Great show Turkish just made this show even more better
Kayse Ismail
Kayse Ismail 7 dagen geleden
Cecils waffling and cant speak 1 sentence without stuttering
Andrew Cole-Goins
Andrew Cole-Goins 7 dagen geleden
favorite show on AFTV channel
Leandro Goodwin
Leandro Goodwin 7 dagen geleden
To say that we didn't miss Xhaka is hypocritical. We did miss him. Ceballos was horrendous and obviously not comfortable holding while Partey goes forward. Tierney would've also been able to go forward more because Xhaka would cover for him.
Leandro Goodwin
Leandro Goodwin 7 dagen geleden
Ceballos didn't take up that space at all.
Jade smith
Jade smith 7 dagen geleden
14:38 lol
D89/420 7 dagen geleden
Pretty sure Arteta referred to the Liverpool game as a free hit in the pre match presser, thatll be why nobody gave a crap and there wasn't much of a game plan..
dveryblueblood 7 dagen geleden
Sack Arteta , get Alegri, then Arsenal will have a chance
Sam 7 dagen geleden
We need Aguero. Elite finisher
Thiago 7 dagen geleden
We’re not winning the Europa league guys, our season is over. The manager continues to make questionable starting 11s Our players fail to turn up, play with confidence. They were all scared in that Liverpool game.
Young World
Young World 7 dagen geleden
We need new manager
Abu Madinah
Abu Madinah 7 dagen geleden
Arteta has to take some blame, but i really want to see what he can do when he has own players and we get rid off all the palyers from the Wenger and Emery era.
Abu Madinah
Abu Madinah 7 dagen geleden
Auba became captain of the club coz he could lead on the pitch amd scored goals. This made him popular with the fans. However, he isnt scoring goals, he isnt working hard or motivating, he is hiding away when it comes to interviews etc Not really captain material. Really shows the state of the club.
SKYSTHELIMIT 7 dagen geleden
big up Turkish, Cecil & James, love the setup
Grant Walpole
Grant Walpole 7 dagen geleden
Cecil talks nonsense.
john hawkins hawkins
john hawkins hawkins 7 dagen geleden
Drop Laca and Auba, play your kids from the youth team. Make sake the captain. You will discover passion and drive and not a bunch of overpaid guys wanting to fill their Bentley's with a full tank... Seriously, your kids play better than your 'first' team.
Lewis 7 dagen geleden
Luiz and Xhaka were missed the most. Mainly because Ceballos and Holding were an absolute calamity
Ryan Hitchcock
Ryan Hitchcock 7 dagen geleden
LFC fan. Better. Coaching.simple.
Lee Fensome
Lee Fensome 7 dagen geleden
Wats with the noises between the slides 😬
ky-mani gooner
ky-mani gooner 7 dagen geleden
We are shite..
Starza Priana
Starza Priana 7 dagen geleden
Marton Janos
Marton Janos 7 dagen geleden
And these players wanna be in the champions league? For what? To embarrassed the fans? Nah man i hope we will not even make the europe league because these fu.kers are not deserve to represent Arsenal in any european competition and not even the league.
W.Uthmaan Namuthama
W.Uthmaan Namuthama 7 dagen geleden
We need new frontline Auba&laca out in the smer, keep bolugan
TSU Films
TSU Films 7 dagen geleden
all the reactions after the other day had me worried for the mindset of the fan base. good seeing a level headed conversation not just " we need to sell everyone"
Carol Thairu
Carol Thairu 7 dagen geleden
Leno Cedric saliba Gabriel KT Partey - niles Saka -ordegard- Rowe Gabriel martineli Sub's- riss nelson - smith Rowe , Niles -willock martineli- balogun, Saka- pepe sell - lacazette , xhaka ,auba, holding ,willian, elneny keep -chambers,Mari -hector
Doubledigital_ 7 dagen geleden
im a big lfc fan but love turkish keep him on aftv please ty
Super Gooner
Super Gooner 7 dagen geleden
Big up Turkish. Very good show! I enjoyed it!
ZixZax Zol
ZixZax Zol 7 dagen geleden
Arteta deserved every bits of this. Dont understand why Emery out and this rookie still have chance
Mr Hussain
Mr Hussain 7 dagen geleden
Aubameyang and Lacazette means not enough movement in midfield. Arsenal need a left winger, that comfortable in attacking midfield. Basically a Nasri, Pires type player. The reason they need this is because the Central midfield does not control games or make enough chances from the middle of the field. You can't keep relying on Saka or Odegaard to create EVERY chance.
Doubledigital_ 7 dagen geleden
stop promoting gambling .. have some backbone ya sellouts
JohnsonM1993 7 dagen geleden
Leno at fault for the second goal honestly what crack do you boys smoke🤣🤣
A G 7 dagen geleden
It's ONLY the players fault. "The soft bigotry of low expectations." Educate yourself.
Dillon Williams
Dillon Williams 7 dagen geleden
The manager is a fool. Martinelli can’t get a start for no reason. Auba needed to be dropped weeks ago, Holding was the worst contract... he’s trash. We honestly need to sell Auba, sell Laca, and fund a rebuild with young, promising players that want to prove themselves. Hunger and desire. Why not. It can’t get worse than it is now. What makes us think we are better than Slavia? The team needs a complete overhaul, and reset. Arteta was bailed out by the youth, and now since they are out, we see that there has been no progress.
aron worrall
aron worrall 7 dagen geleden
Aubameyang clearly dosnt give a crap anymore he signed that contract getting paid captain of the club he just going through the motions hes agent finessed the club nicely no other club was willing to pay that amount of wage to him ozil part 2 I said this begging of the season was cussed off by people apparently I don't no what I'm on about fast forward till now.... and hes still playing terrible ...
Tinpot 7 dagen geleden
Arteta is a primemark boss so called big clubs are bossed by men that are respected and feared.. at arsenal any fool can wear the armband coz our last few bosses are spineless cowards shouldn't even be in the job
Tinpot 7 dagen geleden
Same every year we beat a few pub sides then once we play one of the big boys we become the pub side SCANDALOUS to think we sold our soul for this utter 💩💩💩💩
Vivek Maru
Vivek Maru 7 dagen geleden
Rob why don't you contact the owner of the club to say he has completely buried the club by not appointing the right people to push the club forward - he should just let the club go or appoint right people to ensure Arsenal finishes in top 4 next season. Manager like Zinedine Zidane and also all the funds a world class manager needs to make Arsenal an elite club again.
One love World
One love World 7 dagen geleden
Aubameyang cebellos worthless
BroadzTV Exposed
BroadzTV Exposed 7 dagen geleden
Big up everyone
Zib Ndix
Zib Ndix 7 dagen geleden
Arteta is too negative and he has been all season. Did Auba even get one chance ?
carter v.
carter v. 7 dagen geleden
arsenal is the shitty club
Sam Medley
Sam Medley 7 dagen geleden
Turkish is a great addition to aftv, he's so calm and clear. Big up Turkish
Ramakrishnan Iyer
Ramakrishnan Iyer 7 dagen geleden
Ryan did a decent job when Leno was re carded so its worth a shot
H B 8 dagen geleden
Cecil wtf is wrong with you?! You always wanna play auba and laca but not one of the best talents we got Pepe? 🧐 Don’t make any sense 🙄
Chris 8 dagen geleden
Missing xhaka and Luiz wow that says how bad we are at moment
kop pite
kop pite 7 dagen geleden
We didnt have a stable front three.
Daniel Foster
Daniel Foster 8 dagen geleden
Really don't think these guys understand much about how a game of football works
trt trtson
trt trtson 8 dagen geleden
I don't understand why people say this is our strongest squad. Look at the players at this moment and not their names. Chambers, back from long injury, Gabriel, trying to get back into form, holding off form, ceballos off form, partey just back from injury, pepe who hasn't had much game time, aubameyang off form. This was literally just a game to prove themselves. The only inform players were leno tieney , odegaard and lacazette. This was not a game arteta tried to win, this was just a game for players to prove themselves and they failed so i doubt we'll see much more of these names in the Europa leauge, for now at least.
Omar Khanday
Omar Khanday 8 dagen geleden
We need a striker like kane, he does things on his own as well. Runs and cuts and is clinical.
W S 8 dagen geleden
We need jimenez
Shagia Agolo Lartey
Shagia Agolo Lartey 8 dagen geleden
why is everyone pointing fingers at Auba instead of the manager? He's getting him to track all the way back on every attack from the opposition without a proper pattern of play and build-up when we have the ball to get in behind. if i watch the liverpools, leicesters etc, their forwards are always camped in oppostions half reeady to pounce. with the exception of city where they can create patterns and buid up quickly ( who wouldnt with kevin in the mix) i dont see any team getiing their attackers constantly running back , then run forward , then run back by the time you have a shot on goal very knackered. At least mix it up a bit too predictable. Problem is Arteta is trying to get them to play city way without 1 the personel and 2 without the tactical nounce to tweak things like pep on the fly or as detailed as he does it. Arteta is like that school kid that thinks he cheated and did so well on the exam by copying the brightest kid in class, but actually his copy was full of spelling mistakes and therefore failed because he didnt even learn how to spell. When i watch us play its feels like a swing, All forward, all back , all forward all back . lets face it we could all be coaches if thats all it took.
Mesmaa 8 dagen geleden
I don't know why, not even mention nelson underrated ,undervalued ,just gutted!!!!
Jamie Wallace
Jamie Wallace 7 dagen geleden
When he has played he doesn’t take his opportunity and misses easy chances personally we have to many decent attackers for him to have a shout in the team
DannyBoycustom 8 dagen geleden
Auba out. Laca is our Striker we just need better people up with him.
Drill Re-uploader
Drill Re-uploader 8 dagen geleden
Why do they still insist on ceballos
Ciaran Clarke
Ciaran Clarke 8 dagen geleden
cecil chats so much bs, holding was better than gabriel the other day fact.
Major x
Major x 8 dagen geleden
Sack Arteta, his stubborn and worse than Emery. His now willing to Saka, seems to love Hector bellerin.
G Willz
G Willz 8 dagen geleden
uba bn plyed out of position for wy too long think hzsuffering from burnout. for me its CF or bench for auba, no LW bizz, we have martinelli for tht
Mark Sweet
Mark Sweet 8 dagen geleden
Liverpool's weakness was their defence but we never once put them under pressure. Instead we let our crap defence try to absorb their top class attack. Poor tactics. Why are people still with Arteta
B_Hav_ 8 dagen geleden
I honestly thought Liverpool were so so good. Only Ceballos had a really poor game. We were made to look average. The intensity in the game was actually insane by Liverpool. They were proper last season Liverpool. Let just take this as a blip and move on. Our team is not complete yet.
Ollie Lee-Amies
Ollie Lee-Amies 8 dagen geleden
Can you guys do a video talking about how Auba is still captain. I think he might be the worst premier league teams captain this season. No leadership qualities and doesn’t even lead by example. I agree with James that we shouldn’t be too critical about how he’s playing on the left as we’ve seen enough times this season that it is not his position. He wants to be get behind the cbs and scoring goals, not chasing Trent the whole game. Arteta needs decide each game if we want a striker that’s going to get in behind (auba) or a striker that’s going to link up the attack (laca)
Jinteino 8 dagen geleden
This new age of fb has shown how quick fans turn on players but we need to ease of Auba. This all comes back to the manager for me persisting were he should've been managing his squad better
Get Rekt
Get Rekt 8 dagen geleden
Its Arteta's fault too, who kept playing Auba on the left, Pepe on the right, sub in Martinelli too late, combine with awful tactic.
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
Leo Johnson-Lay
Leo Johnson-Lay 8 dagen geleden
A host is what this show needed; you can tell Turkish has watched James and Cesil together and has worked out how to manage them as a pair.
Luigi Johnson
Luigi Johnson 5 dagen geleden
@PHATSTAR James only talks stats but his stats are always weird he mentions how few goals arsenal have conceded but fails to mention 14 teams have scored more than us. Basically we don’t concede a lot because arteta has us playing defensive.
PHATSTAR 6 dagen geleden
@Luigi Johnson Stato?
Luigi Johnson
Luigi Johnson 7 dagen geleden
Yeah stato and Cyril are terrible Turkish only good part of the show maybe have stato and Cyrils mics turned off make the show even better
TheDslick1 8 dagen geleden
DT- Trust the Process".. Lol
Jed Eye
Jed Eye 8 dagen geleden
This channel shows 90% of fans talk sh!t........ arsenal fc is rife with footballers who think there celebrities first footballers second.....that team isn't playing for the manager but that team won't player for any manager. There soft and weak.....I said years ago arsenal should have went for Brendan Rodgers.
Clement Akufo
Clement Akufo 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude and Rocky!!! Y'all deserved better last Saturday!!! That was an abysmal, atrocious, shameful, diabolical performance v Liverpool... We respected them too much and we offer absolutely nothing in attack... And Arteta hasn't learned from his mistakes: Auba and Laca dont work together in the same lineup... Chambers over Cedric in RB was questionable... What is the process? And have we really improved in defense... I undestand that Luiz, Xhaka, Saka and ESR were out.. Its obvious that this team relies heavily on Saka and ESR and that is worrying...
Laughing Gooner
Laughing Gooner 8 dagen geleden
My question was why not try a back 3. 3412 would have allowed two up front and a pivot with less issues with three behind. Even if Auba is not firing beside Laca, switching to a 3421 could have helped in bringing in Martinelli, Willian, Pepe. Pepe would have been good on the left infront of Cedric of a 3421. Chambers, Holding and Gabriel would have been closer together to defend the crosses. Odergaard would have had better protection behind and infront and might have got on the ball. Arteta should have seen this by half time. I am not a coach but it was obvious at least at half time and by the 60th minute glaringly obvious. Also why has no one noticed Holding has a problem with his jumping technique? It seems to be a problem with core strength and not from the injury. But maybe he is scared of an awkward landing. That also could be coached away and aided with therapy.
Fergie's Son
Fergie's Son 8 dagen geleden
Sure 10th is definitely an improvement right .
Partogi Simbolon
Partogi Simbolon 8 dagen geleden
Arsenal at 10th and Auba worried about his hair style than his performance on the pitch. F*ck, strip his captaincy. Sorry, I'm fuming!
Wythenshawe Kid
Wythenshawe Kid 8 dagen geleden
Downed tools🖒
Errol Lyle
Errol Lyle 8 dagen geleden
and WHITE YARDIE said with his chest 3-1 assanal
Mc Wise
Mc Wise 8 dagen geleden
Arteta has lost 11 games, crazy that he is still manager at Arsenal. Yes Arsenal are missing Saka and ESR but we should have players that can cover well, and the players like Partey and Pepe etc should be good enough to keep us going. Auba has been silent this season.
Pierre Degaré
Pierre Degaré 8 dagen geleden
No midfield. City midfield is stacked. Arsenal have no one worthwhile. No Fabregas, no Cazorla, no Vieira, no Pires, no Ramsey, no Ozil.
Imran Anees
Imran Anees 8 dagen geleden
You saw how many times we lost the ball, not keeping it simple, mad flicks and all, we really missed Xhaka, also it gives a lot more license for Tierney when he is there.
Dr subodh Kumar
Dr subodh Kumar 8 dagen geleden
Just kick out aubameyang Didn't thought I'd be saying this 4 months ago😭
Dr subodh Kumar
Dr subodh Kumar 8 dagen geleden
Good job Arteta, removed one Mesut Ozil and brought 2 another
Theo Matthew
Theo Matthew 8 dagen geleden
I really enjoy Robbie's shows with DT, Yardie and Expressions but this is fast becoming one of my favourites and the best from AFTV now for the rational way they analyse and evaluate things as good as if not better than the vast majority if not all of the former high profile players turned main stream pundits. In having unfortunately lost the Tactical Breakdown show with Graham that was simply superb and effectively the forerunner of this show, they've managed to produce a high quality replacement that isn't just sycophantic drivel. Great work again Don Robbie, keep it up.
Vrouwonvriendelijke Erdogan
Vrouwonvriendelijke Erdogan