Robbie, Troopz, DT, Lee & Pippa Share Some Memories Of Claude 

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Robbie, Troopz, DT, Lee & Pippa Share Some Memories Of Claude
If you would like to donate towards supporting Claude's funeral, memorial and family, you can do so here:
(This is the official 'GoFundMe' page set-up by his family.)
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3 apr. 2021




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Sheriff Wachira
Sheriff Wachira 13 uur geleden
Claude was a Voice of Reason saying like it is his knowledge of Football was unmatched
kelvinlo 20 uur geleden
we miss you claude
Jake Nathan
Jake Nathan 22 uur geleden
My condolences. I regret not reaching out to help out. A great human kind. RIP.
WF 2 dagen geleden
He was the person that I looked up to on AFTV..😭Gonna miss you uncle Claude..😢😢😢
filthypanda 3 dagen geleden
Sad news - I hope his family are coping okay. This is a wonderful tribute - well done guys
stadlernorris 3 dagen geleden
RIP Claude from a MUFC fan you were a Gent and a funny bastad RIP
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 4 dagen geleden
I remember when I was at the game where we played yous at Emirates in FA Cup 2019, saw Claude taking pics with some fans, I was really eager to talk to him abd get a pic with him and I was shy lmao and he went to the loo and I followed him even tho I never even needed the toilet 😂 Just went in and washed my hands came out and I lost him lol. Regret not getting a photo with the man himself. One of Arsenals greatest fans. Rest easy legend. 🙏
Paul Snowdon Jefferson
Paul Snowdon Jefferson 4 dagen geleden
All ways will be remembered, Claude R. I. P.
Tommy BCAFC 4 dagen geleden
Sami Filali Naji
Sami Filali Naji 5 dagen geleden
Pippa's hairline is at least 3 inches behind where it should start.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 5 dagen geleden
Where were you all when Claude got through under the bus by Robbie? Now you all say he was your favourite. Fakers the lot of you!
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 5 dagen geleden
I’ve always liked Voldemort, TJ, and Claude. TJ & Claude a comedy duo. I bet TJ is absolutely broken hearted
Justyns Sagan
Justyns Sagan 5 dagen geleden
The Fish Fry said Blackman time he went up to Nottingham and he's not even a black man hilarious🤣 you look like a albino🍼🤣😂
Dorian Christian
Dorian Christian 5 dagen geleden
I loved Claude as well from AFTV. His passion was unmatched may he R.I.P..... my condolences to his family, friends, arsenal fans and the entire premier league.
TASHI TENZING 5 dagen geleden
May claude rest in peace with the heavenly father.🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Slight Breeze
Slight Breeze 5 dagen geleden
It’s Time To Go
Ashley Waldron
Ashley Waldron 5 dagen geleden
Love this video man. RIP to the great guy Claude🙏🏻🌹
daftfish99 5 dagen geleden
RIP Claude
Herbert Wright
Herbert Wright 6 dagen geleden
Claude was a legend.. Rip 🙏. !!! Herb ☘️ Chelsea
Luke 6 dagen geleden
They should have an arsenal shirt on the wall with claude on the back
b 6 dagen geleden
It’s touching to see them all laughing about memories of Claude but every once in a while you can see on their faces the sadness as they realise he’s gone. Lovely man. Sadly missed.
Official FITZDT
Official FITZDT 6 dagen geleden
A wise man one said... ITS TIME TO GO
TickTak77 6 dagen geleden
What happened to him?!
CRYCES 6 dagen geleden
claude n ty beef will already be legendary banta rip my guy 💜
Saro Marvin
Saro Marvin 6 dagen geleden
Last thing he saw was probably the premier league table
Valiant Varone
Valiant Varone 6 dagen geleden
Anyone know his official cause of death?
Saro Marvin
Saro Marvin 6 dagen geleden
MRah 6 dagen geleden
Claude was an absolute legend
kul leo
kul leo 6 dagen geleden
Marcelo Tebbani
Marcelo Tebbani 6 dagen geleden
Of course Robbie memory of Claude is about how he gave him a £2500 laptop.
Ben Turner
Ben Turner 6 dagen geleden
R.I.P Claude❤️
Craig Henshall
Craig Henshall 6 dagen geleden
RIP. CLaude true footie fan love his videos and aftv sorry for your loss true gent
harry simpson
harry simpson 6 dagen geleden
Really nice video
Terry Blackwell
Terry Blackwell 6 dagen geleden
Always liked Claude, gutted he's gone R.I.P legend 🙌.
Dan 6 dagen geleden
Seemed Claude looked out for everyone on the show but nobody looked out for him when he was cast aside. Regardless many good memories and videos big up my man Claude
Nur Sharmil Aqamar Safeei
From a United fan, and the first thing that caught was Claude. A genuine guy who is really passionate in football and Arsenal, and how he was loved by almost every football fan. It's good to see football coming together for a man with a golden heart and life ❤️
Tasha Isibor
Tasha Isibor 6 dagen geleden
Adam Clarke
Adam Clarke 6 dagen geleden
Nice one sons celebrating
Godot 6 dagen geleden
Ty and Claude was the best partnership since Henry-Bergkamp
Jake Basham
Jake Basham 6 dagen geleden
As a Spurs fan.. it’s clear we don’t like each other! Saying that Aftv is a great watch! Claude was a legend. A nice, genuine, funny bloke. A terrible shame! May he rest in peace Football is football. Human beings are human beings. We all have a great passion for our own teams, but we stand together as a human race and loss is the same for every human being. It hurts. Remember the good times! Power in unity! 👊🏻
Jason Kiely
Jason Kiely 7 dagen geleden
I don’t get it, if ye cares so much why did ye hang him out to dry? Yeah he screwed up but DT 10 times worse all day long.
Derek Ntiamoah
Derek Ntiamoah 7 dagen geleden
Aww man this is so sad man. May he rest in peace.
Khan 7 dagen geleden
Claude 🐐 of AFTV
Eko Saha
Eko Saha 7 dagen geleden
I remember seeing Claude at Finsbury Park once in front of johnnies barbers when I was going to get a trim, he clocked me and I clocked him, and I just shouted "Claude, legend" to him and clenched my first in the air as I said it, he looked at me all shocked like wtf, cos he wasn't expecting it and it was daytime and nuff people were out. Such a humble guy and the people adored him! Man will never bump into him again.....sad. But he still lives amongst us forever. What a guy ☹️🥺
Newtus minder
Newtus minder 7 dagen geleden
Actually shocked by this. I was subbed to his new channel and was watching the other day. RIP 🙏
SmokeySouls BBQ
SmokeySouls BBQ 7 dagen geleden
All fans loved him apart from our own. So sad the abuse our own fans put on him
Saimz Muiruri
Saimz Muiruri 7 dagen geleden
RIP Claude. Football gentleman.
Alexander0161 7 dagen geleden
earth lost a great man heaven gain another angel rest in peace mate
oun7es 7 dagen geleden
Rest in peace Claude man. 'What's that all about' will live rent free in my head for a long long time.
Sammy7 dbest
Sammy7 dbest 7 dagen geleden
R.I.P Bigman from a chelsea fan...⛅⛅⛅
Callum Wain
Callum Wain 7 dagen geleden
Why is the woman getting involved she hardly knew Claude, just has to be involved
Skidmark Comedy
Skidmark Comedy 7 dagen geleden
I want to hear more memories of Claude! so funny! 👍😂
Dragon Ball Z Uploads and More
Now that he's dead you wanna use his name piss off
MARK HOGSDEN 7 dagen geleden
Brilliant guys good way to remember a mate and a great guy
George Clulow
George Clulow 7 dagen geleden
I don’t like Arsenal but Claude is the reason why I watch Arsenal and I will continue doing so for him. Rest in peace 🕊
BiffyBerry 7 dagen geleden
Been watching you guys for a while mainly for the rage content coming from a united fan claude will always live in memory may he rest in peace legend
Brendan Walsh
Brendan Walsh 7 dagen geleden
All of these stories are actually hilarious lmao RIP Claude
Jaiden So
Jaiden So 7 dagen geleden
Respect to Claude from Australia. Rest easy big fella.
rhcpsavior 7 dagen geleden
troopz back in this clip shows how badly he's been missed
Mr Jamesiewaimsy
Mr Jamesiewaimsy 7 dagen geleden
So they stab him in the back and now pretend to be mates.
Nihh Nihh
Nihh Nihh 7 dagen geleden
Lee was Claude lost brother
79supersharp 7 dagen geleden
RIP Claude. Passionate fan of the club.
uncleambient 8 dagen geleden
R.I.P Claude.
Daniel Birgen
Daniel Birgen 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude!!
Daniel Birgen
Daniel Birgen 8 dagen geleden
Good to see DT and Troopz share some good memories...
The Special One
The Special One 8 dagen geleden
i guess its "time to go!" but seriously RIP CLAUDE
XJokermanX 8 dagen geleden
Troopz is back?!
Trippyplayz 451
Trippyplayz 451 8 dagen geleden
Rip Claude ❤️
Rasta Redpill
Rasta Redpill 8 dagen geleden
Big up Claude 👊
Papa Nabri
Papa Nabri 8 dagen geleden
Claude 😥
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 8 dagen geleden
Maybe if Claude hadn't been booted off AFTV for something he said (as apposed to another member who said something just as bad but was given a free pass), he'd still be alive.
Zarxy 8 dagen geleden
Rip Claude
Dumisani Tshuma
Dumisani Tshuma 8 dagen geleden
RIP King Claude
Weed Heals420
Weed Heals420 8 dagen geleden
Anyone else catch how Pippa was preeing Troops? 👀
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod 8 dagen geleden
Rip.. Claude the legend.. Spurs fan..
Alex Oh
Alex Oh 8 dagen geleden
Omg i havent seen aftv for awhile and my god Claude! RIP
Spurs Boys
Spurs Boys 8 dagen geleden
Even as I spurs fan I will like comment and send respect ✊ shame to lose anyone within the industry but especially someone who cared so much and respected other teams ❤️
Fuze dV
Fuze dV 8 dagen geleden
RIP big claude true legend of aftv
Tiger and Gooner
Tiger and Gooner 8 dagen geleden
R.I.P CLAUDE will miss you Claude you were the Godfather of the Show loved your Ty and Claude shows we're the best bits let's hope that Arsenal will do something for you 🙏❤⚽️🇦🇺
Mc Dyse
Mc Dyse 8 dagen geleden
Oh god that whatchamacallit's back! Right classy lad.
Chicken Connoisseur's dad
Claudinho was the realest on ArsenalFanTv along with Lee Judges. R.I.P always 🏆💯😊
Faauuga Brayne
Faauuga Brayne 8 dagen geleden
I’m a man United fan .this hurts me because he actually a funny person. Fly high brother
Clint Griffith
Clint Griffith 8 dagen geleden
I’m a Man United fan but I would watch AFTV for Claude’s match reactions!! I respected his passion and opinion. Very sad!! RIP Claude.
Bang Bang
Bang Bang 8 dagen geleden
Rest In Peace Claude!! Liverpool fan from Australia and I never missed a Claude interview.. rest easy big man ❤️❤️❤️
James Harvey
James Harvey 8 dagen geleden
Chelsea Fan here, R.I.P Claude. He was a passionate character and matter what walk of life you come from you can respect the dedication he had for his team.
Alvin Shipperley
Alvin Shipperley 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude x From a Hammer !
Tom Andrews
Tom Andrews 8 dagen geleden
Claude greatly helped AFTV become as big as it is and I say that as a Chelsea fan. Football has lost an amazing fan of the game. I hope Ty is ok.
Nikki Nik
Nikki Nik 8 dagen geleden
Keep an eye out for Ty, their ostracizing views and heated arguments was just as polarising as their love for each. Bromance at its purest. RI/L/H&P. Sir Claude!!
KITSON 8 dagen geleden
Rip Claude
jay 1999
jay 1999 8 dagen geleden
Rip Claude when it’s time to go It’s time to go
Leeds United John
Leeds United John 8 dagen geleden
R I P Claude.
Hugh Slooskant
Hugh Slooskant 8 dagen geleden
football lost a passionate fan
GamerGod337 8 dagen geleden
Ty should be there...
Jr 8 dagen geleden
I bumped into Claude near the emirates picking up my daughter from her grans I always watch the show as a Man Utd fan for the banter but always loved Claude called out to him he stood and had a chat with me for like ten minutes top bloke will be missed rip mate
Nige W
Nige W 8 dagen geleden
What I liked about Claude was his honesty if Arsenal deserved to lose he wouldn't be afraid to say so.
Canery Inc.
Canery Inc. 8 dagen geleden
This is mad. RIP claude. but troopz dress sense really switch up! haha
Sheriff Saliu
Sheriff Saliu 8 dagen geleden
From a Milan fan, Claude was always objective on his assessment of the game even when he was being emotional. He is one of the people who's reactions I looked forward to. He will really be missed.
D Barker
D Barker 8 dagen geleden
Quality 👌
Tristan Edwards
Tristan Edwards 8 dagen geleden
Troops is back?
K.C 8 dagen geleden
RIP to Claude you will be surely missed, reall characters like you are better than the manufactured mob who are put on TV etc. Well done AFTV continue to keep his memory alive!!! Gooner B There! K.C
Matt P
Matt P 8 dagen geleden
Claude was an absolute legend, was so sorry to hear he passed. My thoughts are with all his family and friends in this sad time. RIP Claude ❤️🙏😢 (from a Man Utd fan)