How Arsenal Can Actually Have A Great Season! | All Gunz Blazing Podcast 

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How Arsenal Can Actually Have A Great Season! | All Gunz Blazing Podcast Ft. DT
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27 mrt. 2021




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JG 4 dagen geleden
Have you been dying your beard again?
spek888 7 dagen geleden
It's almost like Robbie just ignored the whole season of inconsistency and said yeah we can win every single game.
ettringite99 10 dagen geleden
3-1 predictions, come on aftv, get real! 3-0 and Liverpool were in control for 90 minutes. Aubameyang was non-existent and the midfield looked weak without Xhaka and lazy without Smith Rowe
Gary Fuller
Gary Fuller 10 dagen geleden
Robbie what’s this weeks lottery numbers
Mitch 11 dagen geleden
Nahh if we don’t win Europea the season is a flop
Mike R B
Mike R B 11 dagen geleden
You can't stop people from saying what they want to say
Dudley D-Jarrett
Dudley D-Jarrett 11 dagen geleden
If Arsenal beat Liverpool then they can and should be talking about a top 4 finish.
Aquil Rose
Aquil Rose 12 dagen geleden
Ngl this is sounding like a propaganda piece, has kronke started lining these mans pockets?
Justynuff80 12 dagen geleden
The Aggressive offensive embarassing vile smack talking regulars that this channel has supported over the years is unreal!! Now your chatting like a couple of peace and love role model activists campaigning against social media trolls? KMT & GALANG!!
TheSmalls22 12 dagen geleden
Dt and the Don are mint. Great work man. Thanks rip Claude
erictko85 12 dagen geleden
1:01 the Don calling it "Dan Marino" instead of San Marino with no regard for human life
Iain Mcdermott
Iain Mcdermott 12 dagen geleden
47:56 love what he said about glen Kamara
JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON
JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON 12 dagen geleden
Not an arsenal fan but Come on you gunners Do it for claude
Marcus Gibbs
Marcus Gibbs 12 dagen geleden
Winning the European losers competition is nothing to brag about 😂😂😂😂
United84 12 dagen geleden
Robbie if arsenal beat all the teams they were expected to beat they wouldn’t be where they are. You should know this lol. No chance arsenal are gonna win 10-15 games in a row
Ian Pearce
Ian Pearce 12 dagen geleden
Trouble is - we are consistently inconsistent. Would be wonderful to win EL and dedicate to Claude's memory.
simbarashe chawora
simbarashe chawora 13 dagen geleden
So disrespectful of Arsene Wenger, Arteta hasn’t don’t anything yet and you are already comparing him with Wenger who is a multiple trophy winner
j jones
j jones 13 dagen geleden
madrid love those buy back clause...they may sell him and have that in place
ocelotrevs 13 dagen geleden
Having an anonymous account on social media can be useful for some people in some countries. Depending on the circumstances. And even if the person is identified. Nothing will happen anyway. Look at what happened with Ian Wright. People are being willingly dense when they don't understand what DT is getting at with Wenger top 4 vs wherever Arteta finishes this season. Arsenal need to roll up on Real Madrid and tell them we want Ødegaard, and make that the end of it.
Forever England
Forever England 14 dagen geleden
We all started calling him dt when he was rattling his back out coming off the smack. True 👍
Munib Rishad
Munib Rishad 14 dagen geleden
This discussion doesn't fit the title of the video its more of social media politics
Jack Mcspadden
Jack Mcspadden 14 dagen geleden
Spurs have a hard run kind of
Woolly 14 dagen geleden
cant do anything with ip addresses because everyone advertises VPNs lol
Jeppe Felby
Jeppe Felby 14 dagen geleden
Mr. "I turned around and said" DT. Keep up the good work lads!
Red army Realist
Red army Realist 14 dagen geleden
27:48 this man said we'd be favourites to win against Roma...😂
Mini lover 2000
Mini lover 2000 15 dagen geleden
All im hearing is united are favourites for europa league where did they get that info from? Harder semi final , not been amazing this season we've got 4 points off them without conceding won the last 3 surely arsenal favourites?
Fieldy 15 dagen geleden
why is not at the studio?>
Marcus Zoe13
Marcus Zoe13 15 dagen geleden
This Club is in no shape to be making predictions, but COYG
Silver Steve Detecting
Silver Steve Detecting 15 dagen geleden
IP bans are useless, everyone is on a VPN nowadays.
David Hickling
David Hickling 15 dagen geleden
100% DT. The Culture At Arsenal Stinks and has been for Years.
Brian Wahinya
Brian Wahinya 15 dagen geleden
Why do most people think Odegaard would cost anything less than 50M??
Sebastien Cole
Sebastien Cole 15 dagen geleden
robbie's win out/favorites theory should also hope these players don't get hurt Auba, laca, partey & Odegaard & Arteta using his squad well(Pepe n Martinelli ). the win out will get us top 4 because like D.T said other teams are playing each other, but good luck with all things going as they should. its Arsenal!
Ed Chavez
Ed Chavez 15 dagen geleden
Was anyone else’s audio dodgy
Rex Paul
Rex Paul 15 dagen geleden
While I agree with DT about building a team from the ground up as Arteta is striving to do, it can only be done if the management and more importantly the owner is totally committed to support him. Forgive me if I doubt that this will happen but then maybe I’m not an optimist like DT.
M10 Ö
M10 Ö 15 dagen geleden
🤣🤣🤣🤣 They think they're gonna do something in the next 5 years
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones 15 dagen geleden
If Were Not better than Spurs Who got beat by Zagreb What makes Robbie think we are the Favourites if we make it through next round and potentially face them
Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez 15 dagen geleden
Loui G
Loui G 15 dagen geleden
"Villarreal are a good team but they're like 7th or 8th" mate that's higher than you 😂
Hussain Abbas
Hussain Abbas 15 dagen geleden
in the spanish league ffs and they don't even have more wins than Granada
Craig Tullett
Craig Tullett 15 dagen geleden
VPNs and you all know they will get away with it.
Bonolo Masemola
Bonolo Masemola 15 dagen geleden
i hope DT knows how subtlety hilarious he is😂😂😂😂😂
Muchiri Njau
Muchiri Njau 15 dagen geleden
robbie is deluded u cant trust arsenal players..
f00k it d00d
f00k it d00d 15 dagen geleden
Nah it's been a shocking season, top 4 and trophies is the bare minimum, anything else is a failure.
5thDawg 15 dagen geleden
DT got his beard coloured according to Troopz 😂
Blender Boy
Blender Boy 15 dagen geleden
Only Arsenal fans can claim this is a 'great' season 😂😂😂
Luc Mathe
Luc Mathe 15 dagen geleden
I appreciate your show guys but encouraging totalitarianism is dangerous. Free speech is an alienable right even for idiots like those who have no life except on social media to abuse others.
Meme funnygoat
Meme funnygoat 15 dagen geleden
Arsenal can plan to win something next season thats how they finish strong 🤣
David Oxley
David Oxley 15 dagen geleden
Man's mic isn't even plugged in.. Come on robbie!
Jalecc 2nd
Jalecc 2nd 16 dagen geleden
We can't beat Villa, Palace or Burnley when we needed to. This team is not mentally potent to do the job. On paper yes but they are upsets waiting to happen.
Samuel Philp
Samuel Philp 16 dagen geleden
I give arteta til the end of next season. Took klopp 2-3 years to get Liverpool where they are. I believe in arteta but the owners seriously need to back him. No one will make arsenal great again without the finances from the owners.
Don Bob
Don Bob 16 dagen geleden
How Arsenal can get better? Change of Ownership to someone who's PASSIONATE ABOUT WINNING TROPHIES.. 🤷🏽‍♂️
shredx81 16 dagen geleden
We were trying to qualify for the USA World Cup. Think Holland had to lose their game aswell.
James 16 dagen geleden
Phil Michowicz
Phil Michowicz 16 dagen geleden
Being in New Zealand can't watchers this live. Must be a April fool's joke ... you two are dreaming ...
Declan Sweeney
Declan Sweeney 16 dagen geleden
Can anyone tell me why DT thinks it takes 5 years to get them back to challenging? It took Tuchel a month to change Chelsea
Rakith Perera
Rakith Perera 16 dagen geleden
Robbie, i am not letting you guys hype me up by saying we are expected win/favorites for all these games coming up. Then finally our team to go out on the pitch and get beaten up by a team like Sheffield utd.
Leon Marin
Leon Marin 16 dagen geleden
Jesus Christ. If people want the N word banned than let's start with a complete BAN of the word from HIP HOP music. 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♀️
Clement Akufo
Clement Akufo 16 dagen geleden
Winning Europa League and finishing 6th or 7th in the prem league is a good season not a great season... if we win Europa and get Top 5 that would be a great season...
HydroInvalid 16 dagen geleden
*good* season not great..
Jatt Mann
Jatt Mann 16 dagen geleden
DT actually have great points for everything unlike Lee Gunner
Jimbo_Jumbo 16 dagen geleden
DT such a hypocrite. Him saying chig was masturbating on stream and kept pushing the lie. By DTs own logic he should be banned.
GRZEGORZ Bernacki 16 dagen geleden
In a case of Slavia Prague , what I got from Czech podcast Slavia asked Uefa and Scottish police to investigate what happened to Glen Kamara and more .That includes despicable attack of Rangers player against Slavia goalkeeper which can be classified as Grievous Bodily Harm or even more . Kick In a head with full speed and straight leg which resulted with serious head injury and fractured skull of a keeper. That Scottish player should be in a MMA fight and not on football pitch and should be banned from football for life
All-Father 16 dagen geleden
They removed trumps account and he did nothing wrong.
Presley Howse
Presley Howse 16 dagen geleden
Boi trying to talk to people who are arteta out is draining literally there basis is this geezer has no experience and everything is his fault no matter what and trying to explain this club is a mess internally and externally is liek taking to a brick wall
Presley Howse
Presley Howse 16 dagen geleden
Artaea ain't the problem
Matthew Tweedie
Matthew Tweedie 16 dagen geleden
DT dye his eyebrows?
Presley Howse
Presley Howse 16 dagen geleden
I want arteta to win us Soemthing to prove haters wrong and follow out chairman plan who Is called Don Robbie
Pave Mohan
Pave Mohan 16 dagen geleden
Why Robbie didnt mention XHAKA
Arjun Kashyap
Arjun Kashyap 16 dagen geleden
25:00 real show starts Thank me later.
American Insurgent
American Insurgent 16 dagen geleden
They spoke about some important stuff before that though
K 16 dagen geleden
If we do not win the EL and not finish from 6th or higher he needs to go.
Chris O Leary
Chris O Leary 16 dagen geleden
Great podcast lads real talk 👊
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 16 dagen geleden
Robbie thinks arsenal can beat them all 🤣
answer play direct
answer play direct 16 dagen geleden
We don't occupy that central position just outside the box with the ball we go down the wings and or don't pass into that vital position just outside the box early early we seem to get near to left central or right central then ball is blocked.
answer play direct
answer play direct 16 dagen geleden
We need physical strength up front that can' play with out the ball because when we get into final third on average we get bounced off the ball too often there.
Casey Falconer
Casey Falconer 16 dagen geleden
The only World Cup qualifier that looked decent was Wales Belgium. Some quality goals and football in that game tbh. Serbia Portugal weren’t bad either. Other then that dead matches
Sam Tresidder
Sam Tresidder 16 dagen geleden
I think we should take Henry's action as an example to follow. Power in numbers. I have deactivated my Twitter also. We can force change if stand together
Muzamil Ahmed S
Muzamil Ahmed S 16 dagen geleden
not just ip address mac address too as the person would have to set up a whole new rig
A Warwick
A Warwick 16 dagen geleden
IP shut off wont work thats what VPNs are for
Jay Pusha
Jay Pusha 16 dagen geleden
No such thing as a good run in
Wanna Raise Some Hell?
Wanna Raise Some Hell? 16 dagen geleden
Europa League is there for the taking. Let’s go and get it.
Haris King - Million Dollar Dream
If you can't judge a manager now? Why do managers get sacked half way through a season? What nonsense
Sam Rudman
Sam Rudman 16 dagen geleden
New RB to replace bellerin, new striker to replace Laca, new CM to replace elneny, back up LB and signing Odegaard permanently would be a great summer for me. RB- Emerson Royal CF- Edouard LB- Matt Targett CM- Bissouma CAM- Odegaard signing permanently
Cool Scruffbag
Cool Scruffbag 16 dagen geleden
You can't demand ID for social media, that's a breach of a person's privacy... but they can make it so a person can opt out of 'unauthorised accounts' being able to interact with them.
Fahad Eniola
Fahad Eniola 16 dagen geleden
DT always look like he's rolling up under the camera in these lol
sixpackcity 16 dagen geleden
The ID thing is a good idea but that’s not the problem, Katy Hopkins, Donald trump, Allen sugar etc all say a lot of racial loaded stuff and the platform drag their heels to act Wiley said some stuff and he got shut down so what does that tell you....
Anand Raveendran
Anand Raveendran 16 dagen geleden
Excuses FC. Embarrassing. You are no longer a big club.
Darren Gayle
Darren Gayle 16 dagen geleden
Deschamps doesn't like Lacca for personal reasons. He isn't getting in French squad
Darren Gayle
Darren Gayle 16 dagen geleden
How many times its been said "we should be expected to win versus..." ending not beating Burnley etc lol then also the teams above us have to go on a poor run of form
Monkę 16 dagen geleden
There's no chance Premier League got stronger since Wenger left
sushant regmi
sushant regmi 16 dagen geleden
Arsenal talks starts at 23:05
Arunava Maulik
Arunava Maulik 16 dagen geleden
DT still can’t stop talking about Wenger 🤦
Felix Ingo
Felix Ingo 16 dagen geleden
Correction.... Man United finished 3rd last season.
Yuri Nameem
Yuri Nameem 16 dagen geleden
what about abuse that Ditty gives out to the little guys? no worse gobshite than LIam Goodenough, his actions are a disgrace.
Arman Gilly
Arman Gilly 16 dagen geleden
Did rob say 6th is great season Cedric decent bellerins fallen off need another back up lb and new cdms and a attacker to
Arman Gilly
Arman Gilly 17 dagen geleden
Only good thing we’ve done is sell a few players
Dave Knight
Dave Knight 17 dagen geleden
I like robbie, he helps and doesn't get jealous of his friends success.
Dave Knight
Dave Knight 13 dagen geleden
@ernestkola0 troopz, dt, turkish all have they're own channels and he didn't drop them and still has them back on his show, and you see his regulars all over the place doing their own thing.
pet’r Klem
pet’r Klem 14 dagen geleden
Sick comment and reply 🤢
ernestkola0 14 dagen geleden
How do you know?
Ryan Coyle
Ryan Coyle 17 dagen geleden
D “Listen, at the end of the day” T
Sahil Oberoi
Sahil Oberoi 17 dagen geleden
The level of delusion is incredible. Ninth place Arsenal are apparently favourites to beat every single team left in the Europa League. Yea ok mate.
Joel-arsenalfcSAKA 17 dagen geleden
robbie that is a lot of ifs if we won all the small games we wouldn’t be 10th so we will lose games
Aquilani 17 dagen geleden
Oh yes no doubt about it they are more than winable games, just not for Arsenal :D Also in Europe, Dinamo Zagreb realistically has more chance getting to the final...
Kofi Official
Kofi Official 17 dagen geleden
People forget we are in a rebuilding stage.
The Near Post Podcast
The Near Post Podcast 17 dagen geleden
I like Arsenal.. but fans of yous are so deluded.. Didnt't yous think Burnley and Wolves at home are easy games?