Arsenal vs Liverpool | Starting XI Live 

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Arsenal vs Liverpool | Starting XI Live
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3 apr. 2021




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Amar Salim
Amar Salim 8 dagen geleden
RIP for liverpool fan in kenya
mcalpha3 9 dagen geleden
It's a shame Arsenal couldn't win for Claude. They better not mess up the game against Slavia Prague where he will be mentioned.
Lionel Sheja
Lionel Sheja 10 dagen geleden
I want my friends to remember me like this. No crying, no sobbing, ridiculous moments with great laughter.
James Grundy
James Grundy 10 dagen geleden
Ty never spoke to Claude again or took his calls after he got taken off AFTV for the 'Son' comment. I always had a feeling Ty was selfish and a coward
Jermaine Watson
Jermaine Watson 10 dagen geleden
9:51 😭😭😭😭😭🤣
M Govella
M Govella 10 dagen geleden
I'm Liverpool fan, and I respect you AFT guys and Arsenal fans in general. My condolences for your loss. Big loss. R.I.P Claude.
craig fisher
craig fisher 10 dagen geleden
Match predictions are hilarious hahahahahahaha
SZGamingHD 10 dagen geleden
Claude instead of that girl and it's perfect
Arcade Classics
Arcade Classics 10 dagen geleden
Anyone that’s calling for Arteta to go is clueless. He has inherited trash like Pepe, Lacazette , Aubameyang etc and he would get rid of them all tomorrow if he could. They are all lazy embarrassments that players like Henry , Bergkamp etc must think just one thing about ...... 😂😳😳
Arcade Classics
Arcade Classics 10 dagen geleden
The only thing more embarrassing than Arsenal’s performance was Aubameyang’s hair !! 😂😂 WTF
Mark Saunders
Mark Saunders 10 dagen geleden
How did troopz in get the country ? thought he was in America ? or I am missing something ?
Fred Adams
Fred Adams 10 dagen geleden
Two poor yank companies, it’ll be 💩
mark chappell
mark chappell 10 dagen geleden
Thanks lads for not trying
Rehan Sohail
Rehan Sohail 10 dagen geleden
Aliasgar Nurali
Aliasgar Nurali 10 dagen geleden
Where is ty
ZeddVines 10 dagen geleden
Back again! Ya aaaandastand! 😂
Jonathan K. Malin
Jonathan K. Malin 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude!
Mc Wise
Mc Wise 10 dagen geleden
Why is Troopz back ? Is it coz of the loss of Claude
Mc Wise
Mc Wise 10 dagen geleden
Lol DT suddenly back after government make a rule change, guy is controlled by the government 😂😂
Matt the Gooner
Matt the Gooner 10 dagen geleden
Love Claude!!! but we are together Arsenal boys!!! c'mon you Gunners! Rip
Mickel Bailey
Mickel Bailey 10 dagen geleden
After is like a live tv show, all these different camera angles, the set up is very professional!
Saim J
Saim J 10 dagen geleden
you guys should let Pippa speak more. The one time Robbie asked her her opinion it ended in a second! Show her love too
Tosin Balogun
Tosin Balogun 10 dagen geleden
Liverpool CB is inexperienced
Trending Uk
Trending Uk 10 dagen geleden
So upset at the Claude news, You dont have to be an arsenal fan to be upset. RIP
axizz100 10 dagen geleden
The Team Is Back 🔥🔥
theach8, M.D.
theach8, M.D. 10 dagen geleden
5:00 Wd be nice if the player interview at the end of game Mentions our Claude. Laca and Aubameyang know Claude
Mr86Mickey 10 dagen geleden
Win for utd fan
Justforlaughs Mate
Justforlaughs Mate 10 dagen geleden
Will miss you Claude ❤️❤️❤️
Jay R
Jay R 10 dagen geleden
The goat the godfather claud RIP
Debbie Taylor
Debbie Taylor 10 dagen geleden
Debbie Taylor
Debbie Taylor 10 dagen geleden
Where's Ty ? He's with his mum now don't have to fly his body out there .
Azarudeen 10 dagen geleden
Rip Claude
Debbie Taylor
Debbie Taylor 10 dagen geleden
Where's Ty ? He's with his mum now don't have to fly his body out there .
Crushal 45
Crushal 45 10 dagen geleden
Surely Dt an Troopz complete the Aftv line up 💯😅 an SIP legeng Claude😔 Now COYG let's do this for Claude🙏
J 10 dagen geleden
RIP to a real one, Claude
Roman plays.
Roman plays. 10 dagen geleden
Love Troopz' impression. 🤣 Rest In Power, Claude. Victoria Concordia Crescit. ❤
Itz GMed Mr9iceGuy
Itz GMed Mr9iceGuy 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude 🙏🏽
Warren Cooke
Warren Cooke 10 dagen geleden
Troopz Claude impression is bang on 🤣
andrew ritchie
andrew ritchie 10 dagen geleden
Dream team assembled
pool cube
pool cube 10 dagen geleden
ITS TIME TO GO!!!!! RIP Claude
ɪsᴍᴀᴇʟ 10 dagen geleden
memories seeing troopz back here 🤩🥲
Alekhya Das
Alekhya Das 10 dagen geleden
1:28 Robbie it's called PRISON 😂😂
MU FC 10 dagen geleden
I want arsenal to get shat on so we can all get a classic troopz rant
Prasanjeet Nayak
Prasanjeet Nayak 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude❤️ from a Tottenham fan
Abhishek Jothirajan
Abhishek Jothirajan 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude ❤️
Gary 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude .......A straight up proper football fan 👏 And its just a pity the Radical left views on Claude and to hear all the Judas on ATV saying their condolences but didn't back Claude 100% through the dvd comment........we hav all said something insulting and offensive before without meaning it or thinking about .....Rip Claude 🙏 .......
Gary 10 dagen geleden
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤ ......
Wlid Guyotville
Wlid Guyotville 10 dagen geleden
Rip Claude and coyg let's win tonight. For claude
Go me
Go me 10 dagen geleden
Robbie can never control these two 😂😂😂
we Snooker
we Snooker 10 dagen geleden
Thought they would of had a cLaude flag up or something in the back
KYLE PATRICK VINYARD 10 dagen geleden
E.B.A.H 10 dagen geleden
It's scary thinking he's only a few years older than my match interviews won't be the same without you...
anonymous7 10 dagen geleden
DT thinking what he can say about Claude whilst listening to Lee lol
Thomas Itsupforgrabsnow
Thomas Itsupforgrabsnow 10 dagen geleden
Back again
Thomas Okhilua
Thomas Okhilua 10 dagen geleden
Ian Lee Hibbert
Ian Lee Hibbert 10 dagen geleden
RIP CLAUDE....troopz is in the building so we're winning tonight
Homelander Grimes
Homelander Grimes 10 dagen geleden
Put ty instead of pippa
Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee 10 dagen geleden
The only time I’ll root for Arsenal 😢. Rest In Peace Claude!
Babishgunner14 10 dagen geleden
Rest in peace RIP 🙏💔😔😞 Claude C the voice of reason is time to go yeah but to early for him to go we love you.
brendan01 10 dagen geleden
They look quite happy considering what has happened.
Stanley Chibueze Nwankwo
Stanley Chibueze Nwankwo 10 dagen geleden
Should they be crying
No ufo here
No ufo here 10 dagen geleden
I love this family
Paul Karengyero
Paul Karengyero 10 dagen geleden
Rest in Peace Claude..
R G 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude Not even an Arsenal fan but I want them to beat Liverpool today United Fan will be supporting Arsenal today!!!
tott943 10 dagen geleden
RIP CLAUDE from Spurs
Finding Timo F.C.
Finding Timo F.C. 10 dagen geleden
Rip legend 😥❤
A Roshan
A Roshan 10 dagen geleden
For Claude🖖🏻🖖🏻🖖🏻
sunny chima
sunny chima 10 dagen geleden
Rest on Claude Legend!!!
Adam Humphrey
Adam Humphrey 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude from a Manchester United fan 🙏🏻
joe griffins
joe griffins 9 dagen geleden
Doesn’t matter who you support 🙄🙄🙄. You just want likes and attention, respect the poor man.
Darren, like my father before me
To all the people down voting this video today.... I pity you're sad, bitter, lonely life's
Onion head
Onion head 10 dagen geleden
COYG for Claude 💪
Elliott Singh
Elliott Singh 10 dagen geleden
Pray for DMX🙏🙏🙏
M H94
M H94 10 dagen geleden
This is vintage AFTV. Just feels so much better. If only Claude was in his seat where Pippa is. That was the perfect lineup.
Proper Gooner
Proper Gooner 10 dagen geleden
Even tho he pisses me off it has to be OG without Claude it has to be Ty
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 10 dagen geleden
Both Troopz and DT back nostalgic!! Only one person missing...😢
JK Playz
JK Playz 10 dagen geleden
@Eden Jorginho Ty is also a legend
Eden Jorginho
Eden Jorginho 10 dagen geleden
@Nakul Jambotkar claude u muppet
Nakul Jambotkar
Nakul Jambotkar 10 dagen geleden
No ufo here
No ufo here 10 dagen geleden
TY should had to be in this squad.
Aloise Mwai
Aloise Mwai 10 dagen geleden
Did Martinelli bad mouth the royal family or something? This kid is never getting real playing time...
Danny Hodorowski
Danny Hodorowski 10 dagen geleden
I imagine it’s a Guendouzi-type issue.
The Batman Channel
The Batman Channel 10 dagen geleden
Nice to see Troopz back in AFTV, good to see everyone United 🔥 Claude is smiling from the heaven right now😁
kayseeday 10 dagen geleden
Man Claude was a character! Loved him and still do. RIP!
Hasan Ramzan
Hasan Ramzan 10 dagen geleden
Happy that Troopz and DT have made up.
James Grundy
James Grundy 10 dagen geleden
Troopz failed to break America. He looked half asleep during live streaming Arsenal games as they were shown morning time over there normally
Michael Mensah
Michael Mensah 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude 💛
Harry Phiri Iverson
Harry Phiri Iverson 10 dagen geleden
Welcome back troops our lucky charm, RIP claude
James Grundy
James Grundy 10 dagen geleden
Yea he failed to break America but won't be the first or last as soccer is for women in their country
vizard316 10 dagen geleden
Where is TY?? He was a better friend to claude than anyone else.
Emmanuel Banda
Emmanuel Banda 10 dagen geleden
Troopz and DT back. This is not goin to end well hahahah
bonesnasri 10 dagen geleden
Super super claude super super claude super super claude super callegari. Rip 🙏
Dark knight
Dark knight 10 dagen geleden
The mouthy misogynistic At the front 🤦‍♂️👎 Shameful 😡
zylanc 10 dagen geleden
IT'S TIME TO GO! I miss him..
Owen Follows Yah
Owen Follows Yah 10 dagen geleden
Flying his body to be with his mother is the most beautiful gesture I’ve heard after Claude passed. I’ll humbly donate, I know what it means to want to be buried next to your mother. RIP Claude ❤️ your passion for football and spirit will be remembered
Craig Brainimpact
Craig Brainimpact 10 dagen geleden
Dt was just released from the slammer
David Niyankuru
David Niyankuru 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude
Guled Osman
Guled Osman 10 dagen geleden
good troopz is in London got enough of the delusional midget NY
John Zee
John Zee 10 dagen geleden
Claude was cast out of AFTV and never spoken about, now his died all of a sudden his talked about like he was still on AFTV and you were all happy chappy with him...a bit two faced.
hinu hinan
hinu hinan 10 dagen geleden
14:58 is the team announcement. But watch the earlier stuff for claud
Trip Two
Trip Two 10 dagen geleden
Bayødegaard Dragonfire
Bayødegaard Dragonfire 10 dagen geleden
Captain Clout
Captain Clout 10 dagen geleden
Troopz default accent is gone blud😭😭😭
Theodore Taylor
Theodore Taylor 10 dagen geleden
Rest up Claude you was a legend
Edwin Kahata
Edwin Kahata 10 dagen geleden
Rip Claude never will I forget you an ty made me laugh always when we lost. Legend
Bro Ski
Bro Ski 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude ❤️
Shane 10 dagen geleden
Man's never been to jail in his life 😂
Shane 10 dagen geleden
@mysterious billionaire that is a good thing lol Just saying he trys to act hard all the time
mysterious billionaire
mysterious billionaire 10 dagen geleden
I thought it's a good thing
Ayup Nur
Ayup Nur 10 dagen geleden
This was so beautiful man. RIP Claude.
Midnight Rider
Midnight Rider 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude ❤️
Ravinder Singh
Ravinder Singh 10 dagen geleden
Rest in Peace Claude :(
Rhys McMillan
Rhys McMillan 10 dagen geleden
Brilliant to hear the memories of Claude from lee class act
akajshhsh bob
akajshhsh bob 10 dagen geleden
15:09 Team news!