Arsenal vs Liverpool - Premier League Returns | Talk Is Cheap Ft. Curtis & Drifty 

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Arsenal vs Liverpool - Premier League Returns | Talk Is Cheap Ft. Curtis & Drifty
If you would like to donate towards supporting Claude's funeral, memorial and family, you can do so here:
(This is the official 'GoFundMe' page set-up by his family.)
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2 apr. 2021




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Reacties 64   
Crypto Crazy
Crypto Crazy 9 dagen geleden
Arteta Out
Alan O Flynn
Alan O Flynn 10 dagen geleden
Love the show as always Laurie, its a really tough time for everyone at AFTV and football fans especially us Gooners ❤️
Leo Johnson-Lay
Leo Johnson-Lay 10 dagen geleden
Big show this week really enjoyed it lads!
Xyz Abc
Xyz Abc 10 dagen geleden
Crocodile tears by AFTV, booted Claude when he needed the most.
T afc
T afc 10 dagen geleden
You do realise aftv isnt a person
Brendan Roe
Brendan Roe 10 dagen geleden
Curtis should've said our season is the west ham game we went 3-0 down but then fought back to save the horror show start
Henry Bell
Henry Bell 10 dagen geleden
The Gunners are about to best Liverpool. You all heard it here first.
RICK J 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude
Ryan Stockley
Ryan Stockley 10 dagen geleden
I am embarrassed to be an arsenal fan but I would also be embarrassed to be a Liverpool fan considering how they won the league and are defending it with a pathetic whimper etc
BestInTheWorld 24
BestInTheWorld 24 10 dagen geleden
Win the UEL for Claude 🙏🏾💯
Ryan Stockley
Ryan Stockley 10 dagen geleden
Guys what do u think about getting Kun Aguero as a free agent at the end of the season???
EPIC Issh 10 dagen geleden
Curtis looks like his been crying for the pass few days.. I get it bro 💔
2SANDER7 10 dagen geleden
The Mighty Reds Television
Sad to hear about Claude. Should be a good game later. Arsenal fans do you rate arteta or would did you make a mistake sacking arsene?
Nick Brennan
Nick Brennan 10 dagen geleden
RIP, Claude YNWA . To todays game as a Liverpool fan. now Chelsea have been beat Im hoping that result incentives this game to be a blinder. Can either defence keep a clean sheet? It does not look like it now Jotta and smith rowe should be back buzzing.
Mustafa Waggeh
Mustafa Waggeh 10 dagen geleden
Rory Hall
Rory Hall 10 dagen geleden
RIP Mr Arsenal 🙏🏿👊🏿
Kiss G
Kiss G 10 dagen geleden
where did liverpool finish when they last won Europa vs Alves
Moeed Majeed
Moeed Majeed 10 dagen geleden
Does anyone else use this show as a way of learning new vocabulary? Big up Laurie haha!!
Dan Fry
Dan Fry 10 dagen geleden
Thanks for your continued great content gentlemen.
Supermozy Di SuperBoy
Supermozy Di SuperBoy 10 dagen geleden
It's a tough game tonight am scared but I trust our boys Laca will make it for us good luck
Gus The Red Devil
Gus The Red Devil 10 dagen geleden
Claude the legend!!
Daniel Harrison
Daniel Harrison 10 dagen geleden
Rip Claude as a Liverpool fan I still hope we win but I hope you win the europa league for him
atharva1234567890 10 dagen geleden
B tec liverpool henry boring as hell bruh
Jesus serve my life bro
Jesus serve my life bro 10 dagen geleden
Drifty i love you but you talk too long only you one to finish the show allow others to talk too
All-Father 10 dagen geleden
I reckon tys interview after the game will be quite emotional.
Mechatronics Geek
Mechatronics Geek 10 dagen geleden
Claude is legend, real and passionate fan
Itz GMed Mr9iceGuy
Itz GMed Mr9iceGuy 11 dagen geleden
RIP Legend Claude 🙏🏽
DJGLR 11 dagen geleden
The voice of reason is gone 😞
bradtv 11 dagen geleden
Please get this guy on after the game cause he's too confident 😂😂
bradtv 10 dagen geleden
@Tim Dev but that guy is way to confident
Tim Dev
Tim Dev 10 dagen geleden
Not to be a dick but it's Arsenal, you guys can play like the invincibles but you can also perform like Sheffield
mr liverpool
mr liverpool 11 dagen geleden
top 3 biggest clubs in england 1 utd 2 livrpool by far 3rd arsenal. if u agree comment or reply
splinter360 10 dagen geleden
What's the point of this?
DJ Fury DejaVu
DJ Fury DejaVu 11 dagen geleden
R.I.P Legend Claude you will be missed 🙏🏿🕊
Josh Hunter
Josh Hunter 11 dagen geleden
As an arsenal fan this game will probably end up in a draw
Piraat 11 dagen geleden
" If Koscienly was a horse he would be put down". I remember when he said it. I nearly choked on my Ice tea drink. What a guy. RIP Claude
shankar karmegam
shankar karmegam 11 dagen geleden
Drifty supports Liverpool who are 5 pts off top four and believes it'll be hard for them to break into top four, while there's DT who believes arsenal are winning the champions league this season🙄
Manda Roncon Dlima
Manda Roncon Dlima 6 dagen geleden
peshossssss 11 dagen geleden
For Curtis and Laure its always win or bust for mikel(win fa or bust, win europa or bust, win nld or bust, sell ozil or bust :d) like we have been winning trophies like no other in this last decade(except FA that is). Cant recall how they fare when Arsen was around. Still, keep up 👌
Rugyira Albert
Rugyira Albert 11 dagen geleden
Claudio rest in perfect peace legend..
WL WX 11 dagen geleden
david luiz is out with an injury. thank god.
Alex Davies
Alex Davies 11 dagen geleden
He's not
Xndjdjdj Djdkdxksj
Xndjdjdj Djdkdxksj 11 dagen geleden
Who the fook is that guy
TM101 11 dagen geleden
Big up Laurie for skipping the intro this week. Respect to Laurie and Curtis. R.I.P Claude the AFTV legend
Laurie Ray
Laurie Ray 10 dagen geleden
No worries
Noah *
Noah * 11 dagen geleden
Play for Claude please Arsenal 🙏
Lawrence Ugbo
Lawrence Ugbo 11 dagen geleden
Rest in peace
Moses Ajolore
Moses Ajolore 11 dagen geleden
Rest in peace
Patrick Heffernan
Patrick Heffernan 11 dagen geleden
Nice words on Claude, lads💪
Amir Khan
Amir Khan 11 dagen geleden
I hope LFC play a rotated team, Idc bwt PL and we should go all out for CL. arsenal should beat our weak side
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan 11 dagen geleden
Beware don't go past Annfield or they'll give u 3 ppints
Neil Barnard
Neil Barnard 11 dagen geleden
Fancy us today Arsenal win + b.t.t.s. C.O.Y.G's
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan 11 dagen geleden
Why do arsenal fans think they can win every team they play?they even thought they'd beat man city
John Mwangi
John Mwangi 11 dagen geleden
Rip legend go well 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
James Guo
James Guo 11 dagen geleden
Arteta fraud out
B Hobson
B Hobson 11 dagen geleden
R.I.P Claude! You will be missed greatly brother!
PrometheusTV 11 dagen geleden
“Arteta broke Klopp”
Joseph Lynch
Joseph Lynch 11 dagen geleden
M. dot1
M. dot1 11 dagen geleden
Man curtis really looks hurt I hope he feels better soon
Judy Hopps
Judy Hopps 11 dagen geleden
47 likes? this show is woefully under-rated for how interesting it is
Danny Cartes
Danny Cartes 11 dagen geleden
Good luck guys I think we will draw you lot 2-2
Liam Gannon
Liam Gannon 11 dagen geleden
Good luck mate, hoping for a good game
Dessi Paris3
Dessi Paris3 11 dagen geleden
Arsenal 3-2 liverpool Auba. Laca. Pepe Odegard Xhaka. Partey Tierney. Gabi. Holding. Cedric Leno
Josh Hunter
Josh Hunter 11 dagen geleden
Martinelli in for auba
NM Z 11 dagen geleden
Drop Auba and you might win
PrometheusTV 11 dagen geleden
Who’s gonna score the goals
Yafu 11 dagen geleden
Big up u guys for bringing Drifty on great show
Dikko Hussaini
Dikko Hussaini 11 dagen geleden
Rest in peace Claude! I miss you as well as AFTV do. My condolences to the family please
Hitesh Lal
Hitesh Lal 10 dagen geleden
@Kalyan Maity Hi Vinai
Kalyan Maity
Kalyan Maity 11 dagen geleden
Hi Dangote... Pls buy arsenal and sign Grealish, Tielemans and A new striker.. like Richarlison...
Harry Rawlo
Harry Rawlo 11 dagen geleden
Big C looked like he was gonna tear up, respect guys, he was a legend and will never be replaced
Matt G
Matt G 11 dagen geleden
Thanks for putting out the show. Appreciate it must have been difficult falling what happened. Be strong together 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Original T
Original T 11 dagen geleden
Rip Claude ❤️ COYG let’s get a win for the legend
Ahmed Sido
Ahmed Sido 11 dagen geleden
Can the match be changed to anfield? so we can be the next team to collect 3 points that liverpool have been sharing
Mhamad Bahkam
Mhamad Bahkam 11 dagen geleden
Underrated comment
Salah SZN
Salah SZN 11 dagen geleden
Ahmed Sido nah emirates will make it easier hopefully we win YNWA let's gun those GUNNERS
Ahmed Sido
Ahmed Sido 11 dagen geleden
@YNWA 212 Thats before you guys became generous you get me
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 11 dagen geleden
No because you already lost there :)
AFC COYG 11 dagen geleden
😂 lol We are arsenal we can we this 🙏👀
Michael Adjei
Michael Adjei 11 dagen geleden
Bit early Rob?
mlaandvo 11 dagen geleden
I honestly think we might have a chance to win
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya 11 dagen geleden
I think so too
PrometheusTV 11 dagen geleden
@Kalyan Maity Why are you acting like you’re ahead of us and not in 9th
Kalyan Maity
Kalyan Maity 11 dagen geleden
@PrometheusTV But still zebrachester fans ain't even winning at anfield... Zebra zoo fc still celebrating "We beat city trophy" 🏆 😂
Tristan Feinauer
Tristan Feinauer 11 dagen geleden
Same, but whenever I think so they let me down. Hopefully we can win tonight though!
PrometheusTV 11 dagen geleden
You have a lesser chance since this isn’t at Anfield
BOWIE 11 dagen geleden
Vrouwonvriendelijke Erdogan
Most Epic Liverpool Comebacks 🔥
Vrouwonvriendelijke Erdogan