Arsenal vs Liverpool | A Big Chance To Make A Statement! | The Warm Up Ft. Alex (TheKopTV) 

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Arsenal vs Liverpool | A Big Chance To Make A Statement! | The Warm Up Ft. Robbie, James B & Alex (TheKopTV)
If you would like to donate towards supporting Claude's funeral, memorial and family, you can do so here:
(This is the official 'GoFundMe' page set-up by his family.)
The Kop TV voice of football’s most famous stand.
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2 apr. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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20UEC042 Debanil Bhattacharya
Righteous Warrior
Righteous Warrior 10 dagen geleden
We love you Arsenal we do!
Xyz Abc
Xyz Abc 10 dagen geleden
Crocodile tears by AFTV, booted Claude when he needed the most.
Jordan Bamidele
Jordan Bamidele 10 dagen geleden
Rest peace in to great man Claude I pay Homage to him❤️🙏
Георги Генов
Георги Генов 10 dagen geleden
nice video !
Maji-Maji 10 dagen geleden
Don Robbie turned into Dr. Doolittle for 3 seconds
Mc Wise
Mc Wise 10 dagen geleden
Liverpool felt off really hard this season lol. Just like I predicted.
Random Empire
Random Empire 10 dagen geleden
If the lineup has all the youngsters we can win 4-2..
agefabulous1 10 dagen geleden
Never forgotten RIP Claude ❤ 🙏
King of the Bridge
King of the Bridge 10 dagen geleden
Klopp killed 0 brids with 2 stones. Destroying the midfield to fix the problems in defence ending up fixing neither.
TheSm1thers 10 dagen geleden
Liverpool fan here. I think we'll do better than we have been doing now that we have Kabak back from injury, and the last two games with him back we've won. Due to the injuries of Van Dijk, Gomez and Matip we've had to move CDMs like Fabinho and Hendo to CB so our midfield has been weakened, but with Nat Phillips and Kabak at the back, now a proven partnership, we should be able to move our CDMs back into midfield. Will still be a very tough game against an Arsenal side that's been in good form lately. Also RIP Claude. Great fan of the game and a great character. All the best for his family going forward.
Big Dog
Big Dog 10 dagen geleden
It’s not a statement have you seen Liverpool’s form
mikey mike
mikey mike 11 dagen geleden
Claude saw us beat spurs which would of made him very happy
Threat20 11 dagen geleden
5:26 bring back the dog as a special guest on the next preview?
Karl Jordan
Karl Jordan 11 dagen geleden
4 in a row at home he says? Not getting away with that, it’s 6 mate and 8 without a win.
Cristian Burgess
Cristian Burgess 11 dagen geleden
Honestly makes me so sad that Claude will never get to see Arsenal win another league title.
Mutebi Emmanuel
Mutebi Emmanuel 11 dagen geleden
The 🐕🐶s came in with a 3-1 prediction, 😂😂😂
jim_the _gunn
jim_the _gunn 11 dagen geleden
beautiful scouse accent
Jasen Wright
Jasen Wright 11 dagen geleden
If Auba spent as much time training as he did with his hair styles??
Omari Campbell
Omari Campbell 11 dagen geleden
How did you guys continue the show with those dogs popping up I would have been running the hell away 🤣🤣
Mared Morris
Mared Morris 11 dagen geleden
🛑🛑🛑REST in peace❤️
AFC COYG 11 dagen geleden
I have a question why did the Liverpool fan have 3 Nike logos?? 5:10
Rashawn Treasure
Rashawn Treasure 11 dagen geleden
The 🐕 say 3.1 to arsenal
Chris bell 05
Chris bell 05 11 dagen geleden
I love how Robbies so sound when he’s interrupted by the dogs etc and just laughs it off so many would shout at the owner for interrupting such a nice guy honestly
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan 11 dagen geleden
At least claude got to see Tottenham loose a 3 nill lead and get kicked out of the Europa league
James Lappin
James Lappin 11 dagen geleden
That’s a great scouse accent he has
duoth chuol
duoth chuol 11 dagen geleden
Honestly, Alex is the most level headed fan pundit I’ve ever seen. Always so calm and collected
Anthrax 11 dagen geleden
going 2-1 liverpool my lineup leno chambers tierney gabriel luiz xhaka partey odegaard rw pepe lw willian if saka isnt fit but if he is then saka st auba
SHAMRON SHOW 11 dagen geleden
My prediction 4-4
ArsenalFan jbrx
ArsenalFan jbrx 11 dagen geleden
Claude mate, it was NOT time to go! Taken too soon, may you rest in peace.
OMARYARE OFFICIAL 11 dagen geleden
U have lost 6th games in a row not 4th
عبد حبيب
عبد حبيب 11 dagen geleden
it's hurtful for the family because he's family abandoned him.
samuel taye
samuel taye 11 dagen geleden
That’s very nice of you Rob 🔴
JR The F. R. Gooner
JR The F. R. Gooner 11 dagen geleden
Football is back! Like if you want Kieran Tierney to get another hat trick of assists against Liverpool
yalhamadhd 11 dagen geleden
Rip Claude 💔
S J 11 dagen geleden
Better chance of claude coming back than arsenal beating liverpool
DA REALIST 11 dagen geleden
Why ain’t you paying for the funeral??? Tight fuk
Youman 11 dagen geleden
As a Liverpool fan I don’t mind if arsenal win, for Claude🙏
Seven Deadly ghouls attack on crack
Wait Trent didn’t play in the community Shield . Also R.I.P Claude
Aditya Nashikkar
Aditya Nashikkar 11 dagen geleden
RIP to Claude. What a legend. I only recently started watching him and now I miss him so much now. 💔
Benjamin TRNT
Benjamin TRNT 11 dagen geleden
I can't quite tell what brand his jacket is, can someone let me know? Cheers.
benedict kanu
benedict kanu 11 dagen geleden
Arsenal going to carry the day tomorrow.
Meshach Neville
Meshach Neville 11 dagen geleden
lacazette usually gets a goal against liverpool
Daniel Felipe Gómez Muñoz
Early this day, in the Arsenal web page, it was published that some of your selected players are doubts, Robbie, the likes of Luiz, Saka, Smith-Rowe and Xhaka. Nevertheless I'm confident Arsenal can take the three points in tomorrow's game if, and only if, our defensive side shows up and stays aware and focused throughout the game. Good vibes ahead of tomorrow and hopefully we come closer to Europa league spot. COYG!
Brendan Pramjee
Brendan Pramjee 11 dagen geleden
My like goes to Claude! Rest in peace fella and big up to AFTv for supporting the family ! Class lads. From a Utd fan but a fellow human. Please be kind
Tony Montana S
Tony Montana S 11 dagen geleden
Nice jacket James
Dr subodh Kumar
Dr subodh Kumar 11 dagen geleden
Robbie is one of the most sensible guy
gerald mcnamee
gerald mcnamee 11 dagen geleden
RIP Claude. A proper gentleman and true Arsenal Gooner.
Al La
Al La 11 dagen geleden
R.I.P Claude.
sam 73
sam 73 11 dagen geleden
LFC win it for Claude he is really good man 🙏🙏
Aaron T
Aaron T 11 dagen geleden
Alex is a top man
TrizzyLavish160 _
TrizzyLavish160 _ 11 dagen geleden
Liverpool play a high line so aubameyang wouldn’t be a bad shout despite his form
TrizzyLavish160 _
TrizzyLavish160 _ 11 dagen geleden
James team🙌🏾🔥
The Terminator
The Terminator 11 dagen geleden
Weekend predictions. Chelsea 1:0 West brom. Leeds 3:0 Sheffield Leicester 2:2 Man city. Arsenal 0:0 Liverpool Southampton 1:0 Burnley Newcastle 1:1 Tottenham Aston Villa 1:1 Fulham Man united 2:2 Brighton Everton 1:1 Crystal Palace Wolves 0:2 West Ham
Mick Cee
Mick Cee 11 dagen geleden
Rip Claude proper legend from a Blackburn fan
Amazing Gamer
Amazing Gamer 11 dagen geleden
Rest easy Claude, you were a great fan and a great person. Fly high Claude ❤️🕊
Yuri Nameem
Yuri Nameem 11 dagen geleden
don't know why people are surprised that Klopp has broken his team again, it's his trademark. He gets a team to play well for a couple of seasons then fall apart big time, once they lose confidence after a couple of defeats he does not have the knowledge to get them back to winning ways.I predicted this last summer, and said Klopp would have a breakdown, seems I am right on all fronts. Back to scousers crying again and playing the victims.
lemon tree
lemon tree 11 dagen geleden
YNWA Claude ❤️
junaid Galaria
junaid Galaria 11 dagen geleden
Sad for Claude but a deceased is disconnected from this world so he/she cannot watch the game from up, the soul waits for the resurrection, waiting will be comfortable or a struggle based on the deeds and if our lord is pleased with that soul, how he spent the life,in remembrance and obedience of the actual Lord or in fun and sins.
Yuri Nameem
Yuri Nameem 11 dagen geleden
RIP Claude.................... this video is another hypocrisy, you hammered the final nail, and a go fund me page for his family that wouldn't have anything to do with him when he was alive?, poor man deserves so much better, and better friends, sad loss.
James Sloane
James Sloane 11 dagen geleden
RIP CLAUDE top passionate football man 🙏🏻
Wesley Birks
Wesley Birks 11 dagen geleden
So sad to hear this. He was a good man
M. dot1
M. dot1 11 dagen geleden
Rip claude. Aftv threw u out but now can't stop talking about u
Maxx - FTS
Maxx - FTS 11 dagen geleden
Alternate title: Arsenal vs Liverpool | A Big chance to get destroyed
Lee Snedd
Lee Snedd 11 dagen geleden
Wow they’re back soon
Orange Sloth
Orange Sloth 11 dagen geleden
Liverpool absolutely fell off but are still 4 points ahead LOL
Justin Llamas
Justin Llamas 11 dagen geleden
RIP claude ❤️❤️ he’s happy to be with his mum
Kevin Inch
Kevin Inch 11 dagen geleden
AFTV broke claudes heart
Kezza Banana
Kezza Banana 11 dagen geleden
R. I. P Claude. You'll be sorely missed with your entertaining post game opinions particularly when arsenal lost. He actually replied several times to me on his on NLblock channel verbally, and not many have the time to do that I'll tell you that for sure. He was the first person I'd watch on aftv due to his funny reactions and jokes after each arsenal game.
Soapy 11 dagen geleden
The dogs were a sign from Claude
DJ Mibro
DJ Mibro 11 dagen geleden
I hope arsenal players wear shirts with Claude on or some sort of gesture would be class
Senan Devine
Senan Devine 11 dagen geleden
Minute silence before watch along tommorow?(for Claude RIP Fly high)
Rahib Rehman
Rahib Rehman 11 dagen geleden
If Arsenal don't do a minutes silence for Claude then idrk what to say... R.IP. Legend
Chipii 11 dagen geleden
rip claude this channel caused your death man 🤦🏾‍♂️
Hot Plöppet
Hot Plöppet 11 dagen geleden
Who is this muppet? Try get some scousers on.
Soares 11 dagen geleden
RIP to Claude 🙏🏼
Brian 11 dagen geleden
come on arsenal, let's win this one for Claude. let him look down and smile with that laugh of his.
Damian Kelly
Damian Kelly 11 dagen geleden
Arsenal 3 Liverpool 1
Damian Kelly
Damian Kelly 11 dagen geleden
Firmono wont even start so stop mentioning that overrated Brazilian!!!
Tony Grayson
Tony Grayson 11 dagen geleden
I've got to say, I didnt think this would affect me as much as it has. The comments are heartwarming!
Damian Kelly
Damian Kelly 11 dagen geleden
SIP Claude....😪...Will always remember you..""IT'S TIME TO GO!!!!"""
Mr Potato
Mr Potato 11 dagen geleden
Go fund me page is a great idea. A good way for fans to pay tribute and ensure his legacy lives on in more ways. R.I.P Claude
Rendani muleya
Rendani muleya 11 dagen geleden
gunners will definitely have a win
B S 11 dagen geleden
RIP Claude. From a Gillingham fan who loved his honest opinions and appearances across NLblock.
Team Tempest
Team Tempest 11 dagen geleden
Official Arsenal Football Club do not need to do anything. It's up to the ex BBC worker robbie if he wants do do anything to make up for throwing him under the woke bus in order for profit from sponsorship.
Mr. L T
Mr. L T 11 dagen geleden
Arsenal... please win it for Claude 🙏
Soh Clovis
Soh Clovis 11 dagen geleden
RIP Claude, even though I don't know Him
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 11 dagen geleden
It's all good paying tribute to Claude what about the other guy heavy D no condolences or tribute to him double standards
Severed Yakhead
Severed Yakhead 11 dagen geleden
R.I.P Claude
Derekowusu 11 dagen geleden
RIP Claude :(
Smesh 11 dagen geleden
Aparantly claude’s last words where ‘Its time to gooooo!’ RIP claude 🙏
ACDCnBMXLOON 11 dagen geleden
Great to have you back. Think that intro was well rounded, respectful on straight to the point. Well done guys
Clement Akufo
Clement Akufo 11 dagen geleden
My Arsenal Starting XI v Liverpool: Leno, Cedric, Luiz, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard, Saka, Pepe, Aubameyang
Peteblue 11 dagen geleden
Arsenal need some of Harry Potters magic against Liverpool.
khethelo mpungose
khethelo mpungose 11 dagen geleden
James is really good
Abukar Hussein
Abukar Hussein 11 dagen geleden
Let me correct you Robbie “One thing you have you remember about Arsenal is we don’t know which Arsenal is going to show up for the day”..
Clement Akufo
Clement Akufo 11 dagen geleden
Win for Claude, @Arsenal!!!! RIP Claude!!! THE VOICE OF REASON!!! LEGEND!!!
Clement Akufo
Clement Akufo 11 dagen geleden
Mishael Julian
Mishael Julian 11 dagen geleden
Rip Claude From a barca fan
AlbieLukas 11 dagen geleden
It doesn’t matter who you support ffs
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 11 dagen geleden
Like Robbie sneaking arsenal into the “two of the best teams in European football” comment 😂
p 28
p 28 11 dagen geleden
Here for Claude. True bloke. True fan of the game. Spurs fan. Rip