Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | You Can Find Me Everywhere, Unlike Aubameyang! (Joivan Wade - Liverpool Fan) 

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Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | You Can't Find Me Everywhere, Unlike Aubameyang! (Joivan Wade - Liverpool Fan)
If you would like to donate towards supporting Claude's funeral, memorial and family, you can do so here:
(This is the official 'GoFundMe' page set-up by his family.)
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3 apr. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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GucciSaiyan 25
GucciSaiyan 25 8 dagen geleden
Who remembers watching Mandem on the Wall
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
Lucas đuťť reãçțs 2 dagen geleden
"Whos that jamming on the wall"
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
Lucas đuťť reãçțs 2 dagen geleden
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth 9 dagen geleden
I think Aubeyang´s hair is injured, by his performance.
Ian de Vaz
Ian de Vaz 9 dagen geleden
Auba is a one trick pony, can't hold the ball, can't carry the ball but good at collecting £350k a week. He keeps hiding in matches cos he knows he's really got no skill outside the box.Pass the ball 2m sideways and then run like a headless chicken. He's a bigger liability than Ozil.
Ste chung
Ste chung 9 dagen geleden
Shiro a Kopite 💪
Three City
Three City 9 dagen geleden
Another actor eastenders let go too early that found greater success. Happy for him because eastenders do the black actors poorly on screen. Love Doom Patrol.
Yasin D
Yasin D 9 dagen geleden
yunga failia you know!
GucciSaiyan 25
GucciSaiyan 25 8 dagen geleden
Xzxzxzxxzxxzxz Klklklklklkl
Man like shiro🔥🤟
Farhan Wakil
Farhan Wakil 9 dagen geleden
Is that the guy from mandem on the wall
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
Lucas đuťť reãçțs 2 dagen geleden
Richard Singh
Richard Singh 10 dagen geleden
Who is this guy
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
Lucas đuťť reãçțs 2 dagen geleden
Jmorskrimz 9 dagen geleden
Gogo Owanate
Gogo Owanate 10 dagen geleden
From now on whether MA wins the EL or not he should just go. He's not good enough, maybe in the future but now? No
Afam Ezechukwu
Afam Ezechukwu 10 dagen geleden
Big up Joivan! Funny guy 😂😂😂
Abdalla 10 dagen geleden
man like Joivan Wade, big up to him
Ibrahim Alabi
Ibrahim Alabi 10 dagen geleden
Bailey is still on the loose you better go searching.
rams wood
rams wood 10 dagen geleden
Big Up Cyborg
Conor 10 dagen geleden
Shiros a liverpool fan ffs😂
Conor Dag geleden
@Lucas đuťť reãçțs i know it’s not i’m not a twat
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
Lucas đuťť reãçțs 2 dagen geleden
Hes name not shiro lol
Mark Hadden
Mark Hadden 9 dagen geleden
@Fahad Ahmed that’s my point 🤦‍♂️
Fahad Ahmed
Fahad Ahmed 10 dagen geleden
@Mark Hadden he's from London. Why would he have a scouse accent?
Mark Hadden
Mark Hadden 10 dagen geleden
Of course he is listen to his strong scouse accent
A. Ñeko
A. Ñeko 10 dagen geleden
The 1st purge
Makkedah Normeng
Makkedah Normeng 10 dagen geleden
they got Cyborg on
Emperor Cesar
Emperor Cesar 10 dagen geleden
Arteta is a club legend let’s trust the rebuild process. He won us FA cup last season and put us in the quarterfinals of Europe most prestigious tournament
Hemal Nandha
Hemal Nandha 10 dagen geleden
Big Up Cecil for bringing an actor Jovian Wade on I loved his short stories he’s been in its on NLblock.😀👍🔴
Red army Realist
Red army Realist 10 dagen geleden
Man like C tech Chris Breezy
A. Ñeko
A. Ñeko 10 dagen geleden
tay more _
tay more _ 10 dagen geleden
barry elms
barry elms 10 dagen geleden
Cyborg damn... Nice scouse accent 👍🏼...
JOE UTM 8 dagen geleden
@AK SH exactly
AK SH 8 dagen geleden
@JOE UTM they’re weirdos man. Football is a global sport lol.
JOE UTM 9 dagen geleden
So to be a liverpool fan u need a scouse accent? Swear some people are so narrow minded
JK1892 10 dagen geleden
Love this guy from Shrios story and all those short films hes been in.
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
Lucas đuťť reãçțs 2 dagen geleden
Mandem on the wall
Dercudez 7 dagen geleden
EastEnders too
HendoSZN 10 dagen geleden
Hear My Man
Hear My Man 10 dagen geleden
Lool Yh that’s where Ik him from
David Heaven
David Heaven 10 dagen geleden
Could care less about shiro let’s not forget mandem on the wall or the first purge
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
Lucas đuťť reãçțs 2 dagen geleden
P1 9 dagen geleden
Big man ting 💯
S M 10 dagen geleden
Trus me bro 🔥💪
Dan Hafner
Dan Hafner 10 dagen geleden
Was he in tracy beaker?
Dan Hafner
Dan Hafner 9 dagen geleden
@Ghennifer Grievous thanks for clearing that up
Mahmoud Ayoub
Mahmoud Ayoub 10 dagen geleden
He from eastenders
Denzel-Nataniel 10 dagen geleden
@__ Ik who you're talking about but you're thinking of someone else
Ghennifer Grievous
Ghennifer Grievous 10 dagen geleden
@Dan Hafner I know who you're talking about but it ain't him
Dan Hafner
Dan Hafner 10 dagen geleden
I think he was in the show, his name was ben
Abdullah Qtaish
Abdullah Qtaish 10 dagen geleden
DOOM PATROL is really good and he is in it, y'all should watch it
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
Lucas đuťť reãçțs 2 dagen geleden
What channel
Sim James
Sim James 10 dagen geleden
I know that I knew him from somewhere.
Ken Poly
Ken Poly 10 dagen geleden
Man like shiro
Lemuel Moses
Lemuel Moses 10 dagen geleden
Come on how doesn’t this vid have more views it’s a celebrity
Next Gen Ownage
Next Gen Ownage 8 dagen geleden
@oof Any ok I would have to look him up.
oof 9 dagen geleden
@Next Gen Ownage He's much bigger than aftv people lol.
Next Gen Ownage
Next Gen Ownage 9 dagen geleden
To be honest I don't know who the guy is without looking his name up online?
Billy Dewar
Billy Dewar 9 dagen geleden
I was thinking that, troopz one is on over 200k now
Tyerrl Tvasey
Tyerrl Tvasey 10 dagen geleden
Man like cyborg
AFC Gaming
AFC Gaming 10 dagen geleden
What’s so funny about that host? Smh. No wonder nobody watches your videos.
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
Lucas đuťť reãçțs 2 dagen geleden
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya 10 dagen geleden
That title is a violation 😂😂😂