Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | What Would Rocky Rocastle Think Of That? (DT Rant) 

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Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | What Would Rocky Rocastle Think Of That? (DT Rant)
If you would like to donate towards supporting Claude's funeral, memorial and family, you can do so here:
(This is the official 'GoFundMe' page set-up by his family.)
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3 apr. 2021




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JT 2 dagen geleden
RIP Claude you absolute legend. Love from Leeds!
Lewis Thomas
Lewis Thomas 3 dagen geleden
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 dagen geleden
A wise man once said “ If Koscielny was a horse, he’d be put down” 😂😂😂
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 4 dagen geleden
R.I.P to Claude, football aside is tough to lose a loved one, thoughts and prayers to his friends and family .. with love from Liverpool
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 5 dagen geleden
“It’s time to go” - Claude
karl hills
karl hills 5 dagen geleden
Rip Claude
Mark Finch
Mark Finch 5 dagen geleden
What is the difference between when Wenger left ( Won trophies even in those last few years ) and the Emeri era ( Same league positions pretty much ) and what’s going on with Arteta , there is no way Arsenal fans would not be booing the guy out the building with the football and the style of play on the whole Arsenal have been playing over the last 12 months . Arteta has been lucky to have no fans in the stadium as it all seems to be going the same way again . Ageing forward player signed to a mega contract and doesn’t deliver
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 4 dagen geleden
It's time to go.. RIP Claude.. YNWA
Conan84 Cowen
Conan84 Cowen 5 dagen geleden
Football may well be Fixed!!!!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 5 dagen geleden
Get rid of arteta before he sells torrerira and guendouzi to keep ceballos and elnneny
Jay Hill
Jay Hill 5 dagen geleden
I love this club (not the team) but at the end of the day we can’t keep blaming the managers that come into this club, you can only work with what you have and unfortunately if you don’t have the financial backing of the owner and is not willing to invest in top quality players then nothing is ever going to change at Arsenal. We will never be able to compete let alone challenge when clubs like City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Utd and even the Spuds are shopping at Harrods and we’re still bargain hunting at Lidl!! This is what we have to get use too. The odd FA Cup and maybe the Europa League semi finals is are levels now.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 dagen geleden
Real Madrid tore Liverpool apart today. They ain’t up to much and the way they beat Arsenal was embarrassing
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 6 dagen geleden
R.I.P to Claude, football aside is tough to lose a loved one, thoughts and prayers to his friends and family .. with love from Liverpool
Yassine Litime
Yassine Litime 6 dagen geleden
RIP claude chelsea fan from morocco
drrtyi jiogg
drrtyi jiogg 6 dagen geleden
R.I.P to Claude, football aside is tough to lose a loved one, thoughts and prayers to his friends and family .. with love from Liverpool
Tunde oriola
Tunde oriola 6 dagen geleden
Dt ur a fool
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 6 dagen geleden
Adam Unwin
Adam Unwin 6 dagen geleden
"our Achilles heel has come back to bite us in the backside today" How flexible are you
maurice fox
maurice fox 6 dagen geleden
I'm sorry a lot of Arsenal fans won't like this but I think Auba should be drop he give nothing to Arsenal since he new contract as I read this week that a ex-player call Auba LAZY showed no interest in all games & it going to turn out another Ozil Situation
drrtyi jiogg
drrtyi jiogg 6 dagen geleden
EVERYBODY knows ASSernal are just our BITCH !! Stop with the excuses.
Rama Rao
Rama Rao 6 dagen geleden
We have been depending on one or two players for far too long. We keep players that aren't good enough for a club this size and offer them inflated contracts to reward their. Mediocrity. We have literally wasted the last 8 transfer windows acquiring players at the end of their careers who are only looking for a tidy retirement *cheque. The lack of ambition of the owner and the arsenal board is unsettling. The lack of interest and effort from our players is embarrassing. It would take a miracle for us to win the europa league if we continue to play like this. Sadly this feels like another wasted season with yet another mid-table finish.
Robin Red
Robin Red 6 dagen geleden
Yeah defensive issues but the most embarrassing performances came from the top end of the pitch
Michael H
Michael H 6 dagen geleden
I’m only human after all
crawfs83 7 dagen geleden
Your captain was an embarrassment
HabibStation 7 dagen geleden
Rest in peace Claude - Liverpool fan
LabGorilla 7 dagen geleden
Real Madrid tore Liverpool apart today. They ain’t up to much and the way they beat Arsenal was embarrassing
Tinashe Dziripi
Tinashe Dziripi 7 dagen geleden
It's time to go.. RIP Claude.. YNWA
Brandon Aldred
Brandon Aldred 7 dagen geleden
Get rid of arteta before he sells torrerira and guendouzi to keep ceballos and elnneny
Tootie Joint
Tootie Joint 7 dagen geleden
If you put up emery’s record let alone Wengers it’s mind boggling how arteta has kept his job 😂
Michael Hadlow
Michael Hadlow 7 dagen geleden
DT is only human after all. Don’t put the blame on him
bhaskar unni
bhaskar unni 7 dagen geleden
RIP Claude... from a Manchester united fan...
JordanWillpiano 7 dagen geleden
Dt and troops are back, how can u tell? Look at the score line
krusch75 7 dagen geleden
Dont just blame the defense. It is shite in front as well. Auba walking around like a zombie. Zero energi in front of the defense makes the defense shite as well. What did we create?
Adam 7 dagen geleden
They don't care. They've never been held accountable and they know that whether win, lose or draw, they're going back home to their mansions, supercars and hot wives. They don't give a sh*t.
YoungMaliMusic 7 dagen geleden
EVERYBODY knows ASSernal are just our BITCH !! Stop with the excuses.
gary john
gary john 7 dagen geleden
sack captain and manager
Jason Russell
Jason Russell 8 dagen geleden
Well Rocky wouldn’t say much because you know......
Mark Jonathan
Mark Jonathan 8 dagen geleden
Score when Dani C came off : 0-0 DT: "Dani C lost us the game"
Kawosha Ibrahim
Kawosha Ibrahim 8 dagen geleden
No one is talking about how poor Bernd Leno was
B C 8 dagen geleden
Everton fan here and subscriber to AFTV because it’s the best fan content on NLblock. I’m really gonna miss Claude. His arguments with TY were comedy gold. RIP big fella. Hope you’ve found peace.
Nizar Nordin
Nizar Nordin 8 dagen geleden
Arsenal need to lose in order to kept this channel alive
Skhanyiso Mthethwa
Skhanyiso Mthethwa 8 dagen geleden
Watching Arsenal fans suffer never gets old 😂😂😂
HR 1120
HR 1120 8 dagen geleden
it's time for change
Haitham Hassan
Haitham Hassan 8 dagen geleden
Can ANYONE explain to me how the first goal was handed to us on a plate ?
Mc Dyse
Mc Dyse 8 dagen geleden
So we know what D.T stands for Delirious. You can imagine what the T stands for! Don't ever slate Arsenal neither of you have the right too!
William Jones
William Jones 8 dagen geleden
"Ty chokes on DT willy" "it's a superchat you have to read it"
Alan Metcalf
Alan Metcalf 8 dagen geleden
All arsenal fans have the same accent
Gary Dean
Gary Dean 8 dagen geleden
When are people going to understand, Hey Guys , HELLO HELLO THE PLAYERS AIN'T HAPPY ! BEHIND THE SCENES ! WHATEVER !?!? THE PLAYERS AIN'T HAPPY ! ARTETA HAS TO GO ! For Crying out loud..... Arteta has a far worse % rate than Emery & Emery got Sacked ! C 'mon people.
Rishan Perera
Rishan Perera 8 dagen geleden
R.I.P CLAUDE. Liverpool fan from Australia and we will all miss him
hathwayh 8 dagen geleden
How many times do lfc batter arsenal 😂
amadeus tugwete
amadeus tugwete 8 dagen geleden
To maintain good health mentally & spiritually avoid watching arsenal playing blood 🩸 pressure stress don’t is assured
Flowdem 8 dagen geleden
Anthony Chivers
Anthony Chivers 8 dagen geleden
Look in the mirror and admit you were beaten by a better side R.I.P. CLAUDE From a Liverpool fan YNWA
R.I.P Claude
R.I.P Claude 8 dagen geleden
Never mind the football ⚽️ D.T touched on something at the end, the amount of love Claude got and he didn't know is sad in away, he's will be missed far and wide. R.I.P Claude ❤🤍❤
Harun Al-Atharee
Harun Al-Atharee 8 dagen geleden
When I watched arsenal they looked bored in my opinion
Gammer GQ
Gammer GQ 8 dagen geleden
These guys are inconsistent last time we had any note worthy quality was in 2014
Sean Acton
Sean Acton 8 dagen geleden
Hahaha banter club
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 8 dagen geleden
Rip Claude would be missed
Sal 8 dagen geleden
Sal 8 dagen geleden
So conflicted as a Chelsea fan. Can't celebrate because of West fookin Brom ,🤦🏽‍♂️
one direction supremacy
one direction supremacy 8 dagen geleden
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zombie266 8 dagen geleden
The greatest myth perpetrated in the Arsenal camp is that Liverpool’s bad luck / season means Arsenal should be able to beat Liverpool.
Sue Moss
Sue Moss 8 dagen geleden
R.i.p claude sad to hear your gone.
Rie Uirab
Rie Uirab 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claud, from Nambia.
oshone Shokpeka
oshone Shokpeka 8 dagen geleden
DT didn't say anything about Arteta being absolute trash
Shar_Man 8 dagen geleden
See how quick man was to bring it back to the football after Robbie asked him about Claude I'll say no more about that 🤐
Gary Likely
Gary Likely 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude
Deen AI
Deen AI 8 dagen geleden
why is robbie acting like arsenal are not bad
Indie Chana
Indie Chana 8 dagen geleden
Oh look its Mr Arteta in!
little bray utd
little bray utd 8 dagen geleden
Huge clear out at arsenal needed, There not good enof, Complete clear out start again, A few could stay
Haddingtonian GCP
Haddingtonian GCP 8 dagen geleden
Ahhh,I've missed AFTV. Good to be back!!
Shehzad Janbocus
Shehzad Janbocus 8 dagen geleden
Arteta could get sacked at the end of the season if arsenal don't win the europa league!!!
Ariz Kamal
Ariz Kamal 8 dagen geleden
His Job is just hanging on coz of Europa league, he better win that competition. Emery didnt and we know what happened.
Giz 0151
Giz 0151 8 dagen geleden
Remember when this clown said “Arteta’s broke klopp.”
Alasiri Olatunji
Alasiri Olatunji 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude.. United fan here
louis2712l 8 dagen geleden
Man said simple cross imagine his reaction if Bellerin did a cross like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Desi Arsenal Fan
Desi Arsenal Fan 8 dagen geleden
Aubameyang and Pepe didnt do anything at all in the entire match... no will to play.. no will to do anthing
Barmy Neddy
Barmy Neddy 8 dagen geleden
What motivates footballers in 2021? Bagging high profile, high budget transfers and social media - sponsorship endorsements. Being paid millions for what? Their agents must be living in dreamland. Excellent content as ever.
H H 9 dagen geleden
Rogan Roberts
Rogan Roberts 9 dagen geleden
He “literally sweat blood?” The man needs a doctor!
Niall Craig
Niall Craig 9 dagen geleden
‘Simple cross’ yet if that was Bellerin DT would be calling him the best RB in the world lmao
Tony Bellew
Tony Bellew 9 dagen geleden
Man asked him for a tribute to Claude and man starts talking about the game again! lool
Tony Bellew
Tony Bellew 9 dagen geleden
Mans making out like he spoke to Roecastle this morning! Pipe down mate!
Thatguyinthathat. s
Thatguyinthathat. s 9 dagen geleden
DT doesn't understand that with Fabinho back in the team, and his favored position. Plus Nat and Kabaks partnership, and return of jota from injury... Arsenal were playing a different liverpool than ...say a month ago. Totally different beast.
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge 9 dagen geleden
Disgraceful performance
Tun Muhd Shah
Tun Muhd Shah 9 dagen geleden
I’m a Utd fans,but that Trent’s cross? One hell of a ball.
Callum Moloney
Callum Moloney 9 dagen geleden
If Luiz played we would’ve won 5-0
The Mighty Reds Television
Liverpool fan and I ask this respectfully...the fans universally love "Rocky" so what was the situation that led to him being sold? Always curious about this.
Dawit Alemayehu
Dawit Alemayehu 9 dagen geleden
please is there any one who tell me what was wrong in The Arsenal team played with Liverpool ? DT said they didn't sweat absolutely it is shameful!
Dawit Alemayehu
Dawit Alemayehu 9 dagen geleden
what kind of such a big club played the worst what was wrong with that ?
Arafat Mbarak
Arafat Mbarak 9 dagen geleden
You are saying Liverpool are struggling it's like arsenal are flying yet they are the ones struggling more than Liverpool
Arafat Mbarak
Arafat Mbarak 9 dagen geleden
Both of you are did arsenal give the three goals to Liverpool? You were outclassed..stop giving out excuses and give credits where it's due..
Stevieboy74 9 dagen geleden
Trent simple cross...LOL...this guy makes himself look like an idiot week after week. It was an amazing pin point cross between two of your defenders for one of the smallest men on the pitch to head in. King of the moaners and not a lot else!
Brandon Maharajp
Brandon Maharajp 9 dagen geleden
RIP Claude absolute legend ! Love from Trinidad And Tobago !
Biseko Nyaga
Biseko Nyaga 9 dagen geleden
Robbie only focusing on the defending, the attack was shite
Triplecap 9 dagen geleden
What kind of team just shrugs their shoulders after yet another Arteta disaster? I know there are a lot of Arteta fanboys out there, but when your team decides not to show up AGAIN how do you not fire him?
Mehir Rahman
Mehir Rahman 9 dagen geleden
I swear they keep buying defenders every season 🤣
thebailes1972 9 dagen geleden
R.I.P Claude. Man city fan 🙏🏾
john fortuna
john fortuna 9 dagen geleden
Keon Brissett
Keon Brissett 9 dagen geleden
Take some accountability that liverpool played on a different level
Andy cairns
Andy cairns 9 dagen geleden
Lay Babs
Lay Babs 9 dagen geleden
Very poor indeed. Lack of passion, no leadership on the pitch, “can’t bark and obviously can’t bite”. A shameless captain and the whole gang (old boys) bad day/ terrible day in office. Bottom of the table standard ...😉
Rizwaan 9 dagen geleden
United fan here What were u expecting ?
Fizz Abzz
Fizz Abzz 9 dagen geleden
RIP Claude
frey odje
frey odje 9 dagen geleden
For the fact arteta respect every team in Epl we re not going to win the league anytime soon.
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