Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | We Were Crap From Minute One! (James) 

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Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | We Were Crap From Minute One! (James)
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3 apr. 2021




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New Tide
New Tide 7 dagen geleden
James you're being too kind. You know Arteta is not good enough and you can see through his PR but you just don't want to turn on the manager because you believe it's too much negativity and want to give him benefit of doubt.
Rxckless Zayy
Rxckless Zayy 7 dagen geleden
What a guy james is
kudakwashe nyemba
kudakwashe nyemba 8 dagen geleden
James is best guy. always looking forward to his analysis after the game.
Damion Coombs
Damion Coombs 8 dagen geleden
This was a good interview. I agree with this man.
Mc 8 dagen geleden
You man got completely bent over by liverpool just accept it give em credit
JJTUBE 8 dagen geleden
Gabriel playing that well????
Quarter Chin
Quarter Chin 8 dagen geleden
I think Arsenal should have an open trial for any non contracted players in Great Britain who would like to join Arsenal club. There will be non salaried player with professional attitude and ability.
Quarter Chin
Quarter Chin 8 dagen geleden
Winning is an idea.. scoring goals are objectives. What is Arsenal's MO winning games or out scoring the opponent Until management decides, the players are undecided!
G Bell
G Bell 8 dagen geleden
Bro I've been a arsenal fan since EA FiFA came out.These guys kill me they don't understand sports teams every team has to rebuild regardless of what you say t started
Bond30z 8 dagen geleden
I don’t want to see us in the champions league 😂 We’d get thrashed!!
Farook Dinaully
Farook Dinaully 9 dagen geleden
I am sure a different manager will get more out of this squad we got,I always said under Arteta we will be a mid-table team but I was wrong under Arteta we will remain below a mid-table team.
singatha hlazo
singatha hlazo 9 dagen geleden
100% on still backing Arteta. Terrible squad, great manager.
Lufefe Mayekiso
Lufefe Mayekiso 9 dagen geleden
That was a SHOCKER but I also still back there Manager. Tactics were poor, poor, poor today though.
Graeme Ashby
Graeme Ashby 9 dagen geleden
Why the hell is everyone talking up Partey after the last few games he's played in?! He keeps giving the ball away and taking rediculous ambitious shots from too far outside of the box! From what i've seen of him he's not good enough yet. Watch the game back, he keeps giving the ball away and everyone talks him up like he never puts a foot wrong. Auba is finished, he's definitely not the same player he was last season and before that. Tierney being injured is devastating for Arsenal as we were crap without him in the side earlier in the season. Nothing on Cedric at all, he's just trying to do a job at left back, but he's not left footed and that's killing us when Tierney's out. Also...Rest in peace Claude. My condolences to his family and everyone that knew him from AFTV.
Timothy Wade
Timothy Wade 9 dagen geleden
Don rob get me on. I’m from the USA and wanna speak my mind
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
U in the uk
Timothy Wade
Timothy Wade 9 dagen geleden
dritan tahiraj
dritan tahiraj 9 dagen geleden
Lol let’s be honest James and the aftv guys were dissing lfc and trashing us now they are paying for it don’t underestimate Liverpool yes we have had an off season but don’t ever forget lfc are on a different league to arsenal that’s facts
Fred Atei
Fred Atei 9 dagen geleden
its hard to support Arteta and some players specifically.
Triplecap 9 dagen geleden
Win the Europa League? What?
DIALSQUARE 1971 9 dagen geleden
Has this lad been slipped a brown envelope by Arteta? Gabriel played well up until he was terrible? He can still see some good things in Arteta (Needs new glasses) as my nan could do a better job as manager and she's been dead for 5 years...
Aj Lfc
Aj Lfc 9 dagen geleden
Arsenal fans so deluded it was a total masterclass by Liverpool... arsenal cudnt even get the ball of them
Love Life
Love Life 9 dagen geleden
Yes he does but I like all of them.
Boxing Legend
Boxing Legend 9 dagen geleden
Arsenal have no balance with laca and auba in the same team how Arteta can’t see this is very worrying
michael loli
michael loli 9 dagen geleden
You guys are the experts...(apparently) what's gonna happen now??
Maria 9 dagen geleden
Disagree re Arteta
aj sodhi
aj sodhi 9 dagen geleden
why did we not play from the back, whats our style of play or identity
Arvin Khedu
Arvin Khedu 9 dagen geleden
It is simple...arteta did not want his best players and others also to have any problem for Europa
HAPISOL 9 dagen geleden
Gabriel was and has always been solid until the calamity of the combination of Holding and Chambers. This is what happens when you’re surrounded by MEDIOCRE players. SMH!
Maxamuud Daad
Maxamuud Daad 9 dagen geleden
It’s obvious isn’t the players fault it’s the damn coach the players he have he can challenge the top 4 he just doesn’t know how to use them properly that’s the fact we cannot beat teams confartably
JensenAmory 9 dagen geleden
James is just cool to put it simply
Lay Babs
Lay Babs 9 dagen geleden
Robbie, we are just very poor today period. This playing from the back is extremely dangerous. Arteta is equally woeful same as the team......!
Lawrence Kemp
Lawrence Kemp 9 dagen geleden
Genuinely annoying this lad
J M 9 dagen geleden
5 vital players are out.. this only exposes how badly you need a good bench in this era and also how bad recruitment has been over the last 5 years.. for arteta to undo that is gonna take a few windows.
Sean Francis
Sean Francis 9 dagen geleden
Watching these videos the day after.... I'm angry, Rocky Rocastle 20 years anniversary of his passing, Claude RIP.. we gave Liverpool way too much respect and time on the ball.. the front 3 were crap, our captain barely had a touch of the ball.. no game plan.. Martinelli not getting a look in... I predicted Ceballos being swapped for Elneny at 60th min and moment Jota came on knew we'd lose sooo fkin predictable... ridiculous..
RLGamer 9 dagen geleden
Get James on here more often than the likes of troopz, he talks sense
Ollie Evans
Ollie Evans 8 dagen geleden
I saw your profile picture and thought I had a hair on my screen 😂😂
Jack Wood
Jack Wood 9 dagen geleden
I like James alot but I totally disagree with the Partey comment, total shadow of the player who dominated the midfield at anfield for Atletico in those 2 champions league legs! He did absolutely nothing last night, bullied off the ball by Fabinho almost every time
G B 9 dagen geleden
We are now faced with the possibility of both Luiz and Tierney being out for our UEL quarters and semis should we progress. Arteta has some serious thinking to do. We don't have natural cover at left back and no surprise that as Tierney went off all 3 Liverpool goals came down that side against Cedric. I would revert to Saka at left back moving forward and Marí has to play, Holding is not good enough as that right sided CB. Everyone pretending he is can stop with the English bias
Peteblue 9 dagen geleden
They needed Harry Potters magic today.
Ludoboy Ludoboy
Ludoboy Ludoboy 9 dagen geleden
I’m as lost as James. Arteta is the new “tinker man” (Ranieri). I think he’s changing it up too much every week.
Abukar Hussein
Abukar Hussein 9 dagen geleden
Anyone else who thinks we should play Xhaka more? 😉
Cal Depen
Cal Depen 9 dagen geleden
It was the setup. Sadly without Luiz to muster, without Xhaka to put a boot in, without Saka and ESR to make a run we were hopeless. What was Auba doing out there!? Ceballos is clearly not strong enough for the Premiership.
Terry Stokley
Terry Stokley 9 dagen geleden
This genius coach ha ha hasn't rectified the problem, in defence same as Emery and Wenger. Arteta has favourites, sack h.
Terry Stokley
Terry Stokley 9 dagen geleden
Don't sit on the fence and defend this clown. Wake up james he has to go.
Sam Iyke
Sam Iyke 9 dagen geleden
LOSERS ! CLUELESS PLAYERS AND MEDIOCRE MANAGER. 1. LENO can never lead Arsenal...he is not a real German. A slovak cannot be or perform like a real German. 2. The 2 English players .. Chambers and Holdings are playing because they are English not because they merited it. PABLO MARI FAR MORE BETTER and Experienced then GABRIEL. 3. Pepe can never lead Arsenal to be a top team neither can he decide top matches. 4. AUBA is only a show man...more concerned and cars and looks make noise in the dressing room or showing wallow mouth is DIFFERENT FROM LEADING A TEAM. Finqlky, ARTETA is a mediocre coach...confused!.
G B 9 dagen geleden
No ESR and no Saka = nothing going forward. Unbelievable that we rely on 2 youngsters like that. And for all the flaws of Luiz and Xhaka the team looks really poor without them playing. And Ryan has to be tried in goal now, Leno is in shocking form.
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
It just shows how youngsters have more pride than the older ones
Jacob Head-Jenner
Jacob Head-Jenner 9 dagen geleden
Liked before listening this man is the new don
Josh Whaite
Josh Whaite 9 dagen geleden
More of Liverpool being class than arsenal being bad. Liverpool just always had the ball
gxthegreat 9 dagen geleden
Partey was good? He made like milion of wrong passes, lost the ball in every single moment. I love this guy but last few games, he is B-tech El Neny
Ribsy Brown
Ribsy Brown 9 dagen geleden
James insists that the cone man is the right man for job,but cannot give a convincing argument why he is. Why are Arteta fans afraid to admit the obvious fact Arteta(who has no managerial experience) was never and still isn't good enough to manage Arsenal Football Club.
Dewen Jin
Dewen Jin 10 dagen geleden
James is spot on with most of his comments but Partey didn’t have a good game. Fabinho gave him a thorough lesson on how to be a proper DM. He was in his back pocket along with Cabellos. Missed Xhaka and the movement of ESR badly.
Adam Walker
Adam Walker 10 dagen geleden
At least James actually talks sense and breaks everything down instead of ranting and raving for views
Ekow Greene
Ekow Greene 10 dagen geleden
To all those who are Arteta in, can you please convince us? No one seems to put out any good argument for him. I have not seen any better defence for him.
petriokas 10 dagen geleden
Arteta needs more time. A new manager will NOT succeed with that squad. A rebuilding is necessary and that will take time. Some promising youngsters coming through but you've got to combine that with a couple of marquee signings every window for the next 3 years. Arteta just has to be ruthless and get rid of Auba, Bellerin, Xhaka, Elneni, Holding and maybe the keeper. If you are going to get past the teams above you better players are required. Liverpool are a different team with Fabinho in midfield so its was an expected defeat really!
harleyboi74 10 dagen geleden
Why are we so scared to try a formation with two strikers , even if it’s just a 442 or 352 , used to annoy me when Wenger played Ozil left wing and people would complain he would do nothing each game , if we don’t win europa league Arteta out
Conal Keaveney
Conal Keaveney 10 dagen geleden
I agree, when we played Auba and Laca up top together under Emery we walked through the Europa League (until Baku at least) and would have got Champions League if we hadn't lost to Palace
Zac B
Zac B 10 dagen geleden
What I don’t get is why arteta waits til lathe 78th minute to actually change anything! So no fan can have a go at other fans who don’t want arteta at the club we are 9th in the league if villa win there games in hand we will be 10th we are a joke of a team with way to many below average players!
Zac B
Zac B 10 dagen geleden
@Mubarak Hashi this club is just Wreaking of mediocrity from the top to the bottom! If we aren’t careful we will remain a mid table team!
Mubarak Hashi
Mubarak Hashi 10 dagen geleden
It’s the fact that everyone portrays arteta as a god
Dan96 10 dagen geleden
Arsenal fans are deluded, you're not in the same calibre of Liverpool, city, Chelsea etc. Liverpool have just been in a rut this season but arsenal have been midtable last few years, you lot can't even win Europa League LMFAO, just need to lower expectations tbh
Rich Head
Rich Head 10 dagen geleden
We're not winning the Europa League. We only won the Fa cup through luck and Auba taking every single chance.
Red army Realist
Red army Realist 10 dagen geleden
Fam! I don't agree with his view on arteta, but the way he talks is just so calm and convincing and making me agree XD
Ansa Kitu art
Ansa Kitu art 10 dagen geleden
Defending? We were awful everywhere
Alan O Flynn
Alan O Flynn 10 dagen geleden
Love James analysis on games, great addition to AFTV and very refreshing.. We were SHOCKING 😠
Brad Muema
Brad Muema 10 dagen geleden
Man like James has few views but speaks FACTS!!
Lewis Johnston
Lewis Johnston 9 dagen geleden
Some people might find James boring but he's sensible and level headed plus he is likeable.
Collins Gitau
Collins Gitau 10 dagen geleden
I disagree Partey was very poor second half.1st half he was good
Aloise Mwai
Aloise Mwai 10 dagen geleden
The Arsenal is now a mediocre team, a team with a glass heart, weak, with no identity. and mediocre individuals, inexperienced and conservative coaches.
Aloise Mwai
Aloise Mwai 10 dagen geleden
Liverpool playing with two inexperienced centres backs..we didn't capitalise on that and attack..rather we sat, sat , keep sitting back even when 36years old Milner joined the backline...We should go back to Madrid and ask for the original Partey we paid for...Even the medical teams that I praise last week have come to perform wonders at the crucial time of the season....
stephen manley
stephen manley 10 dagen geleden
If a manager cant iron out the defensive unforced errors, game after game after game, then he needs replacing. Gabriel is a poor signing, Partey is only average, and Edu chose to sell Martinez to Villa, to be able to buy them. The personnel at the club, from Kroenke down to the players, is completely wrong.
Manlikeolly 10 dagen geleden
cmon these guys love arteta... artetas crap
Sugar Ocain
Sugar Ocain 10 dagen geleden
I was more concerned about Gabriel's fault on Liverpool's second goal. Clueless.
oluwaseyi subair
oluwaseyi subair 10 dagen geleden
Mid-table team is wat we are now simple. Auba should be completely dropped for now for Martinelli. Auba and Laca should not be playing together instead they should be exchange for each other so dat there can be competition between him(auba) and laca for up front main man. If Arteta can not be bold enough to make this decision then he should go simple.
Mechatronics Geek
Mechatronics Geek 10 dagen geleden
Man got a really annoying voice... He always hypes arsenal up before a match... Arsenal aren't rival.... Liverpool is different class, never compare arsenal to liverpool
Ashon Singh
Ashon Singh 10 dagen geleden
I like this boy... such sensible and mature insight.... we need more like him .... able to articulate his views in a calm and rational manner ... makes me not feel so bad about the result and creates a restart point for next week..... well well done James..... i think you will be going places really quickly....
Ashon Singh
Ashon Singh 9 dagen geleden
@UltimateHibz didn't suggest a little dip.... but i hear what you are saying.... and agree... im just choosing to not let it effect me personally.... each to his own.... i do however wish that arsenal wakes up and starts playing that beautiful sprightful football that made me follow them in the first place.... it was pure art...... i really miss that
UltimateHibz 9 dagen geleden
@Ashon Singh Can't be top all the time?? To and fros?? Definitely, but being 9th and not winning the prem for 16 years is a far cry from the little dip that you are suggesting.
Ashon Singh
Ashon Singh 10 dagen geleden
@UltimateHibz i get that our team needs to be better.... im just appreciating his interviewing and evaluation skills which is the one shining light out of a shitty football day for us arsenal fans.... on the realistic side... no one team can stay on top all the time... there will be to and fro's
UltimateHibz 10 dagen geleden
There is nothing sensible or rational about wanting to keep a manager whilst being in 9th place after 30 prem games.
Beryl Grinham
Beryl Grinham 10 dagen geleden
Arteta needs to shape up ,Showed his inexperience,Poor selection Poor tactics,End of season he must go,bring in RAFA
Kurds Kurdi
Kurds Kurdi 10 dagen geleden
I don't understand why Arsenal not sacked Arteta because he is not right manager for Arsenal !
Kajolo 10 dagen geleden
Most people won’t understand what happened because they out classed us and we had no answe or as he said no plan
Pacific Storm
Pacific Storm 10 dagen geleden
Win the europa league??? 😂😂😂😂! Arsenal are finished...they have forgotten the basics of football. They will be eliminated from the Europa at the Emirates ground.
ptrim1902 10 dagen geleden
They have embarrassed us fans around the world today. Saying it now, this team has no character to win a Europa league at this point! Win Europa with what?? We have no midfield to control a game!! We are witnessing the fall of Arsenal FC with an owner who is not taking charge of this club and leading it anywhere.
Ireton 10 dagen geleden
Tierney Is made if chocolate
Steve Teitelbaum
Steve Teitelbaum 10 dagen geleden
Robbie has been class all week re cluade
Az Raai
Az Raai 10 dagen geleden
Arteta is like a ticking bomb. He will self destruct if Arsenal dont win the Europa Cup. If he goes Hiddink and Overmars must come in. No one else.
New Tide
New Tide 7 dagen geleden
@Gunner18 Winning trophies is class. Anything else is the morality of a peasant hence not classy.
Gunner18 7 dagen geleden
@New Tide Pretty naive of you to think I would not want Arsenal to win a trophy every year However theres no way I would ever want this club to become a trashy and unclassy club like Chelsea.
New Tide
New Tide 7 dagen geleden
@Gunner18 Yes and I hope we become like Chelsea. I'd like to win a trophy every season.
Gunner18 9 dagen geleden
Only in the job for 16 months and people already talking about Arteta going. FML, we're going to become like Chelsea with a revolving managers door.
Mikel John
Mikel John 10 dagen geleden
I've said it time without number this team is shameless and it's time we realize arteta is not good enough for this club, can u just imagine all the teams beating Liverpool home and away and we can't even do that, it's really ashame to this club we are arriving and hving this midtable team mentality.
M Govella
M Govella 10 dagen geleden
This guy, James, know football and very level headed. But, when he said Partey had a very good game!! I was like what game? No Arsenal player can say he had a good game. You were dominated left, right and center. YNWA
S K 10 dagen geleden
Some players didn’t respect the manager’s tactics, like Laca said before.
Tupac Devil
Tupac Devil 10 dagen geleden
Really the worst performance this season Shameful performance like a fourth class team The team is finished and without spirit and does not know how to act with or without the ball Kaed coach learns Brasna unfortunately The difference between a first-class coach like Klopp and Howie is an assistant coach
Jae 10 dagen geleden
Your a your fan and used to this dross! Sad that this Is what you grew up in. We are a great club and need to show young fans truly what it means to support Arsenal. Kroenke and Arteta OUT!
#JL 10 dagen geleden
The game started at 12AM in my country. I was there till first half. I got fed up with the half and went to sleep, thank god. I am not gonna watch highlights. This game did not deserve my sleep.
n g
n g 10 dagen geleden
Dude partey was shocking today! Anyone know how many times he lost the ball??
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 10 dagen geleden
And Dt gave him a 7 in the player ratings and said he was their best player today believe it or not
Trudie Yeates
Trudie Yeates 10 dagen geleden
Nah mate run out of fingers
Lee Hunt
Lee Hunt 10 dagen geleden
How was Partey anything but poor? No player reached anything above underwhelming. No one deserved more than a 3/10. Whatever you’re smoking, James, I could do with some
Natnaeal Mergia
Natnaeal Mergia 10 dagen geleden
Auba is so bad this year I don’t know how he’s still the captain of Arsenal he’s not leading by example whenever he plays he’s Poor and nonexistent.
David Smith
David Smith 10 dagen geleden
Partey was poor
Emmett Russell
Emmett Russell 10 dagen geleden
I am a Liverpool fan and I think that arteta will be a good manger in the future. I see arsenal going in the right way in certain games.
MAX POWERS 10 dagen geleden
@Emmett Russell True.
Emmett Russell
Emmett Russell 10 dagen geleden
@MAX POWERS I was not being smart.
MAX POWERS 10 dagen geleden
I thought the same thing when Roy Hodgeson was Liverpool's manager.
DJ TIVY 10 dagen geleden
Nah James you are cocky mate
Matthew Newberry
Matthew Newberry 10 dagen geleden
The pitch looked big and Arsenal looked like 9 men not 11.
Father Gascoigne
Father Gascoigne 10 dagen geleden
James my brotha.
LIBGamer 10 dagen geleden
James there is nothing there. If Saka and Smith Rowe them wasn't taking games by the neck, we would have been worse of. Trust me he has no idea what to do.
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 10 dagen geleden
Lmao Partey was dogshit Fabinho is 10 times better
superman chris
superman chris 10 dagen geleden
We played like cowards afraid to attack , look when slavia p gonna do with us, they already won their league and they are pumped and motivated and we are f ing ourselves.
superman chris
superman chris 10 dagen geleden
Gabriel was over worked he was like the only defender working not surprised he eventually crack, if only he better teammates
superman chris
superman chris 10 dagen geleden
Arteta and his goons were atrocious
Kenny Tho
Kenny Tho 10 dagen geleden
This team honestly belongs to the bottom half of the league. End of the season they are going to sell the whole team of players especially Pepe and Auba. Losing to Liverpool is was the way we lost it!
Ernesto Ortiz
Ernesto Ortiz 10 dagen geleden
I dont wanna hear about Tierney better than robo . Rip claude
Marcus Gibbs
Marcus Gibbs 10 dagen geleden
What game were you watching? Partey got bullied by Fabinho
Ollie Evans
Ollie Evans 10 dagen geleden
James seems like the kind of guy who probably took biology and economics at A-Level, bought all the encyclopaedia to help him, can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute, has a girlfriend called Simone, and is opposed to sex before marriage.
pranav hrishikesh
pranav hrishikesh Dag geleden
@Nordin Soussi I treat people around me with kindness because that's how I expect to be treated. Not because of some afterlife bullshit.
Nordin Soussi
Nordin Soussi 8 dagen geleden
@Silly mister yh the laws the country put in place will certainly stabilise things. However, there would be regular horrific crimes happening and suffering across the world, 100 times worse than what we see today. Imagine you can do anything you like without any repercussions after you die and that's how you have been brought up to think.
Silly mister
Silly mister 8 dagen geleden
@Nordin Soussi you don’t need religion in a society to have good morals and ethics we have laws which guide people in the right direction for that. Following all the laws set by a government and learning how to be kind to people and look after yourself and others is something that can be learnt through personal life experience. There are no religious scriptures needed in order for a society to function
Nordin Soussi
Nordin Soussi 9 dagen geleden
@Keynesian Economics over 200 hundred countries and you named 1. Not good odds that. Fact is we dont know how society would be without religion. Also, you could have just made your point without calling me a twat. Why you getting mad over someone's comments on NLblock, jheez.
Dequan M Sealey
Dequan M Sealey 9 dagen geleden
@Keynesian Economics because Australians have morals
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