Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | We Are A Novice Club From Top To Bottom!! (Dan Potts) 

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Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | We Are A Novice Club From Top To Bottom!! (Dan Potts)
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3 apr. 2021




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JJ Yoda
JJ Yoda 5 dagen geleden
Arteta is too big for this team! Thats reality! Not the other way round! These players are B players in an A club, with A manager and A tactics but B players can't do it! B-
TASHI TENZING 5 dagen geleden
Dan is spot on.
Perek Belleh
Perek Belleh 7 dagen geleden
Yroooo, Troopz in the back at the end hahahahahahahaha! "Every TING" !!!!
Andrew Griffith
Andrew Griffith 7 dagen geleden
The most under the radar fans are the most sensible with there comments
D R 7 dagen geleden
Yo this lad talk bare sense man... Sod it... Arteta out!!! Naa just playin.. we just need to get rid of these shite players still and build sumat strong for next year i thinks?? 👍🏼😁😁
JoJo 80
JoJo 80 8 dagen geleden
Im a lfc fan but agree with u both. Good luck for the rest of the season!
Top Spin
Top Spin 8 dagen geleden
Fair play Dan - spot on summary my man!
Jermaine Chambers
Jermaine Chambers 8 dagen geleden
I love Dan potts views on Arsenal and always talks facts 👏🏿 please make a regular on AFTV 👊🏿🔴⚪🔴⚪🏟🇯🇲
MD MEDIA 8 dagen geleden
Dan said it perfectl.It's hard watching Arsenal capitulate I pray we get a new manager a blind man can see Arteta is out of his depth.
J B 8 dagen geleden
First half Liverpool negative? did this guy watch the same match as EVERYONE else!? Liverpool were the only side attacking, trying to make things happen. Arsenal did nothing all game!. Get some glasses lad!
Emmanuel Lawrence
Emmanuel Lawrence 8 dagen geleden
This guy speaks so much sense it’s unreal! 16 years and we haven’t upgraded as a club!
nk asamoah
nk asamoah 8 dagen geleden
As much as we may love arteta, I don't think winning the europa is good enough. I wonder what he'll be able to do with the big boys of the cl. If he wins, the el, good for him ( he'll easily get another job), we part ways, get rafa; who is highly objective and also a team builder no matter the level of team he has.
MrMessyb 9 dagen geleden
VERY well said!!!!! This makes some great points!! Hope to see him again.
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth 9 dagen geleden
Actually, Arteta might do better, and I mean 2021, as a player for Arsenal than as a manager.
peter redpath
peter redpath 9 dagen geleden
Anything,he must go,because his players will get him sacked.
peter redpath
peter redpath 9 dagen geleden
Most worrying is Artetas tactics,not one player fancied his plan,so they ran off and left 10 shadows on the pitch,non existent depth,no one listening to anything arteta said at half time,he takes the blame,but the team sent him a message,and if he can't see it,if hasn't learned
John Rice
John Rice 9 dagen geleden
wow shocked too hear of claude's death... from an irish lfc fan devastated ,he was a real fan.... but tbh arteta is like a poor ole..arsenal need a huge change... rafa or rodgers sad Claude's is gone...ynwa
William Baker
William Baker 9 dagen geleden
This cat talks sense. AFTV would do well to get him on more
D R 9 dagen geleden
Need more great minds like Dan on the Channel.
Jay Danials
Jay Danials 9 dagen geleden
I'll take bielsa over arteta any day
Sophie Lopez
Sophie Lopez 9 dagen geleden
Nice one Dan , proper Arsenal Fan 👏🏼👍🏼
smyffmawzz 9 dagen geleden
Roll on packed stadiums again with fans who won't tolerate this .
john o shea
john o shea 9 dagen geleden
"against a poor side" ... mate from back to front and top to bottom on and off the pitch liverpool are levels and levels ahead of arsenal
Daddyori clarks Aka YoYo
Daddyori clarks Aka YoYo 9 dagen geleden
Arteta took the blame himself
Three City
Three City 9 dagen geleden
How can you trust a process when they stole the phase from the Philadelphia 76ers? But honestly the team is worst. The honest truth is when arsenal win they look better in wins under arteta than emery. The problem is they barely win and they look worse when they lose under arteta.
Carlito El Gooner
Carlito El Gooner 9 dagen geleden
Have to agree with Dan 100%. The reason the Board went with Arteta was cos he was a cheaper option than spending 15-20m per year on an Allegri type manager. To exacerbate the situation, you don't rebuild a team with a rookie coach/manager who has no experience whatsoever, zilch, nada, nil. Arsenal have been so mismanaged both on and off the pitch for the lass 10 plus years. For example: spending £72m on Pepe, giving that huge contract to Ozil, letting players run down their contracts and go for free, spending £30m plus on mediocre players, spending £20+ on agents fees, it just goes on and on and on.
Gooner 4Life
Gooner 4Life 9 dagen geleden
@&what; ? true! 💯
&what; ?
&what; ? 9 dagen geleden
American owners don't want to deal with the mental stress of hiring ambitious managers because they don't care about their English football team's success, only theirs in America and don't want to invest too much in their 2nd fiddle. That is why United and Arsenal hired yes men to appease to the nostalgic and younger football fans who have limited knowledge of the game. Anyone who isn't blind can see rookie managers are a poor option to go with. It's only really worked for Zidane and Pep...but let's be real both of them were elite midfielders that played in a more technical league. Not a single manager that was an ex PL player went on to become really good.
Ay Slim
Ay Slim 9 dagen geleden
Simeone is a good manager but he doesn't play the arsenal brand of football
Maria 9 dagen geleden
Agree re Benetiez
Maria 9 dagen geleden
Well said Dan Potts.
Tony Montana S
Tony Montana S 9 dagen geleden
This guy is good get him on more often
ptrim1902 9 dagen geleden
This guy has it correct! Novice club! Arsenal is now a little boys club! We are not in the big clubs conversation and should be ashamed to laugh at Tottenham. We do not qualify to have a laugh at any team!!! Looking like boys in a man's world!!!!
LS15 9 dagen geleden
We were deffo not there for the taking lmao. This game was our chance to kickstart our mini-season and the CL run!
Gooner 4Life
Gooner 4Life 9 dagen geleden
CL run lmao..... we dont deserve champions league football we are now a midtable team who sometimes get europa league football
Mr. A
Mr. A 9 dagen geleden
Tbf we were no challenge whatsoever
(ಠ_ಠ) 9 dagen geleden
Get this guy on consistently asap. Great talker. Great opinions. Very concise. Proper Arsenal fan.
Sebastien Cole
Sebastien Cole 9 dagen geleden
Since 2003 4 of 5 3-shot performance has come from this manager 👀 great stat guy . more like the david moyes Everton than guardiola man city
Very Scouse Mike
Very Scouse Mike 9 dagen geleden
100% agree with this man
Rich Head
Rich Head 9 dagen geleden
Exactly right. We've seen enough from Arteta to know he's taking us nowhere. Even if he was giving him £200m to spend in the summer I wouldn't trust him to spend it wisely with how he begged to sign Willian last summer and stopped Xhaka, Bellerin, AMN and Nketiah from leaving
Rich Head
Rich Head 8 dagen geleden
@Peppa Pig lol firstly ESR was injury free and with the first team from early October and was certainly fit to play because he was on the bench before you try another excuse for your lord Arteta. And no player has a contract where they get guaranteed X amount of minutes especially a 32 year old has been when we have the like of Pepe, Auba, Martinelli, Saka and Nelson who play in that position.
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 8 dagen geleden
@Rich Head lol, firstly ESR was injured until December so that's already wrong and secondly Willian has a clause in his contract for minutes because like I already said edu and Willian have the same agent now put two and two together and Im sure you can see what's going on... Ur welcome
Rich Head
Rich Head 8 dagen geleden
@Peppa Pig Agenda? I think the fact that Arteta wouldn't drop Willian despite putting in consistent terrible performances game after game, not giving ESR a chance till December because he was trying to fit Willian into the team despite ESR being our only No.9 and only finally getting his chance because Willian was out with sickness. He even plays him ahead of Martinelli. I think it's very safe to say that Willian was Artetas signing.
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 8 dagen geleden
@Rich Head yh this how I know u have an agenda, Willian has the same agent as edu, pls do ur research b4 u speak, thanks
Rich Head
Rich Head 8 dagen geleden
@Peppa Pig Partey was a long term target before Arteta even got here. I don't know about Gabriel. But Willian was definitely 100% Arteta.
Ashley p sot
Ashley p sot 9 dagen geleden
100% right 👍
Jay Boe
Jay Boe 9 dagen geleden
Dan Potts you sir have jus summed up exactly what iv been saying 👍
Drew B
Drew B 9 dagen geleden
Great comments. 100% spot on. Need to see Dan on more. For what it’s worth, no chance we’ll win Europa. No chance with that defence.
binga del feruzi
binga del feruzi 9 dagen geleden
Dan as Dan 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝
gary fowkes
gary fowkes 9 dagen geleden
Dan's the man ! This guy knows his stuff
G B 9 dagen geleden
We are now faced with the possibility of both Luiz and Tierney being out for our UEL quarters and semis should we progress. Arteta has some serious thinking to do. We don't have natural cover at left back and no surprise that as Tierney went off all 3 Liverpool goals came down that side against Cedric. I would revert to Saka at left back moving forward and Marí has to play, Holding is not good enough as that right sided CB. Everyone pretending he is can stop with the English bias
Big Dog
Big Dog 9 dagen geleden
What are these manager shouts they won’t go to Arsenal naglesman haha
payam Akbari
payam Akbari 9 dagen geleden
Arteta need to f off asap
Big Dog
Big Dog 9 dagen geleden
Allegri and simione won’t go to Arsenal ahah
MOSH KNOWS 9 dagen geleden
Said Frigging well geez!! Pepe got a different right back every week , Cedric gets dropped after playing a blinder every time , Ceballos is not good enough, Auba & Laca cannot play together in this formation , holding hasn’t played for an eternity then he plays him against Killers like The Liverpool front 3 , Bellrin looked a better bet than chambers , no disrespect to chambers . Too many questions & Mikel cannot answer them. Defo Novice behaviour from a Top club. SMH
Professor Josue
Professor Josue 9 dagen geleden
After a year a manager mentality bleeds into into his players, so from what I see at Arsenal tells me Arteta is he mental strength of a wet blanket
&what; ?
&what; ? 9 dagen geleden
Yes men aren't going to have mental strength
New Tide
New Tide 9 dagen geleden
If you have a process, you don't need to tell people to trust it.
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 9 dagen geleden
Make this guy a regular not many fans come out and blame the kronkes they themselves are novices at club what do we expect them to improve that's the nail on the head
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 9 dagen geleden
This is one of the few guys along with Turkish and Curtis that's makes good points the rest just blintly follow club
G B 9 dagen geleden
No ESR and no Saka = nothing going forward. Unbelievable that we rely on 2 youngsters like that. And for all the flaws of Luiz and Xhaka the team looks really poor without them playing. And Ryan has to be tried in goal now, Leno is in shocking form.
ekpamaku okiemute
ekpamaku okiemute 8 dagen geleden
Who sold Martinez? Arteta Benched martilleni? Arteta Benched Cedric? Arteta Forced ozil out? Arteta Benched lacazete? Arteta Loaned willock out for Dani? Arteta Played chambers on RB ahead of recognized RBs? Arteta Worse records created? Arteta Emery did far better with poor players. Bielsa, my favorite, is doing great with a smaller club and budget.
Olof Acosta
Olof Acosta 9 dagen geleden
We had 2 touches in the box....... 2 touches. That has little to do with the players and mostly to do with the tactics and setups.
87Michael 9 dagen geleden
Agree with EVERYTHING this guy says. Especially when he mentioned Emery having a worse team than Arteta & doing better than he’s doing.
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 8 dagen geleden
Yh can someone pls fill me in... what did emery win
New Tide
New Tide 9 dagen geleden
Any experienced manager is better than inexperienced manager
Soner Ali
Soner Ali 9 dagen geleden
Watch Dan on the same old Arsenal podcast it's my favourite podcast and Lee Judges is also on it.
gxthegreat 10 dagen geleden
Ah typical Arsenal fan ahahah... one of the RATS that DT is talking about. I am sure this guy was crying alone in his room when we won against Spurs because he was not able to spill all this venom our loud... If I see this fool one more time I am never gonna watch AFTV again. And I am subscriber of this channel before they even hit 100k
gxthegreat 9 dagen geleden
@Gooner 4Life Bruh, idc who the manager is as long as at the end of the season I can look back and say... "We accomplished something". We will see if this will be the case of another fail
Gooner 4Life
Gooner 4Life 9 dagen geleden
You care about arteta more then arsenal....... 🥴🙄
Idris Musty [Remote]
Idris Musty [Remote] 10 dagen geleden
Well said Dan. Right from the top, to the middle and bottom, we haven’t got people with the right mindset or ambition. We must get rid of the owner first, if Arsenal are not going to be another Spurs!
Cory 10 dagen geleden
One of the best speakers to feature on this channel
Afam Ezechukwu
Afam Ezechukwu 10 dagen geleden
This guy was absolutely brilliant!
WF 10 dagen geleden
michael blyth
michael blyth 10 dagen geleden
Bang on
Koigi Njoroge
Koigi Njoroge 10 dagen geleden
Dan Potts needs to be a regular !!!
stephen manley
stephen manley 10 dagen geleden
Well said Dan. How is it that Everton get Ancelotti, and we end up with Arteta, should it not have been the other way round??? Man, everything this guy says is true. The club is wrong from the owner, to the manager, to the players. 👍
New Tide
New Tide 9 dagen geleden
Because we're in an alternate reality
Soner Ali
Soner Ali 9 dagen geleden
Absolutely spot on,no serious ambition from the owners
Thisala Gajadeera
Thisala Gajadeera 10 dagen geleden
Dan the Man 😎
Thisala Gajadeera
Thisala Gajadeera 10 dagen geleden
This guy is a legend ❤️❤️😎😎
WemDizzle 10 dagen geleden
Agreed with everything besides Rafa !!
i’m tired lol
i’m tired lol 9 dagen geleden
@WemDizzle at newcastle he over achieved, brought them back up winning the championship, got them 10th and 13th place finishes with limited resources. but i do see what you mean, i think a nagelsmen who is a young and adaptable manager would be better
WemDizzle 10 dagen geleden
I just feel he's from that old generation of football. People talk about Liverpool but that was 16 years ago and he left in 2010. At Newcastle his job was to keep them up.. That's it !! Arsenal have been average for 15 years now, we need someone younger with experience who can build this team back up.
i’m tired lol
i’m tired lol 10 dagen geleden
denis likama
denis likama 10 dagen geleden
Make this brother a regular AFTV!!!!!!!!
Teng Wang
Teng Wang 10 dagen geleden
Big clubs can sack managers whilst winning, we're not a big club and we haven't been one for a decade now, we need to get back to reality
i’m tired lol
i’m tired lol 10 dagen geleden
chelsea sacked lampard with a 49% win rate in the league and 5 points off top 4. arteta has a 42% win rate in the league and is 9 points off top 4.
Koh Keybar Stird
Koh Keybar Stird 10 dagen geleden
This guy is a legend
aaronsj dmello
aaronsj dmello 10 dagen geleden
Dan Potts! 🙌
Imhotep Heru
Imhotep Heru 10 dagen geleden
What did Asernal fans Expect from Arteta, he never coached/managed any team before, No one knows if he has Qualifications to Manage a team... It's very clear players are against inexperience Arteta, He treat professionals players like kids, playing them in wrong positions...
Jayson Miru
Jayson Miru 10 dagen geleden
AFTV Deludes should stop f’ing predicting 2-0, 3-1 wins for Arsenal like cotton candies to six year old kids (the fans). They’re disrespecting the fans knowing what they know & artificially propping up a failed process (if there’s any process at all).
River Onsite
River Onsite 10 dagen geleden
So hold on Gabriel, Holding Aubamanyang, Laca and i could name so many more was dogshit and non existent tonight. How is that Artetas fault? Arteta picks the players. He can be blamed for selection choices but not the performance of who he chooses. Those 11 man need to have a good loook at themselves and its nothing to do with tactics. There playing how they want to play if u dnt listen or follow instructions den your doomed.
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas 10 dagen geleden
Dan potts. Spot on💯💯💯.
Alexx Allert
Alexx Allert 10 dagen geleden
I wish one day fans will understand not every win or loss is the managers fault
4737Carlin 10 dagen geleden
I wish one day that Arteta pursues a new career as football just isn't for him
Natnaeal Mergia
Natnaeal Mergia 10 dagen geleden
Trust the Process my ass. 😂😂😂😂
Jae 10 dagen geleden
TEN-K Gazaunruly
TEN-K Gazaunruly 10 dagen geleden
Pepe is not good smith rowe play better with laca
Chaz Clifford
Chaz Clifford 10 dagen geleden
Emery got the best out of auba and laca when he played them in a 3412 or 41212 formation.
Dapo M.
Dapo M. 10 dagen geleden
This dude is a clout chaser looking for views
Dapo M.
Dapo M. 9 dagen geleden
@Soner Ali bro refers to himself in the third person. That’s a clout chaser.
Soner Ali
Soner Ali 9 dagen geleden
No he's just a very passionate fan that gets angry and hurt's when we lose
Gooner 4Life
Gooner 4Life 10 dagen geleden
For speaking the truth lmao....... 🥴
Countryside Jigga
Countryside Jigga 10 dagen geleden
Looking forward to Dan's next appearance on the Gastank
Mykal Obilor
Mykal Obilor 10 dagen geleden
i just laugh at Fans blaming Arteta all the time smh u guys clearly stuck in your feelings. How many mangers have failed with these players? He needs time and his own players ffs
D Lawless
D Lawless 10 dagen geleden
How many manager have done better with these player? 2. Arteta has a better squad than Emery and Wenger when he left.
Patch 10 dagen geleden
Lol the delusion is real with this one
River Onsite
River Onsite 10 dagen geleden
Yh da blame games mad still
whyahh 10 dagen geleden
if arsenal could play as quick as dan speaks....
D R 7 dagen geleden
😆😆😆 we'd win the world cup!
BECAUSE PEOPLE 10 dagen geleden
Ezzystackss 10 dagen geleden
Make this geezer a regular!
Temp Step
Temp Step 10 dagen geleden
Arteta is not going anywhere despite the absolute fact that we are not winning Europa and will finish 12th. That's because the squad is crap.
Temp Step
Temp Step 10 dagen geleden
@Patch Emery had no real game plans. The players try to figure it out on the pitch and it was clear. Aeteta has real formula and it shows, but it's too hard for the players. We'll do Well next season after we finish 12th this year. I always know we're not winning Europa so I just wait for the next season and hopefully half of these man are gone and new players come in.
Patch 10 dagen geleden
Hahahahhaah yet Emery finished 2 points off 3rd with a worse squad good one mate.
Temp Step
Temp Step 10 dagen geleden
@2far4heaven No, he'll actually be backed to get his players and start strong next season
2far4heaven 10 dagen geleden
Love arsenal keep arteta another 5 years.. I want to see how low arsenal can be for next😄😂
Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris 10 dagen geleden
I said Rafa ages ago and got laughed at....
Alexx Allert
Alexx Allert 9 dagen geleden
@&what; ? everybody gotta start somewhere right?
&what; ?
&what; ? 9 dagen geleden
@Alexx Allert Klopp also actually won stuff before he went to Liverpool. 2x Bundesligas and a UCL final. What did Arteta do before Arsenal that warrants him getting backed...he doesn't have the clout.
Alexx Allert
Alexx Allert 9 dagen geleden
@Sarvesh Kadam All what u said about Klopp is true but you are missing one key component which is Klopp was backed in every single transfer window. Last summer and January was Mikel's and Edus first windows together and they had to pay players to leave the club in January please take that in. THEY HAD TO PAY PLAYERS TO LEAVE and you think this Arsenal squad is better than Leicester? You and these fans need to get out of this mindset that "Were Arsenal Football Club" so we have some divine right to be the greatest club in the world. You dont have to like where we are but you better accept the fact that this team needs alot of work and proper investment to get to the level of ManCity. Some of these players have failed Wenger in his latter years failed Emery and are failing Arteta but somehow you think a better manager will improve us significantly. Wake up please
Sarvesh Kadam
Sarvesh Kadam 9 dagen geleden
@Alexx Allert klopp finished 8th in his 1st season and took the team to the league cup and Europa League final with a worse team than arsenal currently have. Then in his first full season, he finished 3rd in the league. In his second full season, klopp finished 4th and went to the UCL final. That's called progress and that's what a rebuild is. You do better than what you did last season. Arsenal are worse than last season with better players in the squad. Do you think actually think that arteta will win the league with arsenal? Emery had worse players than the current arsenal team but still did a little better than arteta. Arteta got a young cb full of potential in the summer and among the best cdms in Europe in partey and still somehow arsenal are doing worse than last season. The arsenal squad is better than Leicester as well. The difference is that Leicester have a manager who has a proper plan and tactics and knows how to use the players he has and get the most out of them. Only Pereira, soyuncu,and teilemans would get into the arsenal first team.
Alexx Allert
Alexx Allert 9 dagen geleden
@Sarvesh Kadam if I had a choice between finishing 6th or 9th id choose 1st because thats ultimately where we want to be. We killed Wenger for finishing in the top 4 for 20 years straight we killed Emery for finishing 5th and then getting sacked the following season for bringing us to 8th so why is everyone crying over a couple places different. Is our squad better than City Liverpool Leicester United Chelsea and Tottenham? that puts us in 7th off the bat then u have Westham who are having a great season (lets see if they can replicate it next season). Im not saying Arteta doesnt have his flaws but can he get some more of his players in before we judge? U talk about Klopp but he finished 8th in his first season but the board continued to back him until they reached where they need to be, and u see with a couple injuries how far Liverpool have fallen this season
Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris 10 dagen geleden
Dan the man says what I'm thinking.Screw the process we are a shambles
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 8 dagen geleden
What if we win the europa
Udaco 10 dagen geleden
Almost ZERO shot on target. Our first shot on target actually was already offside from Auba. Even ZERO shot off target too. WTF..... I don't mind losing but ZERO shots are way way not acceptable at all. Even the worst team in the EPL can have a shot on or off target. What are we doing on the pitch? Having a picnic?
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 10 dagen geleden
Marga Lightskin Adama Traore
River Onsite
River Onsite 10 dagen geleden
Why do u care or feel the need to comment about the physic of another man. You battybwoy. Internet keyboard gangster watch another channel instead of commenting on next man. You chich
A H 10 dagen geleden
The disrespect this guy has when chatting about Liverpool is mad. The two ‘kids’ they have at the back are better than anything arsenal have. Dead club
A H 9 dagen geleden
@Patch funny when a “league 2 player” has now kept multiple clean sheets when he’s come into the side. Arsenal fans love to shout about how good Gabriel is, from what he’s show tonight he’s a poor mans Nat Phillips
M 0380
M 0380 10 dagen geleden
@Patch well when aubameyang and the rest dont even test him what's that say. He kept clean sheet and wasnt even troubled
Patch 10 dagen geleden
Deluded Phillips is a League 2 player who was about to get sold there before Pool's CB crisis.
Mussagy Högblom
Mussagy Högblom 10 dagen geleden
Big up Dan Potts 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Berg10Kamp 10 dagen geleden
This guy spoke really well until he started speaking about the managers. He mentioned so many managers with different styles, including a couple who’ve recently been sacked. I really feel Graham Potter should be the only candidate, people will turn their nose up but not only do we need to humble ourselves with our situation but we need to recognise managers who have performed with smaller teams and players and imagine how they’ll do at a bigger club. Potter plays beautiful football with young players and helps players perform above their level, that’s our situation. He could be our Pochettino
River Onsite
River Onsite 10 dagen geleden
I agree mate, potters a good choice. Nuno Espirito/ Eddie Howe/ someone without a ego that has managed in the prem before. All these big named experieneced managers would face da same problems dat arteta is now. Being a experienced manager doesnt always guarentee your going to win trophies at another club. Especially a rebuilding club like Arsenal. Recuritment needs to be looked at. And alot of these players need to be moved on and sold.
Chrissy B Imhotep
Chrissy B Imhotep 10 dagen geleden
Like the way how this guy speaks. AFTV need to get him on more often. But Arsenal fans are so gulable and naïve. We should march and campaign for big change at the club.
Conor Mcgregor
Conor Mcgregor 6 dagen geleden
Like when Turkish did and nobody had the balls to support him ? Everyone saying it was wrong of Turkish lmao 😂
Scuba gooner
Scuba gooner 9 dagen geleden
Listen to the same old Arsenal podcast-
Alexx Allert
Alexx Allert 10 dagen geleden
You will never do it stop talking
Yn0t.SentimentFC 10 dagen geleden
Make Pottsy a regular
C Davis
C Davis 10 dagen geleden
Very good summary Dan
C-LAW AFC 10 dagen geleden
Still tryna get over Cecil without the tash 😅🙏🏼❤ Respect tho as always
Gee HTH 9 dagen geleden
Man I have been watching these videos trying to work out what's different about this geezer. Can't even recognise him!
C-LAW AFC 10 dagen geleden
@Yn0t.SentimentFC trust me same 😅🙏🏼
Yn0t.SentimentFC 10 dagen geleden
5 video in I just noticed
Munards 10 dagen geleden
Dan from same old arsenal! Very cool to see him here too!
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya 10 dagen geleden
I wonder when we will get back to the glory days. I am waiting for that day to come
Jack Burgess
Jack Burgess 10 dagen geleden
Never under this manager and ownership
Arjun Dhahan
Arjun Dhahan 10 dagen geleden
DT beats his misses pass it on
Jack Burgess
Jack Burgess 10 dagen geleden
Chelsea fans racially abuse their players pass it on
Xtras E
Xtras E 10 dagen geleden
Stfu ur from India g
Arjun Dhahan
Arjun Dhahan 10 dagen geleden
Rip claude callegari
Christopher B
Christopher B 10 dagen geleden
stephen manley
stephen manley 10 dagen geleden
In the words of DT...BEHAVE U MUG
M 0380
M 0380 10 dagen geleden
Not even funny. Grow up
Mace Nixie
Mace Nixie 10 dagen geleden
Such a funny joke.... waste man
Arjun Dhahan
Arjun Dhahan 10 dagen geleden
Arjun Dhahan
Arjun Dhahan 10 dagen geleden