Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | TY Pays Tribute To His Friend Claude! 

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Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | TY Pays Tribute To His Friend Claude!
If you would like to donate towards supporting Claude's funeral, memorial and family, you can do so here:
(This is the official 'GoFundMe' page set-up by his family.)
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3 apr. 2021




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hakem bahoussain
hakem bahoussain 3 uur geleden
Rest in peace Claude absolute legend never be forgotten
Jack 12 uur geleden
Birmingham city fan massive respect to Arsenal t.v and R.I.P Claude. Proper fella
legalise spinning, flying & charging headbutts
legalise spinning, flying & charging headbutts
shoutout ty were 1:30 and hes sounded like fairly not delusional well done man im serious:
Jake E
Jake E 4 dagen geleden
Here's an idea... Claude & Ty - aminated series. Get to work on it
Jay 4 dagen geleden
“Ty chokes on DT’s willy” I’m sorry but everytime I watch a video with ty that comes to mind 😂
Neville Bartos
Neville Bartos 5 dagen geleden
Poor ty fiddling with his pocket zip really trying to hold it together rip Claude you was the guvnor gonna miss ya
Red pilling
Red pilling 5 dagen geleden
It’s time to go
Ethan Gunnett
Ethan Gunnett 5 dagen geleden
Guy shouldn't need to hold back tears like that.. you could tell how much he was holding back..
James Taylor
James Taylor 6 dagen geleden
RIP claude
A 6 dagen geleden
His fidgeting & tripping up on words is heart breaking. Football is everything to people, and to share that bond with someone then no longer have it, damn... feel for Ty. Even to show up takes a lot of courage in a time of grieving but it was only right he paid tribute on the place where it all started but for them it started long before. Bless up.
Justaar 6 dagen geleden
I think when fans are allowed back, we should have a minute silence for Claude. He poured his life in to Arsenal, it's the least the club and the fans can do.
T 6 dagen geleden
Claude will be missed - mufc fan
MadMike 22
MadMike 22 6 dagen geleden
Just shows you don’t have to agree with someone all the time to form a brotherly bond! RIP Claude, it was your time to go but you won’t be forgotten ❤️ YNWA 🔴🔴🔴🔴
Mark Rallis
Mark Rallis 6 dagen geleden
Not very articulate
Michael H
Michael H 7 dagen geleden
Blacks lives matters😂😂
Mario Kabasha
Mario Kabasha 7 dagen geleden
This is so sad to see TY like this 😢 💔 😞
PirateRadioDude 7 dagen geleden
Ty didnt even care for the game tbh, he sounds absolutely crushed. I hope he is okay.
mervyn iles
mervyn iles 7 dagen geleden
What ineloquent trash.
oun7es 7 dagen geleden
Too many men are taking their lives its actually worrying, we need to stay strong and look after echother. rest in peace Claude man. WHATS THAT ALL ABAAA, comedy gold, ill remember it for a long long time
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 7 dagen geleden
I knew Ty back in college about 30 years ago. We were best mates back then. He was a lovely decent genuine lad and I'm sure he still is.
Deano 7 dagen geleden
RIP Claude🙏🏼💙❤️
Tadiwa Chopamba
Tadiwa Chopamba 7 dagen geleden
Who disliked this video
Jack Wood
Jack Wood 7 dagen geleden
Poor Ty, you could hear the sadness in his voice... football wasn't on his mind Saturday night.
Lil Lotüs
Lil Lotüs 7 dagen geleden
Huh what does “black lives matter” have to do wit what he said
Alfie Ben
Alfie Ben 7 dagen geleden
rip claude
Plum 7 dagen geleden
you can tell that ty was distraught
David hughes
David hughes 7 dagen geleden
Arsenal are a mid table team currently have been for the last 5 years
Kameenah 7 dagen geleden
Claude, it was "time to go", will never be forgotten for your legendery interviews on AFTV, by far the best and most realistic views on Arsenal came from Claude.
A H 7 dagen geleden
robbie has blood on his hands.
Yasin Mohamed
Yasin Mohamed 5 dagen geleden
wrestlingp 7 dagen geleden
Ty's a good lad at heart.
enrikayxo 7 dagen geleden
Live and Learn
Live and Learn 7 dagen geleden
R.i.p Claude🙏🏻 from a Ajax fan
Aw. Tys a lovely guy
Carlos Tony
Carlos Tony 8 dagen geleden
True friends It’s really hard when lose a close friend. Condolences to TY
ekale ekwam jay
ekale ekwam jay 8 dagen geleden
Why on earth don't we have a natural replacement for no. 3 if we truly want to compete and win Trophies? The depth of this Team is not what we always see presented to us in training on selection that squad looks feeble minus Tierney,Saka and Smith. We have a goalkeeper who is clearly relaxed for lack of Competition. We have right backs who know They'll get chances on the Left somehow..and the 1st option is clearly made comfortable by this. Why are we playing AubA out of position?
L 8 dagen geleden
People up Claude now that he is gone and slag off Ty. These 2 guys are the REALEST people out there. They are fans that love their club wholeheartedly but express it differently. Stop hating Ty, he is one of the best things about this channel and one of their best people. Don't wait till he leaves the channel or whatever to say you love him.
4737Carlin 8 dagen geleden
I just heard one of my favourite lines from the legend who was referring to Ty standing next to him in 2016 'I mean take a look at him, the Gazidis dream team' RIP Claude
Inge R
Inge R 8 dagen geleden
I love you Claude because you loved arsenal. RIP.
Raga Muffin
Raga Muffin 8 dagen geleden
Does everyone else skip his garbage at the start!
Kash Mxney
Kash Mxney 8 dagen geleden
What garbage he’s literally just showing respect to people
DJ DQ 8 dagen geleden
Claude was an amazing man and u can see the pain in tys eyes I wish they had of been able to have one last show togeva RIP CLAUDE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brian P.
Brian P. 8 dagen geleden
Yeah....Ty definitely looks a bit lost without Claude.
Tom Andrews
Tom Andrews 8 dagen geleden
Ty gets made fun out of a lot but you can see he's a geninue stand up guy and obviously cared a lot for Claude. This was really moving to watch. Claude will be missed.
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto 8 dagen geleden
This match I got appendix operation after the operation finish at 1am.. awake at 3am watching this match..great gameplay at point..then Tierney injured..disaster
john moss
john moss 8 dagen geleden
From a Man Utd fan, respect and thoughts to Claude, watch the channel regularly, great show and always entertaining
Bradley Clutton
Bradley Clutton 8 dagen geleden
Hope you boys have got Ty’s back, his broken, bless you Ty
Tom M
Tom M 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude. Ty hope your ok 😥
Manchester United
Manchester United 8 dagen geleden
Ty is a top bloke. Absolutely class
Matt Howard
Matt Howard 8 dagen geleden
Ty I hope your OK man can feel the pain bro stay strong
Sean Jones
Sean Jones 8 dagen geleden
I used to hate Ty, I always thought it was an OTT act but over the last couple of years I realised he was just being himself. Yeah he's delusional but he's genuine. I think we can see here that he's distraught about Claude. Hope he's alright and pulls through.
LIVERBIRD 789 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude! YNWA
nikku red devil
nikku red devil 8 dagen geleden
Robbie never mentioned claude after he kicked him out untill he died pathetic
Sean Doyle
Sean Doyle 8 dagen geleden
The game was sh.t we passed the ball to the Liverpool players more than our own team. What the fun. Is goings-on supporters for over forty-five years never seen rather players give up so easily with .there must be something in the water
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson 8 dagen geleden
"Ty chokes on DT's willy, what's that all about" RIP Claude
Ben Fordslaw
Ben Fordslaw 8 dagen geleden
I hope it weighs heavy on them that they 'cancelled' their own friend and now hes dead.
Paul B
Paul B 8 dagen geleden
Shut up
Kush Karma
Kush Karma 8 dagen geleden
Man Ty really held it together here. Of all the people on AFTV I expected to break on camera, I thought it was Ty but he said some great words here with amazing composure. Big up Ty. RIP Claude. The realest and wisest
Sph Lopes
Sph Lopes 8 dagen geleden
Ty was really sad 😞😞
altma 8 dagen geleden
Very sorry to see these guys in such a state of pain.
Jman Utd 13
Jman Utd 13 8 dagen geleden
You can tell how genuinely tell how emotionally drained Ty is man. Rip Claude 🙏🏾
Brandon Saunders
Brandon Saunders 8 dagen geleden
Ty normally pisses me off but this interview changed my mind clearly a top bloke deep down RIP Claude the game won't be the same
UnseenSpirit 8 dagen geleden
People saying deep down Ty is a good guy? He was never a bad guy. Bad guys kill and make life hell for others. Ty is a passionate person who has strong views. We may not agree but it doesn't mean he is bad or whatever.
Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor 8 dagen geleden
He finally said Black Lives Matter right
JaysHub Footy
JaysHub Footy 8 dagen geleden
Yow Ty stay up for your pal Claude .......RIP Claude
pisstakecentral 8 dagen geleden
Why is troopz back in the UK if they aren't allowing flights???
DannyyK2 8 dagen geleden
Mate it's proper cut him deep. Newcastle fan but love Claude, him and Ty were fantastic, gonna be missed by the whole football community, rest in peace big man
MUFanTV 8 dagen geleden
I am a United fan but Claude made me subscribe to this channel. His legacy will live on. Sleep well brother, till we meet again
Teacher Zdenek
Teacher Zdenek 8 dagen geleden
I can't believe we'll never see another Ty versus Claude debate.
Bradolf Shitler
Bradolf Shitler 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude
Tarek Rahman
Tarek Rahman 8 dagen geleden
Claude & Ty changed football forever.
Chav Fishing
Chav Fishing 8 dagen geleden
You could always tell they got on from the way they spoke to each other. You could only have a go at a mate like that lol. RIP Claude should have never been booted off
Martin Burke
Martin Burke 8 dagen geleden
Don't know who Claude was but sorry to hear of his passing!! Respects and much sympathy from Bradford City
BMW S1000RR 8 dagen geleden
Luv ya ty
Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis 8 dagen geleden
Arteta out, sorry its time to go
Harley Krywoszej
Harley Krywoszej 8 dagen geleden
Ty looks absolutely crushed and sounds crushed RIP CLAUDE
Phil McKrakin
Phil McKrakin 8 dagen geleden
Faisal Chaudhary
Faisal Chaudhary 9 dagen geleden
Big up my brudda TY, he's a real one from day 1.
MarbleHalls TV
MarbleHalls TV 9 dagen geleden
big up Ty. RIP Claude. shame we'd never get to see you together again.
Ekumah Nang-Tege Daniel
Ekumah Nang-Tege Daniel 9 dagen geleden
Have anyone noticed what the absence of Xhaka made the team look like???
faisal sultan
faisal sultan 9 dagen geleden
It was his time to go.... Goodbye Sir. May you rest forever in peace.
Tony Ward
Tony Ward 9 dagen geleden
Arsenal to soft these players should be ashamed of them selfs arteta needs to go
Tom Mills
Tom Mills 9 dagen geleden
Beet 9 dagen geleden
Claude is probably Shouting from above at that performance lol😂😂😂
Okafor Chkwuemelie
Okafor Chkwuemelie 9 dagen geleden
I still can't believe it.. am a United fan but really love this platform Robbie. Claud, i will definitely miss him. Rest in perfect Peace my Brother.
Robert Sanger
Robert Sanger 9 dagen geleden
Take a knee for Claude ty ????????? Didn't think so
The One of the Claw
The One of the Claw 9 dagen geleden
3:33 Ty came this close to crying.
JR 9 dagen geleden
He sounds so upset.. Bless.
AMIR Amir 9 dagen geleden
Yo ty is still deluded even after the passing of Claude the legend, & Ty every life matters white black brown yellow green u name it , it matters. & big up the general public for saving the NHS not the other way around
GaryLinekersSpareRoom 9 dagen geleden
He wouldn’t have been moaning because you sacked the poor man. RIP
Dmd Says
Dmd Says 9 dagen geleden
Arsenal will get back in☺, praque will be a test, Liverpool have been world club cup winners then Bayern look at gnabry,
David Telfer
David Telfer 9 dagen geleden
This has really humanized TY, made him alot more likable, you can hear the pain in his voice
El Classics
El Classics 9 dagen geleden
Why you supporting Arteta. He is a midtable guy and he has made Arsenal a midtable team..
ewan bird
ewan bird 9 dagen geleden
Ty looks so upset he looks hurt and sound distraught this hurt me watching ty so sad rip Claude
RGB one
RGB one 9 dagen geleden
As Arsenal fan I am never seen Arsenal as yesterday 😥
AKA Berellas
AKA Berellas 9 dagen geleden
Great job Aftv. We have become attached to so many people unknown. TY is one of the best people I have seen
mcalpha3 9 dagen geleden
I wanted a comeback of Claude & Ty so much, when I found out about Claude's death I just couldn't believe it, even though it was obvious that he was struggling to cope with not being able to go to the football and his removal from AFTV. I always thought the series would one day return, one way or another. Such a downer. So cruel. RIP Claude.
zedd luciano
zedd luciano 9 dagen geleden
R.I.P Claude. You can hear the pain in Ty’s voice.
Badman No.1
Badman No.1 9 dagen geleden
Atleast Claude can rest now... Arsenal is a hard team support...
antwango 9 dagen geleden
like Klopp says its just a football game at the end of the day
Robbie 9 dagen geleden
Well done Ty legend
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