Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | This Was An Arteta Out Performance!! (Stricto) 

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Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | This Was An Arteta Out Performance!! (Stricto)
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3 apr. 2021




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Ibeh John
Ibeh John 7 dagen geleden
Saliba is playing well, Arteta sent him out
vicob2 7 dagen geleden
I love Stricto’s analysis. Always speaking my mind.
mikey mike
mikey mike 7 dagen geleden
Now you can all see it was a big mistake sacking wenger right ?
ZixZax Zol
ZixZax Zol 7 dagen geleden
Today he prove that he destroyed Õzil career. Do the math.
thian huat tan
thian huat tan 8 dagen geleden
To reduce the pain and agony, sack the Board and Director of football. The squad looks lopsided and total strangers. Best Manager can't do anything about it. Look, you can't talk until the cow come home, nothing gonna change, unless the board and DOF go.
JaysHub Footy
JaysHub Footy 8 dagen geleden
big Stricto
Junioreds j
Junioreds j 8 dagen geleden
This guy acc said it was poor from both sides 🤣🤣🤣🤣 did he even watch the game ? Ur deffo high
Junioreds j
Junioreds j 8 dagen geleden
This guy acc said it was poor from both sides 🤣🤣🤣🤣 did he even watch the game ? Ur deffo high
Philip Ohizu
Philip Ohizu 8 dagen geleden
Arteta is not a good enough coach for arsenal
john fortuna
john fortuna 8 dagen geleden
zab luoc
zab luoc 8 dagen geleden
When i saw how bad we were pressing Liverpool i was like hoo hoo.... We were always late on the ball and giving up too much space. You dont need to be a coach to see that. Also we are too slow moving forward, that's really depressing when you have players like Aubame and Pépé.
Leon Davis
Leon Davis 8 dagen geleden
Bang on stricto
berbashoot 8 dagen geleden
"Go there and f*** up" love stricto
wayne calame
wayne calame 8 dagen geleden
sorry, I have to base Liverpool's misfortune on injuries. Arsenal makes so many excuses, going back to as long as I can recall.
D R 9 dagen geleden
We may play sik at times and beat teams with ease, we also have these performances in us at least 10 times every season! We aint changed fam. Got too many crap players in team and will have for years to come, as long as we have this owner 👍🏼🙏🏼👊🏼
Amged Fraik
Amged Fraik 9 dagen geleden
Cecil thinking Liverpool were poor man needs to wake up from the matrix of arsenal fan delusion
Amged Fraik
Amged Fraik 9 dagen geleden
Liverpool were poor what is this fool chatting about
Jamal Samatar
Jamal Samatar 9 dagen geleden
"pass it and in sha Allah"
123 456
123 456 9 dagen geleden
Cant believe how biased this channel is about saying Liverpool were poor just arsenal were poorer ahahahhs no lads they played youse off the park !!!
Daddyori clarks Aka YoYo
Daddyori clarks Aka YoYo 9 dagen geleden
We fans were just putting in a spliff in less then 10 min
ptrim1902 9 dagen geleden
It's not working. Another worse performance. Another worst performance! No team plays like that in the prem. Shameful. Got some bad news too. Expect no turn around! Arteta cannot do it. I like the guy but....I no longer believe in him after that display.
George 9 dagen geleden
If yall did your research Liverpool have won 9 of their last 10 away games.
George 9 dagen geleden
In what world were Liverpool poor 😂😂 was a clinic, arsenal didn’t get out of their half.
Ryan Stockley
Ryan Stockley 9 dagen geleden
Auba the ref and bellerin should form a boy band
E P 9 dagen geleden
Guess you were watching the game with your eyes closed. Great performance by Liverpool especially at The Emirates. Liverpool had only one agenda, win the game and take the 3 points.
Mohammed Mahmood
Mohammed Mahmood 9 dagen geleden
Mike Concepcion
Mike Concepcion 9 dagen geleden
Arteta Masterclass
David Hardie
David Hardie 9 dagen geleden
Liverpool getting slapped ha we just slapped u silly
Josh Whaite
Josh Whaite 10 dagen geleden
“It was poor from both sides” how do you score 3, keep a clean sheet and have 70% possession and play poor loool
Richard Singh
Richard Singh 10 dagen geleden
We were poor, LFC were in the driving seat all game
Tahmedur Rahman
Tahmedur Rahman 10 dagen geleden
The thing is Arsenal fans wanted Wenger out who finished 5th, Emery out who finished 6th. Meanwhile, Arteta is sitting 9th with a huge chance of dropping below 10th
sarfeastlondoner 9 dagen geleden
10th now..
Raymond Battersby
Raymond Battersby 10 dagen geleden
This was not just poor but showed an endemic lack of ability and commitment. We have no leaders and that player who was the captain has so devalued that position and shirt he should not play for the rest of the season.
Oluwafemi Olagunju
Oluwafemi Olagunju 10 dagen geleden
Arteta is lucky fans are not in the stadium this period.
Ice Bless
Ice Bless 10 dagen geleden
Curtis you are a cully bud, to say liverpool was poor, they made us look like a 3rd division team. Aubameyang is finish here bro. He started to play like Ozil, pepe now should go. Arteta need to go he is not good enough. Poor poor playing out from the back even when we are 3 down.
anny 11
anny 11 10 dagen geleden
When man went into chambers I was dead🤣
John Dapper
John Dapper 10 dagen geleden
Poor from both sides? Deluded
Banele Kenqa
Banele Kenqa 10 dagen geleden
Stricto is not wack. Don't be silly...
Folarin Segun
Folarin Segun 10 dagen geleden
People are making this mistake always arsenal are no longer a big club that's the fact
gershon Swartz
gershon Swartz 10 dagen geleden
These guys know nothing about football I just wasted a few min of my life 🤣
gershon Swartz
gershon Swartz 10 dagen geleden
Poor from Both sides !!? Rubbish liverpool killed yous ..Liverpool DOMINATING ...we back!!and NO this was not an Arteta out display patient with the guy ..Reminder yous were playing liverpool
Airmax90_king 10 dagen geleden
People saying we were shocking today.....not in my eyes because I expect this team to perform like this all the time now.
UnKnown Moe
UnKnown Moe 10 dagen geleden
I've agreed with Stricto all along. This manager isn't good enough.
David Smith
David Smith 10 dagen geleden
We didn’t play out the back today we played it long and kept losing the ball. What game were you watching? I was shouting at my tv to play it out the back and pass through the middle.
David Smith
David Smith 9 dagen geleden
@Omar Percell First half was all kick it long and lose the ball, rinse and repeat. Probably to avoid the mistakes we’ve been making. Maybe that changed in the second half. But first half showed that we can’t go long, nobody can win the ball.
Omar Percell
Omar Percell 10 dagen geleden
When Gabriel gave it away for their goal. I'd say that was us trying to play it out the back
Az Raai
Az Raai 10 dagen geleden
Looks like Arteta is career as Arsenal Head Coach is hanging by a thread. The only thing stop him from the exit door is the Europa Cup. I told u Holding and Ceballos arent good enough. Plus Tierney's injury killed us too. We need a new LB backup and that is Nuno Mendes. Aubameyang was off position. He is not a winger.
Udaco 10 dagen geleden
End of the season, we should review which is the worst performance. I bet we can't even pick one because half of it was terrible.
Udaco 10 dagen geleden
Please don't play Ceballos anymore. He is very poor since the 1st leg against Olympiakos until now. Why Arteta keep on playing him? Odegaard thinks twice to come to Arsenal on a permanent basis with this type of defending. Chambers was okay. All their goals came from the left. Chambers was able to stop the attacks from the right. At least Mane and Robertson were been held quite okay from the right side. Last time, Mane and Robertson were bullying Bellerin.
Chris 10 dagen geleden
Phillips and Kabak are Mustafi level? Both are better than Arsenal’s best CB Gabriel.
Alexx Allert
Alexx Allert 10 dagen geleden
Sheffield United will never play this bad? They lost 5-0 to Leicester before the break
Natnaeal Mergia
Natnaeal Mergia 10 dagen geleden
Ceballos is going to struggle again at Real Madrid He won’t get into the stating 11 next season. 😂😂😂😂
Natnaeal Mergia
Natnaeal Mergia 10 dagen geleden
I feel like Arteta has a problem with Martinelli he can’t even give him a start.
John Hibbert
John Hibbert 10 dagen geleden
Too many nice guys in this team continually getting picked by this nice guy manager..I've got nothing personal against any of them..It's just that they simply are not good enough for the level i want my team to be at.
Hype Beastreet
Hype Beastreet 10 dagen geleden
Travis Scott can sing and make good shoes but he cannot play football. I blamed Arteta for this
15kixot 10 dagen geleden
Stricto right to use the dominatrix word - teams be coming to the Emirates and doing BDSM on us - leash and all 😑
Stricto strict
Stricto strict 9 dagen geleden
Andy_B 10 dagen geleden
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Stricto buried me today with laughter with this. "bare passing and Inshallah" 🤣🤣 I'M DONE
Next Gen Ownage
Next Gen Ownage 7 dagen geleden
@Stricto strict He gets alot of love from fans because he is no longer that player that you think he is now. Just like Eleny he has come a hell of a long way from when he joined us. Despite being constantly played out of position, he was our best defender by a country mile during the Emery and begining of the Arteta periods before his injury. He wasn't voted Fulham's player of the season for no reason, half of our squad would go in that Fulham squad and simply just blend in. Arteta should really give him a chance to play as a DM mainly with Partey and use him as CB cover and not RB if we have to many injuries or out of form players in that position. But that is just my opinion.
Stricto strict
Stricto strict 8 dagen geleden
@Next Gen Ownage I dont see it..I really dont see this love for chambers has a defender..he should've been sold years just for his injury record let alone his defensive I.Q
Next Gen Ownage
Next Gen Ownage 8 dagen geleden
@Stricto strict Though you're extremely harsh on Chambers. He's a good defender that's had waaaaay more good performances over the last few years than bad. He just lacks pace.
Stricto strict
Stricto strict 9 dagen geleden
Where the lie?
Next Gen Ownage
Next Gen Ownage 9 dagen geleden
Timbone 10 dagen geleden
It's all Ozil's fault lol 70 goals a season from Unai Emery 40 goals this season by Arteta according to a fan here
Jordan Delurey
Jordan Delurey 10 dagen geleden
Worst champions are ye for real 😂😂😂😂 yer last league title you've never finished above fourth yer not even a big club anymore the Emirates is the easiest for an easy 3 points people love playing arsenal
George 9 dagen geleden
worst champions apparently yet leicester and chelsea finished 10th and 12th after they won it yet liverpool can still finish top 4 and win a CL. these guys just follow the hyperbole i swear down
Tommy Morgan
Tommy Morgan 10 dagen geleden
Dominatrix? What was he watching?
kalid kader
kalid kader 10 dagen geleden
Xhaka would of made no difference in this game.
Welshy King
Welshy King 10 dagen geleden
Cecil had a great performance for West Brom today is the only positive!
Soner Ali
Soner Ali 10 dagen geleden
Stricto said a key word when he said we were kind of hoping something might happen, hoping but no real believe.
Dessi Paris3
Dessi Paris3 10 dagen geleden
As i say we need to sold and loan 21 of these players Laca Willian Pepe Eddie Nelson Willock Ansely Matteo Torreria Elneny Xhaka Kolasinac Mari Chambers Bellerin Macey Rurasson Luiz Dani Odegard ........................ Keep Auba Martinelli Saka Esr Partey Tierney Gabi Siliba Mavapanos Cedric Leno .......................... Buy Depay free Edouard 35 mill Grealish 70 mill Aoura 45 mill Ndidi 45 mill Bissouma 30 mill Bertrand free Kulibali 50 mill Pereira 30 mill Pope 20 mill
msdazzle 10 dagen geleden
Stricto is too funny man.
JanuMeza 10 dagen geleden
Jesus Christ stricto we scored 3 goals I agree first half we were poor but we did not have a bad game
frank xavier
frank xavier 10 dagen geleden
dominatrix? looool
Jim Richards
Jim Richards 10 dagen geleden
“Poor from both sides”? I want whatever he’s smoking
bassey obiosio
bassey obiosio 10 dagen geleden
To solve arsenals problem is easy: get rid of the core in the dressing room(auba, laca, bellerin, holding, chambers, pepe,willian,ceballos) and replace them with a new core with hunger ( saka, martinelli, tierney, guendouzi, balogun, Gabriel, saliba, dinos, esr, azeez, cottrell, kido, reiss, nketiah, moller, etc.) And sprinkle them with some quality signings to help( odegaard, bissouma, lamptey or hakimi, eduoard, maignan, auor, buendia, betrand, etc.) And keep certain players that show high professionalism( elneny xhaka, mari)....a similar January clearout is needed
Ante Filipović
Ante Filipović 10 dagen geleden
You are not playing career mode or ultimate team. It doesnt work like that. You cant just put another player instead. You need chemistry between players. Like when someone is behind and you can feel him by the way he runs or you already know each others playing style. You also need friendship for great succsess not just individual quality. Then the thing about selling auba. Where is your respect towards auba who carried your club for the past 2 years and was also one of the best players in the league? Ffs he rejected my team to stay in yours which is million times worse. You are completely clueless.
bassey obiosio
bassey obiosio 10 dagen geleden
These young guys will battle it out and the elite will separate from the good and the good will separate from the average
Meliz Hamdan
Meliz Hamdan 10 dagen geleden
Poor performance from arsenal as always! Not Liverpool!
Mumenie Bangura
Mumenie Bangura 10 dagen geleden
Y’all put respect on xhaka name
Mal Dev
Mal Dev 10 dagen geleden
I think we should have kept guendouzi,atleast he had heart for the team
Jamster 9 dagen geleden
@Joe Houston just paper talk mate, we don't need buendia anyway
Joe Houston
Joe Houston 10 dagen geleden
@Jamster You're begging Norwich City for Buendia.. Chill 😂
Jamster 10 dagen geleden
@Joe Houston guendouzi wouldn't even get into Brighton's team so relax
Joe Houston
Joe Houston 10 dagen geleden
@Delirious User Gnabry wasn't "good" enough for West Brom on loan aged 21.. Sucks for Arsenal 🤣
Delirious User
Delirious User 10 dagen geleden
@Joe Houston he’s not even good enough for Hertha Berlin And you could make the case for Bournemouth being better than Hertha Berlin
HOPE GAMING 10 dagen geleden
Unai Emery full season: 70 goals scored Mickey L full season: 40 goals scored with 8 games to go.
HOPE GAMING 5 dagen geleden
@Anthony Jackson It is because the fans aren’t allowed in the stadium
Timbone 7 dagen geleden
@New Tide Haha you are hilarious. I have had this argument already and verified it. Thiago at Liverpool in his last year at Bayern had zero goals and assists. If you think he is not a playmaker then you don't know football. Your stats are rubbish and flat out lies since I am confirmed it already when someone else brought it up. Stop surrounding yourself in an echo chamber. If you want to use a correct stat it's called PRE ASSIST. I am muting you. I am not going to partake in an argument that will just make me dumber lol
New Tide
New Tide 7 dagen geleden
@Timbone Iwobi was higher than Ozil when it came to big chances created. Ozil only created 3 big chances in 2 years under Emery and Arteta combined. Big chances> chances created
Timbone 7 dagen geleden
@New Tide Goals and wins dried up and he had to bring Ozil in. What would have made your case is if you compare goals/chances created before and after Ozil. Fun fact: Ozil tops chances created stats during his time in the premier league
New Tide
New Tide 7 dagen geleden
And he got us scoring 70 goals without Ozil for 50% of the season
Solomon Joseph
Solomon Joseph 10 dagen geleden
Arsenal is not a top team anymore take it or leave it
NikoSZN 10 dagen geleden
Poor from us today but stricto said total DOMINATRIX 😂😂😂 wrong word bruv
Stricto strict
Stricto strict 9 dagen geleden
Jay79 Miah
Jay79 Miah 10 dagen geleden
"Should've gone to specsavers" if you were watching the same game..!! How were Liverpool poor..?
A Kay
A Kay 10 dagen geleden
Arteta out. Cecil out
Bruno Koech
Bruno Koech 10 dagen geleden
True sheffield atleast are going out strongly than this clowns poooooooooor performance from a Travis Scott wannabe
Future Shock
Future Shock 10 dagen geleden
Arsenal is that team tho, we know this - whether you're a player or a team if you're playing bad go play Arsenal and you'll start firing again
Adam jr.
Adam jr. 10 dagen geleden
Just Bear pass and Insha Allah 😂
N25 African
N25 African 10 dagen geleden
Hey let me correct you on your opening statement, Liverpool was never poor alright son, rest in peace BOSS MAN CLAUDE
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL
Today Arseanal 😂😂... hopefully it's tottenham tomorrow to make me laughwank again to bits...dem north London clubs, the gift that keeps on givin..👏🤣
Herschelle Benting
Herschelle Benting 10 dagen geleden
Lol poor from both sides Liverpool nullified Arsenal did their game plan to perfection bossed the game and won three zero poor from both sides my ass cheeks
Herschelle Benting
Herschelle Benting 10 dagen geleden
Lol poor from both sides Liverpool nullified Arsenal did their game plan to perfection bossed the game and won three zero poor from both sides my ass cheeks
Lionel Sheja
Lionel Sheja 10 dagen geleden
The worst champions ever?? What a load of bullshit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Stricto is up on some bullshit with his Liverpool analysis.
Dee Ray
Dee Ray 10 dagen geleden
How is Arteta still gettin the blame though? 🤦‍♂️ he played our best possible team, yet it's Arteta out? What about Auba out? Pepe out? Smh, i don't get it.
YESH_GAMING 10 dagen geleden
Lol keep on blaming the managers, I've watched arsenal get slapped by Liverpool and Man city over 3 managers. Our problems are bigger than managerial
Kaz William
Kaz William 10 dagen geleden
GABONNESE flip flop Auba at his best again. Well have to blame inexperienced coach .
louis2712l 10 dagen geleden
Poor from both sides 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dean Andersen
Dean Andersen 10 dagen geleden
Worse than emery
Ethan Power
Ethan Power 10 dagen geleden
Poor from both sides? What match was he watching?
Donald McPhee
Donald McPhee 10 dagen geleden
Liverpool are a great time going through a dark time. Talk about them with respect.
Me Only
Me Only 10 dagen geleden
Stricto one minutes silence for you when you pass away ok .
Stuart Lakey
Stuart Lakey 10 dagen geleden
Holding and Chambers are Park players. Ceballos back to Madrid.
Earth Extremities
Earth Extremities 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude 😥😪
Reme's A
Reme's A 10 dagen geleden
Rip Claude 🕊️
CLIPPED 10 dagen geleden
I cannot belive arsenal gave Holding a contract, i like gabriel but with holding they are a terrible duo, sell holding asap
Julian 10 dagen geleden
The worst PL champions with half their team out all season. Thanks for that!
Hasan Ramzan
Hasan Ramzan 10 dagen geleden
What does he mean don’t play out and just kick it long? Kick it long to Auba and Laca who won’t win the header, then the opponents have the ball again. I swear some fans don’t understand football.
Unbearable 2020
Unbearable 2020 10 dagen geleden
Poor from both sides 🤣🤣🤣 you didn't lay a glove on us
Reme's A
Reme's A 10 dagen geleden
Seriously poor from both sides? Common stop this delusion bro.
Rob Servant
Rob Servant 10 dagen geleden
Our performance was more shocking than Aubameyang's hair.
mark clayton
mark clayton 10 dagen geleden
Problem with you guys is you really do not understand football, this was a dead game for Arsenal, not Liverpool, they were playing for champs league, were playing for mid table, Thursday is more important than tonight, wake up Arteta knockers, especially you two in this ignorant chat...