Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | The Old Arsenal Is Back! (Turkish) 

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Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | The Old Arsenal Is Back! (Turkish)
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3 apr. 2021




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Leigh Lindsay
Leigh Lindsay 5 dagen geleden
The damaged burglar ordinarily mine because help subsequently bare like a assorted period. chemical, rapid red
M KC 5 dagen geleden
Turkish : im not worried about slavia prague.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alfred Smith
Alfred Smith 5 dagen geleden
Let's sing another song boys, this one has grown old and bitter. ( Leonard Cohen)
TASHI TENZING 5 dagen geleden
Turkish spitting facts.
William Cummings
William Cummings 6 dagen geleden
Robbie's still kidding himself Liverpool weren't on the beach when you won that game last season
Maxwell Foxwood
Maxwell Foxwood 7 dagen geleden
A bit confused. On the one hand, Turkish wants us to be realistic about a poor result at home against Liverpool but to demand a high standard of performance when we play Slavia Praha?
justice chad
justice chad 7 dagen geleden
if up to turkish he will spend Billion every year to Buy players business wise is not work that way sorry
Ismael Rivera
Ismael Rivera 7 dagen geleden
All of Turkish points indicate we simply don't have the squad to compete. I've agreed and we all know that as soon as ESR and Saka were on the field at the same time we've been way better since boxing day. Having Martin now helps a lot too but, we missed too much quality. Liverpool for some weird reason decided to play the best pressing game they've had all season too, it was madness from them out there. Pepe is too one-footed to deal with three players on him, Auba isn't that kind of player, and what's Laca going to do on his own? The ball didn't progress past the back four at times, crazy.
houssam h
houssam h 7 dagen geleden
Great analysis from turkish
Tomaž Jordan
Tomaž Jordan 7 dagen geleden
Miss Cloude to explain us wtf happened to Arsenal... Him and Robie put this chanel on the map.. rip... Love Turkish doe.
Tasty 7 dagen geleden
*They never left.*
Luke Q
Luke Q 8 dagen geleden
Arteta and his poor defensive tactics, jobs too big for him, get rid
Andrei Macarov
Andrei Macarov 8 dagen geleden
Guuuys, you are so mistaken about Slavia Prague! I leave in Prague and I know this team. I've been visiting their games often before the pandemics. In the past few years they've knocked out Sevilla from the Europa league, gave a tough fight against Chelsea. Last year in the Champions league they played in group against Barcelona, Inter and Dortmund..and played good! This year outlclassed Leister, outclassed Rangers and lead in Czech League by 14 points!! 20 wins, 5 draws. Not a single defeat there! Cmon, be real about them! I do believe, that Slavia is the favorite in this draw..not Arsenal, unfortunately. Turkish was afraid of Villareal?...well, then you've got to be afraid of Slavia, because at the moment they are way better, than Unai Emery's squad or Arsenal.
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 8 dagen geleden
Turkish a stand up guy who speaks alot of sense. R.I.P. Claude YNWA.
Sashah Soheili
Sashah Soheili 8 dagen geleden
Serves you right AFTV making fun of us Spurs fans.
Matthew Mensah
Matthew Mensah 8 dagen geleden
Im such a big fan of Turkish.. Always talking facts and in a way that its hard for anyone to argue against. 90% of Real Arsenal fans would agree with this Gent every time,
Colin Seymour
Colin Seymour 8 dagen geleden
I'm too tired to bloody well care,period
MARK Chandler
MARK Chandler 8 dagen geleden
AW worst season is still better than the last two managers....
Dj Mendez Kenya
Dj Mendez Kenya 8 dagen geleden
We've players with the most disgusting mentality ever!!
Ran Dolph
Ran Dolph 8 dagen geleden
The realest guy on AFTV! The only time Arsenal beat Liverpool was when liverpool had already won the league....TRUTH!
scott micheal walsh
scott micheal walsh 8 dagen geleden
Bro,s for about 5 years were been beating you,s handily 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 we scored 3 or more and won the games easily theres a great fan channel AFTV were you can see videos of Arsenal fans freaking out as we hand Arsenal another L, Every business decision at Arsenal for the last 5 years has been a disaster bang average manager bang average squad bang average business dealings bang average results = 10th
B S 8 dagen geleden
Hahaha arsenal fans get used to it this is your level now sit in purgatory for a couple season and then come back😂😘
Liam Miner
Liam Miner 8 dagen geleden
2015? I think this has gone on since at least 2011. Arsenal have had a soft "spine", a soft underbelly, a soft defense, since at least the Koscielny-Szczesny debacle vs. Birmingham City. We have been saying this for over a DECADE now.
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed 8 dagen geleden
The old arsenal is back did it go away?
Bri Corley95
Bri Corley95 8 dagen geleden
As a Liverpool fan I'd love to meet Turkish and just talk about football, seems like a genuinely nice guy
Liam Gainford
Liam Gainford 8 dagen geleden
The realest one on the Channel , Big up Turkish
Nayv Ent.
Nayv Ent. 9 dagen geleden
Robbie crying throughout the interview. Trying to direct the mind frame lol. Don't forget your interviewing after games mate not discussing. Turkish is right, how dare you think we can cream Liverpool chasing top for with Jürgen Klopp as manager. Get real. We are carrying Auba, we got no chance.
dre santorini
dre santorini 9 dagen geleden
Liverpool without gomez matip van dijk Henderson also
Say Nothing
Say Nothing 9 dagen geleden
Great to have turkish on here
Daavid Gooner Hislop
Daavid Gooner Hislop 9 dagen geleden
Love Turkish. Always a sensible, balanced view!
Pasanga fav msq
Pasanga fav msq 9 dagen geleden
I'm not surprised at all. Remember Baku? we are the worst UEL finalist ever.
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson 9 dagen geleden
Turkish is fantastic at expressing the truth to be honest his the only one I listen to
The Poltical One
The Poltical One 9 dagen geleden
They never left
Charlie Echo
Charlie Echo 9 dagen geleden
Alternative Facts
Alternative Facts 9 dagen geleden
Last season you beat a Liverpool that was pissed from winning the league. They where so drunk they even took the hangover in to the following season and still got spanked . Got violated by a drunk man in a brass gaff
Gd2knw 9 dagen geleden
Arsenal getting knocked out on Thursday and we can focus on Formula 1 👍🤣😂
Darshananth Jayaraman
Darshananth Jayaraman 9 dagen geleden
Partey is overated....
Starskii Ranger
Starskii Ranger 9 dagen geleden
Robbie loves comparing other teams... your arsenal and your dead... team full of Europa League players... understand and respect it
Tafsear Munear
Tafsear Munear 9 dagen geleden
Looool the old Arsenal we’re decent ur meedy now
wasupm 9 dagen geleden
If Turkish says he aint worried about Slavia, that’s worrying. He’s saying we “SHOULD” win it. But if we keep playing like this, we’ll get steam rolled 👀👀👀
Sophie Lopez
Sophie Lopez 9 dagen geleden
RIP Claude 🕯
Sophie Lopez
Sophie Lopez 9 dagen geleden
The only player who showed intensity was Martinelli, he should of been in the starting line-up.
B PT 9 dagen geleden
Dominic Matraxia
Dominic Matraxia 9 dagen geleden
Turkish is the only one who speaks what we all know . RIP 🙏Claude once a gooner always a gooner
Robert Simba
Robert Simba 9 dagen geleden
Am tired of commenting....I rather watch comedy than watch arsenal frustrate me daily
Ish 1993
Ish 1993 9 dagen geleden
This is a clone Turkish! He’s not the guy that’s always know arsenal is poor!
Jugdish Seeckun
Jugdish Seeckun 9 dagen geleden
Hi. Tukish how many years we have to sit down and see all these shits.....
Ziyad Essam
Ziyad Essam 9 dagen geleden
Love Stricto, Turkish, and Moh
Signals927 9 dagen geleden
Auba is becoming a worry no input at all.
Wilson Lwando
Wilson Lwando 9 dagen geleden
This had sense
Raymond Christian
Raymond Christian 9 dagen geleden
we NEED AMN & MARTINEZ may be those 2 will help us beat teams again...
Lucky Boyitie
Lucky Boyitie 9 dagen geleden
Arsenal is too big for Mikel Arteta to manage, He should be our assistant coach. Arsenal is not a Club where coach should be learning.
Agim Halili
Agim Halili 9 dagen geleden
ur a good man , turkish
Jack A
Jack A 9 dagen geleden
Please the Arsenal Women should play their home games at the Emirates. The Arsenal men should play their home games on the training ground. Thanks
Mr EnvY
Mr EnvY 9 dagen geleden
The gift that never stops giving. 😂😂😂😂
HAPISOL 9 dagen geleden
Gabriel was and had always been solid until the calamity of the combination of Holding and Chambers. This is what happens when you’re surrounded by MEDIOCRE players. Smh!
Ryan Stockley
Ryan Stockley 9 dagen geleden
Lovely words Turkish and lovely to see U in the studio
Kerima Mekubo
Kerima Mekubo 9 dagen geleden
I think I saw Turkish in Afghanistan while on tour
Journey With Ed
Journey With Ed 9 dagen geleden
The mandem are back. Troops, Turkish and Dt. Troops should stay in UK his channel has dead views and Za don't have a clue what he's talking about. He belongs on AFTV bro
The PlayerFromSlovakia
The PlayerFromSlovakia 9 dagen geleden
FC Midtjylland beat them 5-2 summer 2020, how the f can we be scared of them?!??!
Luke Picc
Luke Picc 9 dagen geleden
The old Arsenal is back? They never left..
Ross Coupland
Ross Coupland 9 dagen geleden
Arsen Wenger got top 4 every year and the fans wanted more and look now ???manager must go ?players not good enough?
Ross Coupland
Ross Coupland 9 dagen geleden
RIP big man ❣
Jyde Ade
Jyde Ade 9 dagen geleden
Last season Liverpool were still hung over from title celebrations.
FrankNitty 3000
FrankNitty 3000 9 dagen geleden
If you Vultron Giroud and Aubameyang you get ONE bangin’ striker. Auba gets goals and offers nothing else. Giroud offers a lot but doesn’t find the net. Funny. But time to sell Auba. Sorry.
pallyali786 9 dagen geleden
Where is Kenny Ken
Mohammed Mahmood
Mohammed Mahmood 9 dagen geleden
Where was the pride of our players?? We didn't fight for this game
englishmanspeaks 9 dagen geleden
So you're worried about Villareal but forgot about Ajax, Roma and Man United who are all bigger threats? Villareal? 5th in La Liga! It's just absolute bollocks talk.
englishmanspeaks 9 dagen geleden
Too much praise for Liverpool from AFTV. They have been absolute dog shite all season, got a spanking off City, United, Villa and Chelsea, and they are going to win absolutely nothing and finish outside the top 4. You got beat off a shite team, that's all.
G B 9 dagen geleden
We are now faced with the possibility of both Luiz and Tierney being out for our UEL quarters and semis should we progress. Arteta has some serious thinking to do. We don't have natural cover at left back and no surprise that as Tierney went off all 3 Liverpool goals came down that side against Cedric. I would revert to Saka at left back moving forward and Marí has to play, Holding is not good enough as that right sided CB. Everyone pretending he is can stop with the English bias
Gini The Dragon 20
Gini The Dragon 20 9 dagen geleden
RIP the fans legend YNWA
Lwandile Dlambulo
Lwandile Dlambulo 9 dagen geleden
Good to see Turkish in the building. Missed seeing him.
nick wilson
nick wilson 9 dagen geleden
We was better when Bendtner was up front
Sultan Abdi
Sultan Abdi 9 dagen geleden
We miss Ozil
One love World
One love World 9 dagen geleden
Gabriel work hard it’s the best I saw him defend tbh Pepe work partey was working odagaard and tierney that’s the reason why we lost. Because there’s only half of the team playing out there the rest is just a act of drama but there just not good enough and mickel is to be blame for the poor starting eleven, stop using players that keep letting you down over and over again 😩😩😩what’s wrong with this guy
Aj Lfc
Aj Lfc 9 dagen geleden
Robbie you couldn’t even get the ball of us it was a master class in football an just wait till nxt season when all our injured players are back
R Taylor
R Taylor 9 dagen geleden
You only beat us last season by luck and we give it to you. We were all over you in that last season game.
Farid fa
Farid fa 9 dagen geleden
The problem is Arteta, he is too young for Arsenal.
Sam West
Sam West 9 dagen geleden
No Robbie last season You was lucky You had 3 shots in the whole game and scored 2 Liverpool battered You, it was just one of them games.
Sam Iyke
Sam Iyke 9 dagen geleden
LOSERS ! CLUELESS PLAYERS AND MEDIOCRE MANAGER. 1. LENO can never lead Arsenal...he is not a real German. A slovak cannot be or perform like a real German. 2. The 2 English players .. Chambers and Holdings are playing because they are English not because they merited it. PABLO MARI FAR MORE BETTER and Experienced then GABRIEL. 3. Pepe can never lead Arsenal to be a top team neither can he decide top matches. 4. AUBA is only a show man...more concerned and cars and looks make noise in the dressing room or showing wallow mouth is DIFFERENT FROM LEADING A TEAM. Finqlky, ARTETA is a mediocre coach...confused!.
Vincenzo Pasha
Vincenzo Pasha 9 dagen geleden
LOOOL liverpool were drunk last season they didnt give a fcvk. This performance has been seen over and over again
TheMuzikall 9 dagen geleden
Terrible performance Today????...we have been Terrible all season!!!..we have been behind West Ham all season....Arterta is the Elephant in the Room!!!
chidubem okwuchukwu
chidubem okwuchukwu 9 dagen geleden
Why isn't Nelson playing
chidubem okwuchukwu
chidubem okwuchukwu 9 dagen geleden
Bring on Martinelli and Nelson earlier
Mando Mando
Mando Mando 9 dagen geleden
Turkish finally in the studio
G B 9 dagen geleden
No ESR and no Saka = nothing going forward. Unbelievable that we rely on 2 youngsters like that. And for all the flaws of Luiz and Xhaka the team looks really poor without them playing. And Ryan has to be tried in goal now, Leno is in shocking form.
SeanLondon 9 dagen geleden
Have missed Turkish spittin out facts 👏🏽
DAVID OTIENO 9 dagen geleden
Play Cedric at the right back. He did much more when he came on
DAVID OTIENO 9 dagen geleden
We missed Xhaka as much as we think he is not good enough.
Rashied183 9 dagen geleden
people do not realize what he does for the team cause they all "understand" football
Farhan Wakil
Farhan Wakil 10 dagen geleden
Claude stand in Emirates would be cool
Borat Kazakistan
Borat Kazakistan 10 dagen geleden
Holding-Ceballos-Auba should not be playing!
Erron Brown
Erron Brown 10 dagen geleden
Old Arsenal would be in top four, y’all hypocrites. You were all wrong
mr4string 10 dagen geleden
Robbie deluding himself thinking that Liverpool cared about those 100 points. Liverpool had just won the League for the first time in 30 years. First Title in the PL era. They where on the beach the moment that title was won. Only game they got out of second gear for after that title win was chelsea. Didnt want to lose the game just before lifting the trophy. Every other game Liverpool coasted through. Arsenal fans were deluding themselves (as per usual) claiming Arteta had 'worked klopp out' Looking at fairly recent results without properly looking at the context around them. The hard facts are, with one of the worst injury crisis's in the history of the prem, Liverpool were still above arsenal in the table and SLAPPED them 3-0 without breaking a sweat. Turkish is talking absolute facts. Going into this game with such high confidence and arrogance was not only foolish, but ultimately embarrassing. There was literally no reason for Arsenal fans to feel so confident going into it either seeing as they also had key injuries in defence. Happens all too often with AFTV and Arsenal Fans in general. Watched Robbie, Pippa and White Yardie talking absolute nonsense on KOPISH's channel previewing this game. Robbie : "Pepe has end product and will cause you problems". Yardie : "Allison will get nutmegged". Pepe was anonymous, and Leno gets Nutmegged by Salah. Just embarrassing. This is why Arsenal have become a Banter Club.
patrick sterling
patrick sterling 10 dagen geleden
Forget about the Europa League, it ain’t happening.. all because we couldn’t call on Saka or ESR? And before anyone pipes up, if Xhaka is the answer, what the *%^# is the question? Arteta’’s got another season at least, let’s see what he can do with it.. still plenty of deadwood to remove
Matin 10 dagen geleden
I love turk man🤟🏽💯
Jon Abraham
Jon Abraham 10 dagen geleden
U where made to look like boys Liverpool are galaxies ahead of gunners even with out some of our players
Elgon M
Elgon M 10 dagen geleden
Robbie, yes, you are being stupid , if you thought this performance was not coming, you really are deluded, btw love Turkish and his sensible comments
Bare Knuckle Talk
Bare Knuckle Talk 10 dagen geleden
That last victory in 2015 was a Wenger masterclass! Alexis Sanchez was running the show.
Youry Descardes
Youry Descardes 10 dagen geleden
I wonder how tall Turkish is? He looks takker than Robbie
Abdikafar Abdi
Abdikafar Abdi 10 dagen geleden
Y’all still wanna trust the progress
Alen Setka
Alen Setka 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude from Liverpool fans
Gini The Dragon 20
Gini The Dragon 20 9 dagen geleden
Syabonga Gumbi
Syabonga Gumbi 10 dagen geleden
everyone is so negative..Liverpool were on their A game..we stood no chance in that game..not because we gave no fight to liverpool..they were just batter then us ..accept and move..dont try to sum up our season on one game...move on..the are still games to play..not every team we are going to play are liverpool ...that was a super perfomance from liverpool..they gave us no chance to play our normal game..
NoRestTV 10 dagen geleden
Even Turkish done. This current team are destroying the passion and love in us fans.