Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | The Jury's Out On Arteta! (Moh) 

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Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | The Jury's Out On Arteta! (Moh)
If you would like to donate towards supporting Claude's funeral, memorial and family, you can do so here:
(This is the official 'GoFundMe' page set-up by his family.)
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3 apr. 2021




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JJ Yoda
JJ Yoda 5 dagen geleden
Arteta is too big for this team! Thats reality! Not the other way round! These players are B players in an A club, with A manager and A tactics but B players can't do it! B-
Conan84 Cowen
Conan84 Cowen 5 dagen geleden
Football is Fixed for Super Rich Betting!!
TASHI TENZING 5 dagen geleden
Moh is a real one.👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
William Orgeness II
William Orgeness II 6 dagen geleden
I came back here after Real Madrid Exposed we were so Poor 🤦🏽‍♂️
Saikou Bojang
Saikou Bojang 6 dagen geleden
“ Time to go” He’ll be missed...
Nathan Shaw
Nathan Shaw 7 dagen geleden
No manager could solve the issues we have
Rizwaan 7 dagen geleden
Trust the process!!!!!
john mac
john mac 7 dagen geleden
Bad day at the office. Move on. Big game tomorrow, Judge them after the result of that tie.
kewalS rT
kewalS rT 7 dagen geleden
I knew from the beginning that Arteta isn't the right person to take over this position !!! No chance !! Now is too late .. let him play till the and and then sack him !!
Jasen Wright
Jasen Wright 7 dagen geleden
Arsenal were a shower of shite! Terrible! Some idiots stayed up late to watch here in SE Asia!
steven clark
steven clark 7 dagen geleden
the players let the fans down not the manager..
I Want Winners Produxtions
I think a reasonable fan can say Arteta out...
Sylvin Kabongo
Sylvin Kabongo 7 dagen geleden
I don't know what this club has to do to change, but I am slowly dying each and everyday. The performance from most of these players has been shocking. Absolutely shocking!. Aubamayang has turned into a joke. Last year I said that it's best we sold him, and many said I was crazy but we can now see how badly he is declining. Xhaka still remaining at the club is beyond me. We have young hungry players like Guadouezi, and they are being allowed to leave the club just cause Arteta can't tame him. Pathetic
-- 7 dagen geleden
Let’s talk about net spend
Bizzle Tree
Bizzle Tree 7 dagen geleden
I am just here to see why arsenal even have fans lol
Bizzle Tree
Bizzle Tree 7 dagen geleden
If I was an Arsenal fan I would kick Daivd Luiz out and xaka out the fuking club, arsenal got some horrible players right now.
Bizzle Tree
Bizzle Tree 7 dagen geleden
Imagine being a glory supporter arsenal fan from the 2000s LOL, this is worse than my local team, horrible to watch Arsenal. Give Viera or Henry the job.
Happy Larry
Happy Larry 7 dagen geleden
arteta is a boy working a mans job simple your owners will dig this club into another league
Zah_Ate 7 dagen geleden
Moh is right. Not one of us can stay consistent with our opinions because the team keeps flip flopping with their form and performances :(
Valter F
Valter F 8 dagen geleden
You can tell Moh is a new dad with the baby spittle on his shirt. Congrats, Moh!
Luke Q
Luke Q 8 dagen geleden
Arteta has already shown this job is too big for him, keeps making the same mistakes
Jade Nickels
Jade Nickels 8 dagen geleden
no fan can take a firm opposition either side on Arteta , That is the realist thing any fan has ever said on AFTV , i love your interviews ill never miss it
deezy duffers
deezy duffers 8 dagen geleden
Im a man utd fan but loved claude he was so real kept it all the way 100 please can u make in the hornor of claude ITS TIME TO GO T SHIRT FOR CLAUDE JUST A THOUGHT AND GIVe percentage to claudes familly just a thought
John Doe
John Doe 8 dagen geleden
This is what you can expect next season, this is his team, 19 of the 25 are his players, he signed or gave new contracts to this shower of shite. When will Arsenal supporters wake up, this team manager and owner wills achieve nothing!!! This club needs a complete overhaul and re-think, and it starts with the owner!! Rose tinted glasses come to mind from all those supporters who think this manager will be a success at this club!
Graham Chweya
Graham Chweya 8 dagen geleden
Arteta is a clown
fahim ally
fahim ally 8 dagen geleden
if were going to get knocked out of Europa, I want arteta to leave our club.
Kieran Pugh
Kieran Pugh 8 dagen geleden
To much faith in former players to be a world class relevant club u need world class management
Harshit 8 dagen geleden
4th Highest wage bill in premier league (More than Chelsea & Spurs) Manager win average - 42% I totally trust the process. 🥴🥴
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson 8 dagen geleden
Have to disagree with mo... What indication is there to suggest that Arteta will be successful?? There's far more to suggest the opposite!
Graham Barker
Graham Barker 8 dagen geleden
im happy to take a firm stance on arteta...and i am a reasonable sensible fan thanks....i told people he wasnt the man for the job...he isnt the man for the job....
Graham Barker
Graham Barker 8 dagen geleden
there is no reset for this team at home....youre right about us being average, thats it, we are tenth and thats the team we have....reality is coming home to much for moving to the emirates for world class football....mid table prem legue football....what a sorry state we are in....complete capitulation of everything on and off the field...this is not arsenal that i the way....
IstraBalagina 8 dagen geleden
Both Emery and Arteta were wrong appointments. Arsenal board are clueless and unambitious. I was done with Arteta when he agreed to leave Özil out of the squad, while barely creating 2 chances the whole game, at least justify your decision.
Dy Gunna
Dy Gunna 8 dagen geleden
I’ll be honest, even if we give Arteta time, and players to improve the team nothing will come from it because even when we win I’m not impressed, Arteta is not a bad coach he’s just not good enough to coach a team as big as Arsenal!
Ray Cyst
Ray Cyst 8 dagen geleden
Moh where's your Pallyswine badge?
Mr R
Mr R 8 dagen geleden
Players are letting Arteta down, this squad are spineless, they have no fight
Lewis Davies
Lewis Davies 8 dagen geleden
Mohammed Shahin
Mohammed Shahin 8 dagen geleden
If Arsenal out of europa then Arteta is out.
Kiss G
Kiss G 8 dagen geleden
Arteta needs to go, Supported him but he is out of his depth
Francis 8 dagen geleden
Very nice of don robbiee capitalizing on claudes death. Everyone goin on about how he woulve reacted to todays game. Lol y'all kicked him out just bc the sponsors threaten to cut off the cashflow. Don robbie cashing in big
Mr. Philip Adams
Mr. Philip Adams 8 dagen geleden
Your means of earning an income is a pretty big 'just bc'.
Lowe 8 dagen geleden
Really nice words from moh.
MABz one
MABz one 8 dagen geleden
Moh on point about Claude here!
MARK Chandler
MARK Chandler 8 dagen geleden
There are still a lot of players that just don't have any heart and Arteta can't fix it yet.
hamzah 8 dagen geleden
Arsenal is a non Ambitious football club
BOB OCHIENG 8 dagen geleden
Whom would you rather have Mattéo Guendouzi, Mohamed Elneny or Dani Ceballos? Something is seriously wrong with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. I’m not convinced that he should still be the Arsenal captain. Not sure what’s going on in his life but his performance has been below per this season. You never sure which Aubameyang will show up for the next match.
Indie Chana
Indie Chana 8 dagen geleden
Love the sly dig at DT!
K . MATTURI 8 dagen geleden
Ilija Strugar
Ilija Strugar 8 dagen geleden
Arsenals official twitter acc send their condolences to Claudes family and the fans and the guys couldnt show any energy for him or Rocky
Tayo 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude 🙏🏿✨🔴⚪️
Oneil Forseh
Oneil Forseh 8 dagen geleden
Yo Pierre went from Aubameyang to light skin Gervinho.
Niko F.
Niko F. 8 dagen geleden
arteta will get rid of under performing players this summer
Crypto Crazy
Crypto Crazy 8 dagen geleden
Arteta OUT
Joe Klose
Joe Klose 8 dagen geleden
Arteta is tactically confused.... It's simple
Kon Ambatzidis
Kon Ambatzidis 8 dagen geleden
The position on the premier league table doesn’t lie people. Arteta is a manager of limited ability as he was as a player very average Watching the match I couldn’t believe how our midfield was getting run ragged and they couldn’t link up with our attack. Yet he did nothing to change that. He’s not a premier league manager. I can’t believe people are Still saying he’s done the job. For duck sake if he’s doing the job by been 9 or 10 th on the table and playing this style of football that he supposedly demands from his players . Why we’re we not happy with Wenger always finished top 4 bar twice in 21 years and played champions league every year but 3 or 4 out of 21. And always played beautiful football not the Absolute rubbish that we see now. By the way I was one of the idiots that used to cry out .Wenger out. I am ashamed to admit it. Looking back now after three years with new managers and some new players all we manage to do is play terrible football with no Structure or rhythm Get beat by any team that has half a go at us And we are a mid table team. Great why don’t we sign arteta for another 5 years as a reward for improving arsenal. How silly can some of us arsenal supporters be I’m also including my self in this.
Sailing Bug
Sailing Bug 8 dagen geleden
Come on Wobbie, which one of your foreign legion would even know who Rocky Rocastle was? Arsenenal have no soul, a manufactured boring team which is middle table.
Chris DaCosta
Chris DaCosta 8 dagen geleden
I blame our players. They're in a comfort zone not even capable of the basics and they know they've got the fans in their pocket.
Mike Bell
Mike Bell 8 dagen geleden
Football fans so fickle
Jan Schkeuditz
Jan Schkeuditz 8 dagen geleden
Give Arsenal a break.... Liverpool after so much success last season have been diabolical this season. With some of the best players in the world available. In this performance the Liverpool team clicked . They played like the team of last season. No team would have beaten Liverpool on this performance. Stand by the team and the manager . You don't knock someone when their down ,you support them. Arsenal are a great club with great fans , fans that sometimes too quickly turn on the team. RIP Claude a true Arsenal fan.
Celtic Spirit
Celtic Spirit 9 dagen geleden have a fan in me. Brilliant words mate.
MAKAVELI 9 dagen geleden
MarbleHalls TV
MarbleHalls TV 9 dagen geleden
claude was a genuine guy. RIP.
Shahima Khanum
Shahima Khanum 9 dagen geleden
Let's just say the players were very disheartened after claude's passing. Even i am.
Chris Leary
Chris Leary 9 dagen geleden
I think we actually played well in the 3-1 loss at anfield, we fought for everything . The players just showed no desire on Saturday and lost all the duels and second balls . Can only hope they were saving energy for the game on Thursday which means the world to us . Absence of leaders on the field also means there were no figures to galvanise us . 0-0 at half time was a gift .
Dubem Udemezue
Dubem Udemezue 9 dagen geleden
Arteta needs to go. Simple as.
chiggifant 9 dagen geleden
Yeah, this guy was the guy calling for Ceballos instead of Xhaka. He got what he wanted, now he is moaning. How many times did we see him, having to admit that Arteta was right? Now they play a bad game and he calls for the coach to be chased. A typical fan without a real clue.
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes 9 dagen geleden
@chiggifant just because u think of something, doesnt mean u cant go back on it. Real fans will say it as they see it. Simple🤷‍♂️
Kiyle Mcgovern
Kiyle Mcgovern 9 dagen geleden
Very smart man mo is, big respect, love his honest views
Peter Cameron
Peter Cameron 9 dagen geleden
Arsenal fans can’t get it when Liverpool play like that they are unstoppable .
Omar Almesbah
Omar Almesbah 9 dagen geleden
Moh speaks very cleverly you don’t see him shouting when arsenal lose he speaks a lot of sense
Peter Mcgraw
Peter Mcgraw 9 dagen geleden
well spoken about Claude Moh,
Antone Tremarco
Antone Tremarco 9 dagen geleden
As a Liverpool fan I enjoyed watching Claude, RIP.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 9 dagen geleden
Classy tribute to Claude from Moh 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿
Dion Corr
Dion Corr 9 dagen geleden
Come onnn, men need to realise that Arsenal aren't the team they think; anyone saying Arteta out need to put an egg in their shoe. There is a rebuild in action, yes a bad loss against a Liverpool squad that can beat any side; stop belly aching about a lost season, the team is building. I guarantee that come Thursday and Arsenal beat Prague convincingly, the same people are smooching Arteta's ring piece all the way home
Mr. Philip Adams
Mr. Philip Adams 8 dagen geleden
A rebuild with Holding, Ceballos, Willian, Auba ... ? All signed by Arteta. You gotta be joking.
Moses Mudegu
Moses Mudegu 9 dagen geleden
Imagine playing that against slavia prague we will be out
Triplecap 9 dagen geleden
So in America when a team doesn't show up repeatedly the manager gets fired. It's obvious when your team won't play for you. So whats the holdup at AFC? Christ the owner is American and would never put up with that here.
Amouur Al Kindi
Amouur Al Kindi 9 dagen geleden
To be honest priemer league derbies/big games became dull, unlike LA Liga, Sería A even PSG v Lyon is more attractive as a game, RIP Claude ❤️ surely we belong to Allah and to him we shall return
David Briggs
David Briggs 9 dagen geleden
Moh, Turkish and Claude are real fans. Not after “likes” or “comments”. They don’t put on a show and constantly play up to the camera... (Troopz & DT). RIP Claude.
lucas khumalo
lucas khumalo 9 dagen geleden
I don’t know why we keep getting shocked by our poor defending, that’s the one thing we have managed to do consistently for 15 yrs, poor defending. And to anyone with any hopes, forget it, there’s no way we are winning the Europa Cup
john fortuna
john fortuna 9 dagen geleden
Claude is one of the reales man
Sachin Khargie
Sachin Khargie 9 dagen geleden
Arteta > Mourinho
Spencer Haslam
Spencer Haslam 9 dagen geleden
Moh throwing shade at DT with that agenda talk hahaha
Vk Deen
Vk Deen 9 dagen geleden
43% win ratio and jury is out lol the deadest football I've seen since George Graham and the jury is out lol Geez arsenal are so low now they can't even see up or clearly
ObgVEVO 9 dagen geleden
Arsenal is no good am sorry ive been supporting arsenal for 20 years and this is the worst set up ive seen ! Pepe no good ,Auba no good ,chambers no good ,holding no good ! Ceballos reject ! Partey = expensive Ramsey! Not good enough ! ARTETA WAS A MID TABLE PLAYER N HE IS A MID TABLE COACH
Chris Walker
Chris Walker 9 dagen geleden
Rip claude
Boxing Legend
Boxing Legend 9 dagen geleden
Truth is Arteta looks like a lost man on the touchline and teams don’t fear a team with Arteta as the manager time for change in the summer
Boxing Legend
Boxing Legend 9 dagen geleden
Rob holding is not good enough ceballos is not enough laca is not enough
Justin Bekapi Mtetwa
Justin Bekapi Mtetwa 9 dagen geleden
Rest in peace brother
Rob Dean
Rob Dean 9 dagen geleden
Lovely tribute to Claude from moh. Respect from an old kopite and moh making some great points
dritan tahiraj
dritan tahiraj 9 dagen geleden
They should take out Claude’s seat and retire it and pay a massive tribute to the legend Claude
Kyle Kennedy
Kyle Kennedy 9 dagen geleden
Being a Liverpool fan... I hope and pray you guys win the Europe league for Claude 🙏💙
Mohamud Osman
Mohamud Osman 9 dagen geleden
Defensively a suggestion why not mari and holding for me Gabriel is overrated and luìz is just done rest well claude will miss him for sure.
EasyWare UK
EasyWare UK 9 dagen geleden
Nonsense. I have seen enough of Arteta to know that he is not good enough to run our club - at least not now. Maybe.... maybe he might become a good manager in future. Maybe. If so, when he becomes a good manager, that is when we should employ him. Not now where he is still finding his managerial feet. We are the Arsenal. We are not a stepping stone or a training club. We were told that the process was to challenge the Reals and Barcas, not struggle with Leeds and Burnley.
Jugdish Seeckun
Jugdish Seeckun 9 dagen geleden
Hi. With all due respect Mo. Is he a qualified manager and what he has proven as a manager until now. You guys are wrong about him and the management ????
Jugdish Seeckun
Jugdish Seeckun 9 dagen geleden
Hi. Claude passing away has touched so many fans around the world. But Arsenal fan tv has a contribution in his lost because everyone deserve a second chance ?!?!?.
O Fasanmi
O Fasanmi 9 dagen geleden
I'll never forget when claude said "if koscielny was a horse, he would've been put down."😂😂😂 Claude will always be a legend in the football fan community! Rest in Peace King🕊
Arsenalfc Football
Arsenalfc Football 9 dagen geleden
This clown said partey is the best and xhaka can't play football but to be honest partey is not as good as xhaka. Xhaka is Arsenal 🔑
bufon63 9 dagen geleden
'The jury's out on Arteta'. What utter b/s. Change the manager and instant success? Get real man.
Robert Evans
Robert Evans 9 dagen geleden
Moh is like Rafael Benitez just speaks facts
Robert Evans
Robert Evans 9 dagen geleden
When the milk goes stale you don’t put it back in the fridge do ya ❤️❤️ Miss claude my favourite on aftv for years & years
Jonathan Pearl
Jonathan Pearl 9 dagen geleden
Its like no one wanted to play, players just don't care.
Jonathan Pearl
Jonathan Pearl 9 dagen geleden
I turned that game off. First time this season. Just garbage, time to start fresh. Cancel all high pay players contracts and start from fresh. If it takes back a league then do it. I'd rather see players who have something to fight for rather than high paid lazy wankers who dont care.
Darren A
Darren A 9 dagen geleden
Many people forget that when we all sat down in December for our Christmas dinner, Liverpool were top of the league by 4 points. Crazy to think.