Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | Send Back Ceballos! (DT Player Ratings) 

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Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | Send Back Ceballos! (DT Player Ratings)
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3 apr. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Basshead Chris
Basshead Chris Dag geleden
Liverpool fan watching 😁
Si Taylor
Si Taylor 3 dagen geleden
DT.... How's 10th?
TASHI TENZING 5 dagen geleden
Arsenal back to ruin my week as usual.
Colin Mc
Colin Mc 5 dagen geleden
When's it gonna end Robbie!?!?
Aron Fontenelle
Aron Fontenelle 5 dagen geleden
“How bad has he been that poor” 😂😂😂😂
Érik Dog
Érik Dog 5 dagen geleden
That shirt is disgusting
LLK TAY 6 dagen geleden
I hope that contracts to leave 😂😂😂😂😂😂
DAN NY 6 dagen geleden
It must be annoying watching a circus every week
devar kumar
devar kumar 6 dagen geleden
Have to admit with you guys. Arteta have to go. Losing to Liverpool 3-0 is biggest humiliation for Arsenal this season.
Joseph Kayonga
Joseph Kayonga 6 dagen geleden
Pepe needs to be given chance, but must be on the bench to give chance to Nelson.
Joseph Kayonga
Joseph Kayonga 6 dagen geleden
Gabriel needs to be given a chance, he over excited to give his best for the team , that's where he makes his mistakes, i wish it was Wenger coaching him , he will make the best out of him .
Joseph Kayonga
Joseph Kayonga 6 dagen geleden
Chambers needs to go and give space to Saliba, Ceballos needs to get back to Madrid and give chance to Odegaard.
Gza Ob1
Gza Ob1 6 dagen geleden
I feel really sorry for Aubemeyang in that game. He was basically set up to protect the left back from the start and defend. He was put on the backfoot the entire game just wasn't able to get out and do what he does. He's not a defender, he's an attacker.
Stefan Kirk
Stefan Kirk 6 dagen geleden
Why didn't Haaland want to sign for Arsenal ? Because he's too young for semi-retirement.
JML 6 dagen geleden
Lacazette a dead baller 🤣🤣 what a flop
Mitch Trewin
Mitch Trewin 6 dagen geleden
Embarrassing he still somehow finds a way to have a go at the ref
Michael H
Michael H 6 dagen geleden
Rag an bone man
James Dixon
James Dixon 6 dagen geleden
Last season wasn't DT begging to sign Ceballos? That would be another trash play on a 3-5 year deal
joel mulungi
joel mulungi 7 dagen geleden
Why is he not saying about how out of depth Arteta is. Playing crap players like Chambers, Elbeny and Ceballos. Arteta needs to be out.
Hossam Enaba
Hossam Enaba 7 dagen geleden
Elneny ain’t that bad, he’s a good squad player.
Nik Patel
Nik Patel 7 dagen geleden
Bellerin and Willian will ruin us in the games to come - watch this space
Diyan Safiya
Diyan Safiya 7 dagen geleden
I agree with you, ceballos is not good for the club, and also Rob holding and bring back Saliba, Belarin should leave and also tieny is a injury pro remember, so we a very reliable left back,a lot ve to be done in the club, Granit is not good, Auba is a stupid player ,Pepe very arrogant, saka you guys hyping him too much, leno too much mistakes, megahalis is rushing too much, parte more to room for improvement, El neny very disappointed player,Matineli, stupid management, Nelson leave for permanent or loan to make space, ESR,too much hyping from you guys,Nketiah sell that idiot, a lot more to say,
Rio Perez
Rio Perez 7 dagen geleden
Your venomous Wenger out campaign led to this debacle. This is exactly what you deserve. Have you got your Arsenal back?.
steven clark
steven clark 7 dagen geleden
its the players you have to blame.
Matthew Lane
Matthew Lane 7 dagen geleden
What does Ceballos have to do to get a 1?
Ben Mwangi
Ben Mwangi 7 dagen geleden
I'm glad cebellos said he will like to go back to madrid.
Abdul Haq
Abdul Haq 7 dagen geleden
Partey lost the ball 12 times . And he's ur best player . DICKTEOOPER aka DT . Urban deluded
dazza944 7 dagen geleden
Lee judges: “you gotta ask yourself the question” DT: “what more do you want me to say Robbie” TYE: “I see positives” Yardy: “ya raaast claart”
Robert Stennett
Robert Stennett 7 dagen geleden
Thomas party is no good
has123 7 dagen geleden
Aubamayang is like ozil. We never saw them
Sam Fedha
Sam Fedha 7 dagen geleden
Lazarus Iipinge
Lazarus Iipinge 7 dagen geleden
it's true... Ceba does not pass the ball. he is like a post man who takes the ball directly to the players feet.
Ali dubabaxaka zoom.
Ali dubabaxaka zoom. 7 dagen geleden
What a fan see Arteta won't see.....he still believe in cebalos wait and see next match...
sStanl3y 7 dagen geleden
Strip auba from captaincy. He has been dreadful all season, and he clearly isn’t up for the role.
Jèan Paul
Jèan Paul 7 dagen geleden
Jamie Potter
Jamie Potter 7 dagen geleden
Garry Nevilles sky sports breakdown on the game is totally accurate, only player who proved they deserve to be in the kit is odegaard (tierney is exempt was injured) there was no balls on the pitch the team was pafectic and its really embarrassing that a guy who is brought in on loan is the one you hear screamining cam on arsenal improve partey was really bad he was not hugging people tittle was leaving to many gaps and Pepe was useless and didnt support chambers what so ever and lacazette is just pure lazy
Jamie Potter
Jamie Potter 7 dagen geleden
How can DT claim Pepe worked hard when he acted like a deer in headlights he never once tried to win a ball back team performance was a joke
Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un 7 dagen geleden
Holding needs to be sold plat chambers cb, holding is getting out jumped by sterling now by jota
I Ama
I Ama 7 dagen geleden
Ødegaard shirt 🤣🤣🤣
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment 7 dagen geleden
all these players that havent work are the same ones you were all saying best ever world class lol
Raf 7
Raf 7 8 dagen geleden
Ceballos has got to be one of arsenals worst loan signings of all time.
Samuel Fradley
Samuel Fradley 8 dagen geleden
You lot forced Wenger out, now sleep in the bed you made. We are shitter than we ever have been, its embarrassing.
Guled Osman
Guled Osman 8 dagen geleden
arteta out arsenal fans thought he will be a new pep but turned out to be Jose 2.0
Warren G
Warren G 8 dagen geleden
Us desperately missing Luiz and Xhaka, who both carry the biggest mistakes in the team, just shows how bad a shape the team is in.
Senay Measho
Senay Measho 8 dagen geleden
What happens to haircut referring official between Arsenal vs Liverpool must contest for refund
Signals927 8 dagen geleden
And drop Auba because he is like dead in the water, as a Captain he gives no inspiration to the team.
jay webb
jay webb 8 dagen geleden
Thomas Partey gave the ball away time after time, what game was DT watching??
Bjorn Peterse
Bjorn Peterse 8 dagen geleden
Pusheeniac 8 dagen geleden
10th is not that bad considering the transition, but the manager is key for good or bad performances. Just look at how David Moyes transformed West Ham. I am so jealous and disappointed we did not sign him.
C 8 dagen geleden
The show goes on
Satori 8 dagen geleden
Everybody ... less than zero!
henare101 8 dagen geleden
to be honest Diogo Jota isn't that short, the lad's about 5'11, they make it seem like he's 5'2. He's about the same height as Antonio and strikers like that, he just doesn't have a big build.
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses 8 dagen geleden
It’s ok guys this is part of the process 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😅😅
Mc Dyse
Mc Dyse 8 dagen geleden
After his ranting raving not a second to send condolences to Claudes family. Arsenals a club thats built itself on class as far as I can see as usual AFTV just don't have it at all. Go back to whatever you lot was doing before and just call it a day to be honest.
Sondre S
Sondre S 8 dagen geleden
Playing auba is like playing with 10 men.
Spacemonkeypog 8 dagen geleden
Get DVD in asap
ρɾιMα• 8 dagen geleden
So they blamed Wenger, he’s gone, they blamed Ozil, he’s gone... who they blaming next? How many more people you gonna blame and scapegoat and further ruin my club?
Damion Coombs
Damion Coombs 8 dagen geleden
Pepe 4 yuh bomboclaat?! Which game unoo watch? Pepe is/was rubbish.
Damion Coombs
Damion Coombs 8 dagen geleden
Gabriel can't get a lower score or even the same score as Holding. If it wasn't for Gabriel it might have been double digits.
Ahmed Raza
Ahmed Raza 8 dagen geleden
"How bad has he been that poor" 4:53 Lol
Sham Jalil
Sham Jalil 8 dagen geleden
What’s embarrassing is saying Tierney is better than Robbo 🤣🤣 arteta has a record worse than emery’s and wengers, where’s that same energy DT?? 😭
Messiah B
Messiah B 8 dagen geleden
Let laca lead the youngsters. Auba needs to chill on the bench and be impact sub for rest of the season to get his head back in order. Same way he was heavy handed with others he needs to show he is the boss now
MIKE Davies
MIKE Davies 8 dagen geleden
Is Arteta making any progress with Arsenal ? just wondering what Arsenal fans think im a City fan and he was rated very highly at City and think he will get it right eventually but needs a real warchest in the summer to make Arsenal competitive
Joshua Ewulo
Joshua Ewulo 8 dagen geleden
Wenger In.
Godswill Wisdom
Godswill Wisdom 8 dagen geleden
Arsenal should go for ALBET BRAUT TJALAND
Trudie Yeates
Trudie Yeates 8 dagen geleden
Partey a 7 Cedric a 3 dt a 0 what a clown
Ali Fa
Ali Fa 8 dagen geleden
Rob holding got beat in his last two starts by two guys who are each two feet shorter than him. The only job he has is to head balls out standing.
jay lewis
jay lewis 8 dagen geleden
pepe worked hard? this guy serious ?
KK 8 dagen geleden
Partey is trash too tbh
Möbius 8 dagen geleden
Auba's new hairstyle and how he played in this match reminds me of Gervinho
sam mitchell
sam mitchell 8 dagen geleden
I love it, the guy doesn't rate any player in the squad or the staff. The only thing keeping DT an Arsenal fan is probably the revenue from this shite😂😂
Ozgur Cetiner
Ozgur Cetiner 8 dagen geleden
That was sadly funny...
Javin Maynard
Javin Maynard 8 dagen geleden
You guys trash David Luiz only now y'all see important he is in that defense.... yes he has mistakes in him but it's plain to see how important he is in our back line
Karthik Mohan
Karthik Mohan 8 dagen geleden
Pepe Auba Ode 3 Laca 4 Dani 2 Partey 5 Gabriel 2 Holding 2 Tierney 3 Cedric 3 Chambers 2 Leno 1
Karthik Mohan
Karthik Mohan 8 dagen geleden
Pepe is better than Aubameyang.... Really... What do you smoke ?
A B 8 dagen geleden
These guys aren't injured in my opinion, they're just downing tools. Luiz shouldn't get a contract, Laca shouldn't get a contract, Leno should be sold, Chambers, Mari, Elneny, Willian, Pepe and Auba should be sold. Controversial opinion, Tierney should be sold whilst the interest is high because he's a cripple. I'm sick and tired of seeing this at Arsenal, bang average nonces playing at playing football.
andy lowe
andy lowe 8 dagen geleden
Auba gets his 350.000 A week Lol 😂 Taking the michael out of big club
Ahmad El-Saadi
Ahmad El-Saadi 8 dagen geleden
Why do you praise players one week and hate on them the next week DT? Are you an actor or what because you should know by now at your age that theres such things as players having bad games and good games. stop labeling them as this or that and dont be surprised when we get dicked 3-0 at the weekend because it happens. We are not on the level to win every single game like you deluded people think we are... Showing passion is fine but this is just not making sense to me. unless you do this for your 'miserable persona'
Joseph Boadu
Joseph Boadu 8 dagen geleden
I still wonder why Teye Partey came to Arsenal.
Shane Omar
Shane Omar 8 dagen geleden
Why are they saying Jota is small? He is average - 5 ft 10 in
calvin james
calvin james 8 dagen geleden
When Saka isn't playing the drop of quality is huge.
A-J R 8 dagen geleden
He was captain at the Chelsea game and he was brilliant so make him captain for the rest of the season🤣
Ahmed Muersh
Ahmed Muersh 8 dagen geleden
Partey 7 😂😂😂 no passes completed
CSandSoccer 8 dagen geleden
Look I know we were absolutely horrible and this kind of performance is fully unacceptable, but we still can’t forget this is a Liverpool that knocked out a Leipzig that is 2nd only to Bayern in their league in UCL, with Fabinho back in midfield and Jota back, 2 huge changes since their horrible patch. That combined with several key injuries. I’m more worried about the remainder of the season due to our sudden piling of injuries than this performance.
Natnael Teshome
Natnael Teshome 8 dagen geleden
Arsenal players are the laziest bunch. They only play when they feel like it. I don’t see Pepe is a good player anymore. He doesn’t dribble much and always passing backwards.
Zohaib Chaudhri
Zohaib Chaudhri 8 dagen geleden
“I hope this isn’t a new contract for Elneny” Back your process😅😅😅
Zohaib Chaudhri
Zohaib Chaudhri 8 dagen geleden
I love how he goes in HARDEST on Ceballos. At least he never hides, unlike our captain. Oh he didn’t get the ball😩😩. Well if you have NO MOVEMENT then you won’t get the ball
park lane
park lane 8 dagen geleden
0-3 😁
SHAQ SHAQ 8 dagen geleden
Not long ago you were comparing chambers to Cafu😂😂😂😂
Ashfaq Tirmizi
Ashfaq Tirmizi 8 dagen geleden
Anything to get the fans duped into paying more and I blame the fans for being duped time and time again
Ashfaq Tirmizi
Ashfaq Tirmizi 8 dagen geleden
Arsenal has the best PR Team in the world Under Wenger It was rebuildingUnder Arteta is process
Fahmy Latif
Fahmy Latif 8 dagen geleden
Bring back arsene wenger...
Harjot Aubby
Harjot Aubby 8 dagen geleden
R.I.P Claude❤🕊
Ashley Claridge
Ashley Claridge 8 dagen geleden
Bias "Odegaard 4 not given the ball, Pepe 4 not given the ball, Laca had a bang in the face 4, Auba 2 poor" Was Auba given the ball but none of the other attackers were. I have seen the stats and Auba ran loads and was at left back for long long periods. Auba was no different to the rest of the attack. DT need's to get over Bellerin being honest about AFTV, Bellerin is hated by DT because Bellerin said AFTV love Arsenal losing. Bellerin is right these clowns have made a living from acting up to losses.
samatar warfa
samatar warfa 8 dagen geleden
How if you change to being a UNITED fan
Maxx - FTS
Maxx - FTS 8 dagen geleden
Chelsea 2-5 WBA WBA 0-5 Leeds Leeds 10-2 Chelsea *Logic*
Sam j
Sam j 8 dagen geleden
Odegaard wants to play with haaland we gonna lose him prolly hope we male big splashes in the summer cuz pepe Dani David luiz all trash get em OUT.
Ekumah Nang-Tege Daniel
Ekumah Nang-Tege Daniel 8 dagen geleden
Don, DT and Troopz, both Jota's goals were the fault of Holding and Chambers. Gabriel was the only defender playing today. And when he went 1 on 1 with Salah for the other goal, none of them even thought to cover him. Maybe it's time you guys admit the "problem player" Xhaka was missed badly in the midfield.
Tariq Khann
Tariq Khann 8 dagen geleden
Not good enough for real Madrid both of them.yet good for arsenal.stupidty.overrated by 3rd class manager.
Ekumah Nang-Tege Daniel
Ekumah Nang-Tege Daniel 8 dagen geleden
DT, did you notice what the absence of Xhaka "the problem player" made the team look like in midfield ??
M E 8 dagen geleden
It's time to say it as it is Arteta's tactics are very poor players are looking shy jesus christ what can we do now Arteta out 😡✍️
Anthony Dillon
Anthony Dillon 9 dagen geleden
Arsenal fan tv has some utter gobshites commentating
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