Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | Arteta Has No Bloody Clue! (Yardman) 

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Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | Arteta Has No Bloody Clue! (Yardman)
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3 apr. 2021




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Reacties 96   
Qiuye Cheng
Qiuye Cheng 6 dagen geleden
Yardmans never has anything positive to say, why say it
Denver Howell
Denver Howell 6 dagen geleden
Arsen Wenger was fearless with less talent
New Tide
New Tide 7 dagen geleden
Bring Wengouzi back
Javin Maynard
Javin Maynard 7 dagen geleden
I'm glad ozil is gone.... he can't be blamed anymore
Dare Daramola
Dare Daramola 7 dagen geleden
Art Etta can’t handle this team, Truth is we will always lose big games like this without an experienced manager. The arsenal team is not a league winning side but it’s better than current position
Mashema Abdulhamid
Mashema Abdulhamid 8 dagen geleden
I don't understand what Arteta learnt from pep.
Rama Rao
Rama Rao 8 dagen geleden
What does *martinelli have to do to get a start? We all know we aren't going to go past a mid table finish so why not let him play and find his form.
Gooner 8 dagen geleden
This guy chats so much shite
Aj Lfc
Aj Lfc 8 dagen geleden
Youz are all complaining about arsenal wen you shud be all congratulationg Liverpool for a master class in football.... wait till nxt season when Liverpool have a full strength squad .... watch out prem leauge
Amesh De Silva
Amesh De Silva 8 dagen geleden
El-many 🤣
neelante 9 dagen geleden
Pepe ain't good enough for you guys. Should of got Zaha .
norpan506 9 dagen geleden
Good question. What is Ceballos doing here?
James Kadar
James Kadar 9 dagen geleden
But rebbie lol love them old interviews outside the ground when Robbie used to interview yardman. Top fella
Dj Fridge Uk
Dj Fridge Uk 9 dagen geleden
Yardy the only Arsenal fan talking sense, they are always afraid of Liverpool, Charity shield & end of last season wins v LFC Arteta parked the bus
ab3434 ed
ab3434 ed 9 dagen geleden
Remember when you dumb Gooners slaughtered this wise man after the United game at OT because he saw the long game unlike you clowns 😂😂
Bevin Hyde
Bevin Hyde 9 dagen geleden
Arsenal needs a coach
Jay Danials
Jay Danials 9 dagen geleden
Yardmans boilers gone
Jared MJ Gregory
Jared MJ Gregory 9 dagen geleden
If you don't have great players then any manager is doomed at Arsenal. We need to keep Tierney, Partey we need quality players then the team will improve. The board never back our managers
Daddyori clarks Aka YoYo
Daddyori clarks Aka YoYo 9 dagen geleden
If auba can’t beat a player down left side Pointless put him up here Play 442
aj sodhi
aj sodhi 9 dagen geleden
cushion them with good players. why we never gave ozil the players around him
Daddyori clarks Aka YoYo
Daddyori clarks Aka YoYo 9 dagen geleden
All done to quality players
M E 9 dagen geleden
Yard Man is true and Arteta out 😡✍️
Trent Madagua
Trent Madagua 9 dagen geleden
True words Yardman. Maldini once said, if I have to make a tackle, I'd already fucked up.
Very Scouse Mike
Very Scouse Mike 9 dagen geleden
Hes spot on
Nick Brennan
Nick Brennan 9 dagen geleden
Arteta was afraid of Jotta and Liverpool's frontline And showed me he does not trust his defence, where as klopp does trust his defence even a weakened defence. that's the difference. Liverpool went away and trusted their defenders to do their job, and gave their midfield and attackers a clear role to close down, but then create opportunities for the strikers. A team cant really just concentrate on one part of the game, ( defensive). you have to focus on both, and be ready.
Ryan Stockley
Ryan Stockley 9 dagen geleden
Claude and rocky were MOTM
Ry23_96 9 dagen geleden
Yardie always chats sense. One of the realist on Arsenal Fan Tv
Major x
Major x 9 dagen geleden
Ralph Hasenhuttl and Sean Dyche are better Managers than Arteta !!
Arsenal4Life 9 dagen geleden
Why does Cecil look like he's about to beat someone up in the thumbnail??
Mohammed Mahmood
Mohammed Mahmood 9 dagen geleden
I rather have Wenger back than this BS!! I'm Done with Arteta, Arteta is out of his depth
Mohammed Mahmood
Mohammed Mahmood 9 dagen geleden
Yardman knows what im saying!!
Mohammed Mahmood
Mohammed Mahmood 9 dagen geleden
Arteta has no balls and always gets the formation and selection wrong in games when we need to win
gxthegreat 9 dagen geleden
This guy can't even manage the center of his camera and asks questions of how to manage a football club. RAT!
Ng6cblock A
Ng6cblock A 10 dagen geleden
Arsenal need an oil take over and Diego simeone putting in charge 📈
New Tide
New Tide 7 dagen geleden
@QuinnaH Better than Arteta who sets up to defend against Dundalk
Ng6cblock A
Ng6cblock A 8 dagen geleden
@QuinnaH didn’t mean by his style of play i ment his temprement , he’s ruthless and explosive . He wouldn’t allow the players to get away with what they have been . Arsenal have had to many passive managers .
QuinnaH 8 dagen geleden
Simione can stay where he is sets his teams up to defend every game
Major x
Major x 10 dagen geleden
Arteta out ... not good enough Manager for Arsenal.
Adam Genesis
Adam Genesis 10 dagen geleden
Smit row 🤣😂😂🤣😂
Charlie Echo
Charlie Echo 9 dagen geleden
Paul Chamberlain
Paul Chamberlain 10 dagen geleden
Everything you say is correct, never wanted Arteta, never managed anything. We need a WORLD CLASS MANAGER. ASAP. 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀
Curran Lakhani
Curran Lakhani 10 dagen geleden
This board is beyond incompetent. They got scammed out of £100million by Lille. Gabriel and Pepe aren't worth £35 million combined after this season. They keep making unforced errors all the time, the biggest one yet being hiring Arteta. Who in their right mind expected a complete novice to suddenly turn around the fortunes of a declining big club? That's on the board for either not seeing how stupid an idea it is or not caring that it's a stupid idea because it's the path of least resistance. At this point I can't blame Arteta for anything that happens to this club since he should have never gotten near the job in the first place, and every day that the board wastes with this guy at the helm is another day we decline further into mediocrity. We can go the way of Sunderland with the incompetent board and ownership we currently have
Collins Gitau
Collins Gitau 10 dagen geleden
"We only win games when the other team plays poorly" 100% facts I've been saying it
Ian de Vaz
Ian de Vaz 10 dagen geleden
Auba's metamorphosis into Ozil is almost complete. And Arteta should just admit he just doesn't fancy Martinelli.
YESH_GAMING 9 dagen geleden
Lol exactly.. Watch fans start complaining about his wages after everyone begged him to stay🤣
dave baker
dave baker 10 dagen geleden
Mikel Ar-ladyce
Ron Catton
Ron Catton 10 dagen geleden
Love to see some of all you so-called keyboard managers do better than Arteta?
Dapo M.
Dapo M. 10 dagen geleden
Everybody a football tactician online lol
geoff butler
geoff butler 10 dagen geleden
This guy talks sense LORD PULLIS OUT, 12 DEFEATS IS DISGUSTING with this team get out and go back to your cones arrogant clueless manager, i have never seen football as this bad with any manager we have had
TheMatador28 10 dagen geleden
Yardman on point again 💯
ptrim1902 10 dagen geleden
Yard man is correct!!! Our leadership is a joke. Trust me, we cannot laugh at Tottenham. We do not qualify to laugh friends, not with that today!
Dessi Paris3
Dessi Paris3 10 dagen geleden
Martinelli. Laca. Saka Esr. Odegard Partey Tierney. Gabi. Luiz. Cedric Leno
G 10 dagen geleden
2nd coming for the voice of reason has been calling it all season yet gets memed. Easy analysis park bus and then panic attack and hope.
Kai 10 dagen geleden
I think if Laca or Auba playing for Chelsea they will scores more goals coz there were so many chances in the box that Werner couldn't scored. There were so many fantastic cross but Werner unfortunately is not the type of "the fox in the box" striker.
Natnaeal Mergia
Natnaeal Mergia 10 dagen geleden
I think Arteta is ruining his legacy at Arsenal this job is not for him he’s not an experienced manager.
Natnaeal Mergia
Natnaeal Mergia 10 dagen geleden
Arteta is Pep’s child.
fat Man
fat Man 10 dagen geleden
Agree with him or not, this guy is consistent with his views. He dont switch up like some fans.
Alexx Allert
Alexx Allert 10 dagen geleden
In life you are allowed to change your opinion lol
superman chris
superman chris 10 dagen geleden
Win what Europa league, with this kind of strategy and player management, Arsenal isn't winning crap
superman chris
superman chris 10 dagen geleden
The substitutions were atrocious look arteta needs a manager lol
superman chris
superman chris 10 dagen geleden
What the hell are these bastards doing in training come on tell me ? Because if its the same thing that i am seeing in the games being played, well
superman chris
superman chris 10 dagen geleden
Yaaardi ur right, we keep playing like cowards when it comes on to playing big teams, look how Fulham and West Brom played with no fear damn
Michael Arkajilo
Michael Arkajilo 10 dagen geleden
Nice analysis Yardman.
Am 10 dagen geleden
making history, breaking records///// the wrong so true.
BoA Yoon
BoA Yoon 10 dagen geleden
Mans not hot 🥵
Dwaine Rose
Dwaine Rose 10 dagen geleden
Spot on yaad man
Alexx Allert
Alexx Allert 10 dagen geleden
What is spot on?
Udaco 10 dagen geleden
Arteta's only excuse for losing this game is "At least we were better than Chelsea losing to relegated team W.Brom 2-5 whereas we lost only 0-3 to the Champion".
Riddy Haz
Riddy Haz 10 dagen geleden
You got the whole squad laughing
Obafemi Saheed
Obafemi Saheed 10 dagen geleden
Lets look at arsenal game we did not string at least five correct passes. A shambolic performance. We need a new coach not atrteta
drumtum 10 dagen geleden
When a team miss a medioker player like xhaka you have a big problem.
Tayo 10 dagen geleden
Yard man spoke facts here we showed too much respect to Liverpool we were so poor deffo the worst performance missed Saka p and Smith Rose badly it’s criminal if Martinelli doesnt start from now
Matthew Nurse
Matthew Nurse 10 dagen geleden
Yardman chat so much shite sometimes how the helll u blame arteta fa this wesk ass pathetic team it was a strong line up with weak minded players yardman pure disrespect to arteta
Elite Essays
Elite Essays 10 dagen geleden
Man's never hot
Tanju Yavsan
Tanju Yavsan 10 dagen geleden
Arsenal Vlogs
Arsenal Vlogs 10 dagen geleden
Arteta out
Arsenal Fan
Arsenal Fan 7 dagen geleden
@Sarthak Singh Negi thats the most stupidest thing ive heard why woud you sack a manager right after we win our first europe trophy
Sarthak Singh Negi
Sarthak Singh Negi 7 dagen geleden
@Arsenal Fan if we win europa league we have to sack arteta and bring in ucl level manager...
Arsenal Fan
Arsenal Fan 9 dagen geleden
if we sack arteta who we gonna bring in even pep or jurgen wont succeed here the board dosent back arteta id say wait till the end of the season if wen win europa give arteta 200mil to spend. if we dont win europa league sack him and we need a fresh new manager
Ilir United
Ilir United 10 dagen geleden
ShoXstar 10 dagen geleden
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i swear he says benguzzi 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chrissy B Imhotep
Chrissy B Imhotep 10 dagen geleden
Been saying for a few years, that our board jeopardised our chances of progression when they deliberately missed out on Pep when he became available - both after leaving Barca and Bayern. Also when Klopp left Dortmund as well. We really are a damn joke of a club! We totally lack ambition!
Samuels Kim
Samuels Kim 9 dagen geleden
Now we are gonna miss out on Julian Nagelsmann as well
Lawrence Hutchinson
Lawrence Hutchinson 9 dagen geleden
It wouldn't make any difference...the owner has no ambition...
Ng6cblock A
Ng6cblock A 10 dagen geleden
@Arnabi Arnab they need someone like Diego simione
Arnabi Arnab
Arnabi Arnab 10 dagen geleden
Then Poch, then Allegri..then Ancelloti.. etc etc.
ptrim1902 10 dagen geleden
10+ years of embarrassment! Banta club extraordinaire! Today was another worse performance. Leadership need to say something of our future ambitions. If it's not working, change it!
Andrew Penny’s
Andrew Penny’s 10 dagen geleden
The longer Arteta stays the more damage he is doing
Joe Houston
Joe Houston 10 dagen geleden
Damage? This is Comedy Gold 🤣
Blueface baby
Blueface baby 10 dagen geleden
This is the guy who said tierney is better then trent
Soner Ali
Soner Ali 10 dagen geleden
Agree yardman fear the key word I would call it timid football.
amna palijo
amna palijo 10 dagen geleden
Please get arteta out, people can say it's the players fault but who decided to keep and play holding instead of Saliba, mavrapanos etc no one told him to play ceballos who has constantly been letting us down. The tactics were awful and he keeps giving players like aubameyang a chance even though martinelli looked 100 times more lively when he came on. Arteta needs to go, we are arsenal fc not some experiment for arteta to learn management.
Luke Devine
Luke Devine 10 dagen geleden
@amna palijo you’re spot on, remember him against villa at home earlier this season? Arsenal fans love to overate players, gabriel is decent that’s it but then idiots start throwing words like baller around😂😂
JK T1GER 10 dagen geleden
@amna palijo saliba will flop
amna palijo
amna palijo 10 dagen geleden
@JK T1GER mate he has been shocking in a lot of games, just because he was good in his first 3 months doesn't mean he is the best Centre back ever. I don't think he is a bad player but he is just way to error prone and he single handedly costs us games. Mavrapanos is a Greece international now and after two good loan spells I think he deserves a chance.
JK T1GER 10 dagen geleden
@amna palijo yeah you are being reactionary Gabriel is a baller
amna palijo
amna palijo 10 dagen geleden
@JK T1GER because I've seen Saliba play and he doesn't get out jumped by short guys like holding got out jumped by sterling and Jota, also he is amazing on the ball. Gabriel is very error prone, and if you have seen mavrapanos play he is really calm on the ball and rapid aswell. Also mavrapanos was scouted by sven mislintat who has scouted players like Lewandowski, Dembele etc.
Gaz Bhullar
Gaz Bhullar 10 dagen geleden
make sure you dispose of your gas cannisters responsibly.
user me
user me 10 dagen geleden
Have you ever couch in your life
Am 10 dagen geleden
you sound like you don't
user me
user me 10 dagen geleden
Does ARTETA the same player like pep
focks 10 dagen geleden
I've had enough of this, ARTETA OUT RN
Arsenal Fan
Arsenal Fan 16 uur geleden
@Lucas đuťť reãçțs yes but what have they achieved by doing that?
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
@Arsenal Fan not really they sack mangers in less than a year
New Tide
New Tide 7 dagen geleden
@focks cause he ain't arsenal fan
focks 8 dagen geleden
@NeonLxzer xz why?
NeonLxzer xz
NeonLxzer xz 8 dagen geleden
arteta in
user me
user me 10 dagen geleden
Always hate yardman he's the worst JAMAICAN in the UK
Abz huss
Abz huss 10 dagen geleden
For a team like arsenal who are renowned worldwide for trusting young players and giving them chances to showcase their talent and as fans accepting that they will make mistakes regardless due to their inexperience, WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THE SAME MINDSET FOR ARTETA.a very promising young manager who has already got a trophy under his belt, someone who knows how he wants his team to play,someone who doesn't get pushed around by his players and can discipline when needed. Why as fans are we not patient with him?
New Tide
New Tide 7 dagen geleden
@Abz huss he doesn't need to play Wenger's players. There are better options available
Barnaby Cauwood
Barnaby Cauwood 10 dagen geleden
@Abz huss he tried to give Mustafi a new contract it was him who turned it down to leave Arsenal. As for the Wenger players why does he keep picking them every week Laca, Bellerin, Xhaka, holding, Chambers etc. We should be getting rid of them yet he chooses the team and picks them week in week out. I even heard he wants to give Elneny a new contract now.
Abz huss
Abz huss 10 dagen geleden
@Barnaby Cauwood how can you say the project has failed when it's still in the beginning stages.there are still players there who wenger signed. These same players failed him,they failed emery and now they will fail arteta. He has done the most he can til now by getting rid of players like mustafi. This whole club needs a mentality shift and psychologically it's very hard to do so when some players refuse to change
Red army Realist
Red army Realist 10 dagen geleden
He has no portfolio of evidence to show he is competent. As for the FA Cup, tons of managers have won that and messed up the following season so it doesn't matter
Barnaby Cauwood
Barnaby Cauwood 10 dagen geleden
If he's so good why does he keep losing. His record speaks for itself. The man is too inexperienced for the Arsenal job and he should really be manager in the championship becuase that is his level. You have no time to learn on the Job at Arsenal, you need to be ready as its one of the top jobs in the EPL. Project Arteta hasn't worked
Mark Harriot
Mark Harriot 10 dagen geleden
His hat should say “Brrr” because he clearly has no heating in his yard 🥶 🤣
Dean Ryan
Dean Ryan 8 dagen geleden
Mans not hot
burlhorse 9 dagen geleden
thinking why he's wearing a coat indoors??
Myles Graham
Myles Graham 10 dagen geleden
@focks thanks for killing the joke
focks 10 dagen geleden
Technically it says 'Rrrr'
syco vibes
syco vibes 10 dagen geleden
Its basically a lose lose situation, you cant sack 11 players so it's easy to fire the manager. But that new manager coming in would require funds to invest. The owners have not had a track record of substantial investment.
Lawrence Hutchinson
Lawrence Hutchinson 9 dagen geleden
@syco vibes agree 200%...not having an ambitious owner is already a huge problem
syco vibes
syco vibes 10 dagen geleden
@Del Jay Chelsea has a owner who loves soccer, and wants his team to be the best and is willing to invest 200 million to achieve that . Asenal have owners who love football not soccer. Cant compare these teams.
Del Jay
Del Jay 10 dagen geleden
Nah. It's the manager that needs the sack. Just look at Chelski
Abz huss
Abz huss 10 dagen geleden
The manager is doing the best he can. He's getting experience as he goes along. That's why we say trust the process because the process is him learning about himself as a manager as well as results on the pitch
Original RBP
Original RBP 8 dagen geleden
Thats great but Arsenal is not the club to come and do your manager apprenticeship, you do that learning curve at a championship side, not a team like Arsenal
G 10 dagen geleden
How long does he need to prove his a Fck up ? His had 2 seasons now , it’s time to go.
Joe Houston
Joe Houston 10 dagen geleden
I agree.. Arteta in 😂🤣
Abz huss
Abz huss 10 dagen geleden
We don't have the players to play like pep does u stupid guy
Abz huss
Abz huss 10 dagen geleden
This guy needs to stop taking crack before the interviews. Most stupid guy they interview
Me Only
Me Only 10 dagen geleden
@Abz huss You know jack about football
Abz huss
Abz huss 10 dagen geleden
@Winston Tafirenyika no he doesn't. He's biased
Winston Tafirenyika
Winston Tafirenyika 10 dagen geleden
he knows what he's talking about bro
Seyed Amin
Seyed Amin 10 dagen geleden
Mans casually wearin a jacket indoors
Abraham Echeverria
Abraham Echeverria 9 dagen geleden
Mans never hot...
Big D
Big D 9 dagen geleden
Ben Oluwajimi
Ben Oluwajimi 10 dagen geleden
taylxr 10 dagen geleden
@Adnan Khan 😂😂😂 i literally was going to say that
Me Only
Me Only 10 dagen geleden
Im nuh av nuh eating on so im cold Jamaican English translation on he not have his heating on so he is cold
Emperor Cesar
Emperor Cesar 10 dagen geleden
Trust the rebuild process. Arteta in.
Noah Okoth
Noah Okoth 10 dagen geleden
We ain't progressing,we are consistently inconsistent,mangers win trophies and get sacked
Emperor Cesar
Emperor Cesar 10 dagen geleden
@HOPE GAMING in every successful journey there is always a bad start. Give him time
Emperor Cesar
Emperor Cesar 10 dagen geleden
@HRT - Gaming but he won the fa cup last season
HRT - Gaming
HRT - Gaming 10 dagen geleden
But in 9th place.
saltney17 10 dagen geleden
u smell of cheese
John Jones
John Jones 10 dagen geleden
He’s house must be cold 🥶 🤷🏾‍♂️
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya 10 dagen geleden
He needs to go
Arsenal Fan
Arsenal Fan 9 dagen geleden
if we sack arteta who we gonna bring in even pep or jurgen wont succeed here the board dosent back arteta id say wait till the end of the season if wen win europa give arteta 200mil to spend. if we dont win europa league sack him and we need a fresh new manager
Soner Ali
Soner Ali 10 dagen geleden
Omar don't you mean ITS TIME TO GO
Ismail 10 dagen geleden
rdeb17 10 dagen geleden
But when he wins it’s nothing to do with him and only the players?
Purav Patel
Purav Patel 10 dagen geleden
@rdeb17 if were trying to move away from wenger Emery players why ask Xhaka and bellerin to stay? Why offer holding, el neny, and luiz new contracts? Why play chambers? Runarsson, willian, cedric are not gonna take us anywhere. Our best players (saka and Smith rowe) are Emery players
rdeb17 10 dagen geleden
@B to play expressive football. Sad thing is if u leave a couple of key players out we turn to rubbish which shows our lack of quality backups
Joe Houston
Joe Houston 10 dagen geleden
Arteta 1000000% in 😂
rdeb17 10 dagen geleden
@Purav Patel and currently we’re tryna move away from the Wenger and emery players. Kl Auba missed a penalty, but how does that excuse him playing Jenkinson when we needed 1 win? Bellerin even, AMN yet he chose Jenkinson. If Arteta did that u would rip him into him u fool
B 10 dagen geleden
@rdeb17 so what’s Arteta’s identity?
Dor Gerson
Dor Gerson 10 dagen geleden
PAUL KITALA 10 dagen geleden
Yardman just stopped by to record the interview before going back in the studio to finish his album
Patch 10 dagen geleden
Outeta '21 - coming soon
George YNWA
George YNWA 10 dagen geleden
I was nervous for today’s game tbh. then I realised we were only playing against travis Scott.
patrick santino
patrick santino 10 dagen geleden
Ceballos doing his best Denilson impression didn't help us either. We need a full revamp in the midfield and defense. Leno was awful as well
MDHB786 10 dagen geleden
liverpool were clinical. arsenal had no creativity.
saltney17 10 dagen geleden
arteta is just awful
Mike9103 10 dagen geleden
@Emperor Cesar 9th in the league is crap tho
Joe Houston
Joe Houston 10 dagen geleden
Arteta is a legend 😂
saltney17 10 dagen geleden
@Emperor Cesar little rat
saltney17 10 dagen geleden
@Emperor Cesar cryyyy
Emperor Cesar
Emperor Cesar 10 dagen geleden
It’s you lot who is awful. The man won us FA cup last season we are in the quarter finals in Europe. What else you want?
Brandon Leeuw
Brandon Leeuw 10 dagen geleden
i don't trust the process 💔
New Tide
New Tide 7 dagen geleden
@AshEnd He's a rival fan trolling us
New Tide
New Tide 7 dagen geleden
@Brandon Leeuw He's a legend of all frauds that we've had at our club like Bendtner, Chamakh, Danielson, Gervinho, Andre Santos. That's the category he belongs to.
Akhil Vasudevan
Akhil Vasudevan 10 dagen geleden
@BestInTheWorld 24 Maybe he meant Everton Football club legend
Mikel John
Mikel John 10 dagen geleden
The process is fraud
AshEnd 10 dagen geleden
@Emperor Cesar you're such a waste man for defending this clown just look at the table. Your standards for managers are laughable