Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | Arsenal Were On Easter Holidays! (Kelechi) 

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Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | Arsenal Were On Easter Holidays! (Kelechi)
If you would like to donate towards supporting Claude's funeral, memorial and family, you can do so here:
(This is the official 'GoFundMe' page set-up by his family.)
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3 apr. 2021




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Iyke Starboy
Iyke Starboy 5 dagen geleden
My brother kelechi u make a point
Victor N
Victor N 5 dagen geleden
Arsenal fc way of playing is responsible for Claude’s death... simple
Karume Huie
Karume Huie 6 dagen geleden
Trust the process ROBBIE that you tell me few weeks ago
Karume Huie
Karume Huie 6 dagen geleden
Karume Huie
Karume Huie 6 dagen geleden
Talk real talks
Henrynator David
Henrynator David 7 dagen geleden
Auba should go n shave his new hairstyle in shame for the whole team performance
Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez 7 dagen geleden
Osuji Chima
Osuji Chima 8 dagen geleden
Pls, bring in Miguel azeez
Lee Simmons
Lee Simmons 8 dagen geleden
I bet he flies EASYJET 2 ABERDEEN
Berry Driver
Berry Driver 8 dagen geleden
Love kelchie
Kush Karma
Kush Karma 8 dagen geleden
needed this positivity from the Docta!! Better soon.
Tedi Welehlase
Tedi Welehlase 8 dagen geleden
Please think about other alternative to Arteta. Arsenal is sinking, not to rise
Tayo 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude🙏🏿✨🔴⚪️
rem etz
rem etz 8 dagen geleden
Lacazette Martinelli - Odegaard - Saka Xhaka - Partey Tierney-Gabriel- D.Luiz - Bellerin If this was the line up in most of the games for arsenal they would make it into the top 4. It is truly wierd that the manager doesn't see it
Jay Jay C
Jay Jay C 8 dagen geleden
Lol..Even tho it's been a hard week & Arsenal on the whole let everyone & themselves down.. Kelechi still got the Vybz.. RIP Claude..🎶🙏🏾
Maj G
Maj G 9 dagen geleden
Poor robbie it is never an interview with this guy as he does not answer questions being asked and just goes on a rant.
PokémonXlps 9 dagen geleden
I love this guy kelechi. From his music you can tell arsenal performance
Gunner5 For life
Gunner5 For life 9 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who wants Arteta out? In fact Wenger in.
Rudy Jobe
Rudy Jobe 9 dagen geleden
I love Kelechi... My African brother. I hope he's having a lovely Easter, despite recent events.
Ben Holmes
Ben Holmes 9 dagen geleden
I think that one little sliver of fame kelechi got has definitely gone to his head. The guy's weird asf
saif chelsea
saif chelsea 9 dagen geleden
Kelexhi you are so boring and try to funny you are not man stop it
Darkkus Pang
Darkkus Pang 9 dagen geleden
The hunger & desire was missing with out next gen.i understand why Arteta is leaning on willian&Xhaka more than Marti&Saka. Arteta is showing his Wenger stubborness.
jjfamous Young
jjfamous Young 9 dagen geleden
Yes for real arsenal is really on easter hoilday
Amelia Kendal-Williams
Amelia Kendal-Williams 9 dagen geleden
Can never understand a word he’s saying, he talks 100 mile an hour combined with the fact that his English isn’t very good
randyb59 9 dagen geleden
Kelechi is losing weight because of Arsenal. 🤣🤣🤣. Good job on the weight loss bro. Keep going.
Rami B
Rami B 9 dagen geleden
Can someone teach Kelechi to talk into the microphone - I have to keep turning the volume up and down, Robbie is loud, Kelechi is quiet. I feel like I am listening to rap music with my parents and I ride the volume knob to turn down the cuss words
randyb59 9 dagen geleden
Do we now see the value of Managers like Arsene Wenger? At least with Wenger we had an identity. What are we now? Toothless
Muzammil Parkar
Muzammil Parkar 9 dagen geleden
Ffs this man
Three City
Three City 9 dagen geleden
Arsenal fans went from bashing david-Luis to asking “where is david-Luis?”
G B 9 dagen geleden
We are now faced with the possibility of both Luiz and Tierney being out for our UEL quarters and semis should we progress. Arteta has some serious thinking to do. We don't have natural cover at left back and no surprise that as Tierney went off all 3 Liverpool goals came down that side against Cedric. I would revert to Saka at left back moving forward and Marí has to play, Holding is not good enough as that right sided CB. Everyone pretending he is can stop with the English bias
Musa Kibirige
Musa Kibirige 9 dagen geleden
You over protect our players
thelawofmoses 9 dagen geleden
The scariest thing isn't arsenal's defence.. Robbie is like TY now.. Arsenal's attack without Saka and ESR will continue to be given a free pass. When you can't be arsed, can't score or have shots on goal then the defence will surely be exposed sooner or later.
MOSH KNOWS 9 dagen geleden
Kelechi Da Great one ⭐️
ADEL BESHTAWI 9 dagen geleden
He shouldn’t played the music today Not Today kelechi
Sam Iyke
Sam Iyke 10 dagen geleden
LOSERS ! CLUELESS PLAYERS AND MEDIOCRE MANAGER. 1. LENO can never lead Arsenal...he is not a real German. A slovak cannot be or perform like a real German. 2. The 2 English players .. Chambers and Holdings are playing because they are English not because they merited it. PABLO MARI FAR MORE BETTER and Experienced then GABRIEL. 3. Pepe can never lead Arsenal to be a top team neither can he decide top matches. 4. AUBA is only a show man...more concerned and cars and looks make noise in the dressing room or showing wallow mouth is DIFFERENT FROM LEADING A TEAM. Finqlky, ARTETA is a mediocre coach...confused!.
G B 10 dagen geleden
No ESR and no Saka = nothing going forward. Unbelievable that we rely on 2 youngsters like that. And for all the flaws of Luiz and Xhaka the team looks really poor without them playing. And Ryan has to be tried in goal now, Leno is in shocking form.
ABDOU RAZAC ADAM BABA 10 dagen geleden
I said it before, Aubameyang new contract was unwise
JUUG LORD 9 dagen geleden
We had to extend his contract based on his form at the time. Of course it looks bad in hindsight, but who could’ve predicted this slump in form? It was a risk the club had to take.
Eric Saforo
Eric Saforo 10 dagen geleden
Hahahaha put in Xhaka and we will taste same defeat. It is the lazy mindset of the manager. The manager is clueless and even careless
Sam Rowbotham
Sam Rowbotham 10 dagen geleden
Where did Kelechi buy his Ph'D?
gantswood 9 dagen geleden
He is a teacher I think by profession so I suppose he gained it in training. It has nothing to do with AFTV as someone else also mentioned. Kelechi is very intelligent.
JUUG LORD 9 dagen geleden
What does his Doctorate have to do with any of his appearances on AFTV?
Aloise Mwai
Aloise Mwai 10 dagen geleden
I want to Apologize to Arsene Wenger for the mistreatment in his final years at Emirates. Sorry sir we didn't know what we're doing. Look at the gap between top 4 and 9th. Please Wenger come back even for 2 games give your boy some notes on how to win, how to defend, how to sign players and many more. Thank you.
zimbabwe_ twinned with anfield
@gantswood you need to go through the rough patches of change
gantswood 9 dagen geleden
@zimbabwe_ twinned with anfield and look now. You are a much worse team. A mid table team. You wished for Wenger out. People have to be careful what you wish for. You have to live with the consequences.
zimbabwe_ twinned with anfield
Bro wenger had to go. He was Mugabe he of arsenal. Things where bad with him and stale
Rob Alexander
Rob Alexander 10 dagen geleden
We are all truly sorry for real. U never appreciate what u have till u lost it
Muyeyero John
Muyeyero John 10 dagen geleden
this guy is my fav
Stylus Hothead Music
Stylus Hothead Music 10 dagen geleden
Arsenal players need sum common sense you CANT win games playing like ur still in training with ur other teammates blud. ffs
Ryan Guilbert
Ryan Guilbert 10 dagen geleden
Arteta Out. Please and thank you.
Quincy Lawan
Quincy Lawan 10 dagen geleden
The way Kelechi analyze it, I felt the pain more. Arsenal players are so stupid.
ntokozo dube
ntokozo dube 10 dagen geleden
I love how robbie always gives him a minute to sing first 😂😂
David Denteh
David Denteh 10 dagen geleden
Arteta's shocking- cannot utilize our attackers
Mechatronics Geek
Mechatronics Geek 10 dagen geleden
Auba's hair is awful
Mechatronics Geek
Mechatronics Geek 10 dagen geleden
Funny 😂
Kobla Jnr Worldwide
Kobla Jnr Worldwide 10 dagen geleden
Kelechi 😂😂 just a vibe
emeka oparah
emeka oparah 10 dagen geleden
Kelechi is on point... True talk my brother 💯💯💯
Den Afari
Den Afari 10 dagen geleden
It was pure tactics....we were outclassed...arteta knows it
John Bertengel
John Bertengel 10 dagen geleden
Enough is enough Arteta! Thanks for the memories but it's time to go!!!!!!
Vince's Viewpoint
Vince's Viewpoint 10 dagen geleden
My BRODAAA.... I always look forward to Kelechi's post match music performances.
Adedotun Adeoye
Adedotun Adeoye 10 dagen geleden
Dr Kelechi, l agree with you. A toothless Liverpool team beat Arsenal, what a disgrace!
ptrim1902 10 dagen geleden
Guys I am sad to say but this team does not possess the required personalities as individuals and character as a collective to win the Europa league! What more proof do we need. Hope is not a plan!
Mikel John
Mikel John 10 dagen geleden
I've said it time without number this team is shameless and it's time we realize arteta is not good enough for this club, can u just imagine all the teams beating Liverpool home and away and we can't even do that, it's really ashame to this club we are arriving and hving this midtable team mentality.
FatalPies 9 dagen geleden
Erm Liverpool have won 9/10 last away games won their last 4 games and have only struggled due to a insane amount of injuries
Mikel John
Mikel John 10 dagen geleden
Fraud process
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 10 dagen geleden
I observe that Arsenal are beaten even before any big game. This has been evident since the end of Wenger’s reign, through Unai Emery and now with Arteta. Arsenal’s managers have not been able to instil confidence of resilience the team. The only time when I felt confident about Arsenal was last season when Leno got injured and Martinez was in goal. In that short space of time Martinez and Arsenal won 2 trophies. The entire defence and Leno must go. We need the Peter Storeys, Pat Rices, Frank McLintocks, George Grahams and Kenny Sansoms - plus a George Graham type manager - not the softies and pansies we’ve got now. Arsenal’s next EPL game is against Sheffield United. Can any Arsenal fan honestly say this is 3 points in the bag already? None, I bet - and this is what the problem with Arsenal is
Penrhyn Personal Training
Arsenal started to look a solid outfit when Martinez came in, got the unit up by 10/15 yards, gobbled up any decent cross and all of a sudden wide men were thinking twice about crossing fro deep against us. A good team needs leaders throughout the spine and that starts in between the posts. The cup win wouldn’t have happened without him. Leno has had good moments throughout the years but this team needs a leader in goal (as well as other positions) and staying rooted to your goal line when any half decent cross comes in will inevitably lead to goals even if you’ve got baresi and maldini at the back. You live and die by your decisions. I think this was a big one arteta got wrong in my opinion.
Born Simple
Born Simple 10 dagen geleden
Bring back arsene wenger immediately..
Lucas đuťť reãçțs
Remember u losed 5-1 with him
JUUG LORD 9 dagen geleden
Would’ve been 4-0 to Liverpool with Wenger in charge.
Natnaeal Mergia
Natnaeal Mergia 10 dagen geleden
Kelechi is too funny with the music. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
D'SCRYPT {Prod by Soun'Knox]
This Arsenal na useless team.
Naptown Culer
Naptown Culer 10 dagen geleden
Kelechi what a nice tribute to Claude it made me smile, RIP
Anyanwu Chijioke
Anyanwu Chijioke 10 dagen geleden
My brother Kelechi is just a vibe
ABCDEFG 10 dagen geleden
Dance clown... dance.
MAX POWERS 10 dagen geleden
Arsenal's defending is worse than Kelechi's singing.
Rama Rao
Rama Rao 10 dagen geleden
Luiz and xhaka might have made things worse by getting sent off. We were 2 goals down and man brings on el neny.
Udaco 10 dagen geleden
Don't talk about winning. Don't talk about a goal. Don't talk about attacking. Don't talk about shots on or off target. Don't talk about fighting. We can't even get out of our own area for almost 75 minutes.
easy life
easy life 8 dagen geleden
That right
My Ears Got Youth System
My Ears Got Youth System 8 dagen geleden
He was right
Naturalis Kenya
Naturalis Kenya 10 dagen geleden
R.I.P Claude
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 10 dagen geleden
Even if arsenal get relagated this won't stop singing
Simone Austin
Simone Austin 10 dagen geleden
Awee RIP Claude❤️🤍❤️
Zameer Patwa
Zameer Patwa 10 dagen geleden
Robbie worried about the copyright
Lopsang Lama
Lopsang Lama 10 dagen geleden
Fraudmayang 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Kiss G
Kiss G 10 dagen geleden
Incredible song to be fair
K M-18
K M-18 10 dagen geleden
Arsenalfc Football
Arsenalfc Football 10 dagen geleden
No xhaka no Arsenal
Ilir United
Ilir United 10 dagen geleden
Man like bookah tee
Man like bookah tee 10 dagen geleden
Im not appy im not appy
Malcolm Scott
Malcolm Scott 10 dagen geleden
Just realised Kalechi sounds like Jar Jar Bink's
Emperor Cesar
Emperor Cesar 10 dagen geleden
Arteta is a club legend let’s trust the rebuild process. He won us FA cup last season and put us in the quarterfinals of Europe most prestigious tournament
Emperor Cesar
Emperor Cesar 9 dagen geleden
@Adewale Ojoawo oduduwa yes I did take my drugs but forgot to drink water
Adewale Ojoawo
Adewale Ojoawo 10 dagen geleden
Did u forget to take your drugs?
Alex Syriopoulos
Alex Syriopoulos 10 dagen geleden
How exactly is he a club legend????
syco vibes
syco vibes 10 dagen geleden
Arseanl should start to consider selling Saka ,Smith Rowe and some promising youths to fund a rebuild. Sentimentality has to be thrown out.
syco vibes
syco vibes 10 dagen geleden
@Darren Katumba As you have seen the deadwood aren't worth much. Arsenal owners have proven not to want to invest in their own club. And fans want to challenge for the domestic and international cups. Then you have to make some tough choices. With Saka's market worth that's already two to three players from the sale of one.
Darren Katumba
Darren Katumba 10 dagen geleden
No that’s dumb, coz they’ll come back and ruin us with opposing teams, we need to sell the deadwood and buy a proper midfield
Ben Savage
Ben Savage 10 dagen geleden
kelechi should sing we will always love you by Whitney Houston for Claude passing
Elizabeth II
Elizabeth II 10 dagen geleden
Please stop interviewing this guy
JUUG LORD 9 dagen geleden
@busy beaver He’s not a doctor of football though, is he? Might as well invite any other Arsenal supporting PhD holder given what you’ve just said
Soso Lawson
Soso Lawson 10 dagen geleden
Nobody forced you to watch him
busy beaver
busy beaver 10 dagen geleden
his a Dr, you know?
Kirk Aryee
Kirk Aryee 10 dagen geleden
Why he shouldn’t
K M-18
K M-18 10 dagen geleden
Why, he's very funny. He's also logical
Genesis 7 Winner
Genesis 7 Winner 10 dagen geleden
Hot take here: From a United fan, I actually think that Arsenal have a better overall team than us!
Winston Tafirenyika
Winston Tafirenyika 10 dagen geleden
@Callum what ability mate?🤣
Winston Tafirenyika
Winston Tafirenyika 10 dagen geleden
give your phone away must be joking
Callum 10 dagen geleden
In terms of ability there is an argument. In terms of character? No. This arsenal team is one of the most spineless and leaderless teams I've ever seen.
mo 10 dagen geleden
I swear jota is a cheat code man his heading to ball are soo good porn stars are jealous
kenyandamu 10 dagen geleden
No. 10 spot is reserved for Arsenal ... Win, lose or draw!
Oneil Forseh
Oneil Forseh 8 dagen geleden
You mean 12th or 13th.
Nii Ala Adjei
Nii Ala Adjei 9 dagen geleden
I think they will be 12th
Adam Gosling
Adam Gosling 10 dagen geleden
The said it well on sky sports when the said the older players are fed lions and our youngest are the hungry ones
Rotimi Taiwo
Rotimi Taiwo 10 dagen geleden
mans doing hear no evil see no evil😭😂, doing up headie one lyrics
Marley SCFC Vlogs
Marley SCFC Vlogs 10 dagen geleden
Rip Claude forever in our thoughts ❤️
Blazé 10 dagen geleden
I swear I only watch AFTV if Arsenal lose 😂😂😂😂😂
Vinny 1976
Vinny 1976 10 dagen geleden
It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
kim ghandi
kim ghandi 10 dagen geleden
Me too 🤣🤣🤣
Abdikadir Abdullahi
Abdikadir Abdullahi 10 dagen geleden
Me too I love it 😂😂😂
John Bertengel
John Bertengel 10 dagen geleden
Same here
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 10 dagen geleden
They’re pretty hilarious when they win as well tho, sometimes lol
arcanerhythm lennon
arcanerhythm lennon 10 dagen geleden
white yardie on suicide watch
NeedForSpeedBadBoyz 10 dagen geleden
Ty: We've been unbeaten in the CL for five years!
My Ears Got Youth System
My Ears Got Youth System 8 dagen geleden
@Stuart Lakey true, media favours Varchester disunited and LiVARpool.
Stuart Lakey
Stuart Lakey 9 dagen geleden
@Riyazatron Yeah they are the media darlings. Also Liverpool and the pigeons.
Riyazatron 9 dagen geleden
@Stuart Lakey media only favour 1 team and have done since the creation of the PL. Manchester United.
Stuart Lakey
Stuart Lakey 9 dagen geleden
@Riyazatron OK so we agree. I don't see us winning in Europe either. Media hate Arsenal and will always cause us problems. A lot of the fans listen to them about Luiz. He is our best ch,and seems popular too with the players.
Riyazatron 9 dagen geleden
@Stuart Lakey my point is that sadly Luiz is critised so badly by the media and he is arsenal's best defender. First thing is accepting that which you do and you back your player so respect. But this is arsenal. When are they going to get a quality defender? With him being out I think arsenal will leak goals. Moh is right about the level arsenal are at currently. It's the truth sadly. I hope arsenal build a team of kids. I don't see arsenal winning Europa having seen the team's left in it tbh
JJR2408 10 dagen geleden
Yep he’s back even elevating his own profile with a song about Claude, worst one this bloke
JJR2408 10 dagen geleden
@boby123 that’s also pal
boby123 10 dagen geleden
And he's just annoying af
Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory 10 dagen geleden
The music everytime 😂😂😂😂😂😂
My Ears Got Youth System
My Ears Got Youth System 8 dagen geleden
@fLightTakesFlight as usual
zim prince
zim prince 9 dagen geleden
😅 🤣 🤣 😅
Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory 10 dagen geleden
@fLightTakesFlight facts
fLightTakesFlight 10 dagen geleden
AFTV is comedy gold
Royson Williams
Royson Williams 10 dagen geleden
R.i.p claude
Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds 10 dagen geleden
The only thing more inevitable than death and taxes is Robbie cringing at kelechi’s singing
Moses Mbeseha
Moses Mbeseha 9 dagen geleden
Evaos The lol
Evaos The lol 10 dagen geleden
Ujkn. Those things not inevitable.
shellsbignumber2 10 dagen geleden
The only thing worse then Kelechi's singing was Arsenals performance tonight.
Herschelle Benting
Herschelle Benting 10 dagen geleden
These guys are "onggry"
Reinell 10 dagen geleden
Love and respect to Claude Callegari and his family. RIP
Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory 10 dagen geleden
RIP Claude
M B 10 dagen geleden
I have a feeling this guy is only here to scam AFTV
JUUG LORD 9 dagen geleden
@M B you can’t be that gullible, he’s taking the piss.
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 10 dagen geleden
Because he’s nigerian? Altho I do think he was there before aftv blew up
arcanerhythm lennon
arcanerhythm lennon 10 dagen geleden
@M B yep
M B 10 dagen geleden
@arcanerhythm lennon are you serious?! Lol
arcanerhythm lennon
arcanerhythm lennon 10 dagen geleden
he was supposed to marry my mates nan then rinsed her , she lives with him and his bird now
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