A Tribute To Claude! Football Is Going To Miss You 

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A Tribute To Claude! Football Is Going To Miss You
We thought we would put together this short video of some memories of the great man. It is heartbreaking to know he is gone but he will never be forgotten.
If you would like to donate towards supporting Claude's funeral, memorial and family, you can do so here:
(This is the official 'GoFundMe' page set-up by his family.)


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31 mrt. 2021




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AFTV 13 dagen geleden
We have been truly touched by the countless comments and tributes from all fans across the world after the tragic news of Claude's passing yesterday. Thank you all so much for your messages, it really means a lot ❤️
ManaWearBlack 8 dagen geleden
@Zulfikran Zulmos yep, and now they act like they're upset and miss him. Also it wasn't natural causes, it was suicide, or at least every article about his death linked to suicide prevention pages etc. And he said he will "return to his mom soon"
Zulfikran Zulmos
Zulfikran Zulmos 8 dagen geleden
@ManaWearBlack they drown him down the river when he was ill and they knew it.. It's just business..
ManaWearBlack 8 dagen geleden
You turned your back on him. There is blood on your hands AFTV, I hope you realise that. One false step and you sold him down the river
Zulfikran Zulmos
Zulfikran Zulmos 9 dagen geleden
@5andy Gi11 natural causes
Andy1966 9 dagen geleden
Tom k.williams
Tom k.williams Dag geleden
Rip lad
prodbyshlee 2 dagen geleden
DragonHeart613 2 dagen geleden
I wish I could like this a gazillion times. Claude was one of the best parts about aftv. Never made excuses for the team, brutally honest, never apologized for being himself, his LOL exchanges with Ty, IT'S TIME TO GO😄 aftv lost some of its shine when Claude had to leave aftv and now that shine is forever dimmed with his passing. One of the most genuine fans ever witnessed. RIP Claude, forever missed🙏 Love & Respect from an American Man United fan✌
Wenger In
Wenger In 2 dagen geleden
Who are the MOfos disliking this videos
Jdarny90 2 dagen geleden
Rip claude
Bill Pedro Ward
Bill Pedro Ward 3 dagen geleden
Its people like Claude that make you love the game. An absolute genuine fan of football.
Vincent Jr.
Vincent Jr. 5 dagen geleden
Rip to the legend Claude himself, it was his time to go 🕊❤️🤍
BuckleyAFCB 5 dagen geleden
RIP CLAUDE you were the reason we started watching this channel and have not missed any video's on aftv since, we are Bournemouth fans, thankyou claude ❤
Matt H
Matt H 5 dagen geleden
So sad, hard to accept he's gone 😥
Greg Ingham
Greg Ingham 5 dagen geleden
God bless Claude x
Milan 5 dagen geleden
He brought a lot of joy to me and a lot of other people. He will be missed. 😞
Tom Martin
Tom Martin 5 dagen geleden
Rest in Peace Claude AFTV Won't Be The Same Without You.... Chelsea Fan ❤️
Adam Bretherton
Adam Bretherton 5 dagen geleden
Hit home when he was talking to Ty about being on the coach to an away game. How many thousands of us have experienced the same thing following our clubs. Enjoyed his rants and passion for Arsenal on AFTV. You'll be missed by all football supporters. You'll Never Walk Alone
Liam lll
Liam lll 6 dagen geleden
He reminded me of old arsenal before it got multi cultural
Rikz RK
Rikz RK 6 dagen geleden
He shouldn't have said the son comment imo, he had to leave AFtv.
Eoin Coulter
Eoin Coulter 6 dagen geleden
I cried
Paul Kenny
Paul Kenny 6 dagen geleden
What did he die of
Slimm Pickens
Slimm Pickens 6 dagen geleden
As a ManU fan, God Bless Claude! So sad to here of his passing. One of the greatest quotes of all time! "It's time to GO!!!"
HITMAN VPO 6 dagen geleden
From utd fan RIP Claude 🙏
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 6 dagen geleden
Robbie and AFTV locked him on depression. If he was allowed to be on AFTV shows, he would be here with us.
Iron Mike
Iron Mike 6 dagen geleden
Is he dead or something, miss him , why?
Commander Cheems
Commander Cheems 6 dagen geleden
its time to go.hits different now ):
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 6 dagen geleden
Never did this for heavy d Rip both of them
UR The Movement
UR The Movement 6 dagen geleden
RIP big boss Claude !
Fabrício Freitas
Fabrício Freitas 6 dagen geleden
Rest in piece
Shok731 6 dagen geleden
R.I.P Old Guard Claude
Young Fizz
Young Fizz 7 dagen geleden
R.I.P, true legend of football
mrmegabuckssongs 7 dagen geleden
Need Power
Need Power 7 dagen geleden
Now it’s his time to go
AUGUSTINE OTWAL 7 dagen geleden
Rest in peace
Rejuvinatez 7 dagen geleden
I can't believe he's gone.
David Morewood
David Morewood 7 dagen geleden
From a BLADE I am devastated by the news Claude was the reason i started watching this channel as i was watching this fan cam thing i had never heard of and Claude was on i watched it from that day never missed his show with TY what chemistry they had Watching AFTVwill never be the same Claude ITS TIME TO GO WAS TOO SOON ARRIVEDERCI CLAUDE R.I.P. Condolences to his family and friends
ROBSONCRUZO13 7 dagen geleden
deffo put tear in evreone eye even for me for laugher he put in for evreone im not gunner fan but gotta love claude will be missed YNWA
We Ride At Dawn
We Ride At Dawn 7 dagen geleden
Very sad news. So many fans from different clubs on here paying respect. From Liverpool, RIP Claude
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 7 dagen geleden
straw ceases you to surrender the battle you’ve tirelessly fought.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 7 dagen geleden
The sad thing is that people have disliked this video
Sheikh Haarith
Sheikh Haarith 7 dagen geleden
Ben Efese
Ben Efese 7 dagen geleden
Rest in peace big man... From a Liverpool fan🙏
Taylor Grey
Taylor Grey 7 dagen geleden
Never did this for heavy d Rip both of them
Adenba Yore
Adenba Yore 7 dagen geleden
R i p
Karl Mr Djk
Karl Mr Djk 7 dagen geleden
Even though I am die hard spurs fan To loose such a fantastic character and passionate supporter RIEP pal 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Nana AGyei
Nana AGyei 7 dagen geleden
Top man , rest well 🕊👏🏾
Cambo 7 dagen geleden
Claude was the man. The best. The reason I started watching AFTV.
Bombay Potato
Bombay Potato 7 dagen geleden
It was his time to go :(
MetalFaceVic 7 dagen geleden
uncleambient 7 dagen geleden
R.I.P Claude from a Coventry City fan.
Stan Leaf
Stan Leaf 8 dagen geleden
Wolves fan love the banter and my prayers and respect go out to Claude his family and his arsenal family god bless
Parker Vicroy
Parker Vicroy 8 dagen geleden
I literally started watching AFTV because of Claude. Absolute legend.
Lewis Cole
Lewis Cole 8 dagen geleden
Just want to say rest in Peace Claude from me an my family , I'm a scouser an LFC fan sending love an respect to your family an friends YNWA ✌🏾🙏🏾
A H 8 dagen geleden
You have blood on your hands!! Shame on you!
SentinalYoung 8 dagen geleden
Claude ❤️🙏🏾
ïMar 8 dagen geleden
Robbie doesn't age at all... Dude looking like this since when he was born
Umar Aslam
Umar Aslam 8 dagen geleden
The sad thing is that people have disliked this video
Michael A
Michael A 8 dagen geleden
Didn't you ban him for his DVD jest?
Matthew Jackson
Matthew Jackson 8 dagen geleden
What can we say, a passionate die hard fan who loved his club. RIP bud, the football community will miss you. (Spurs fan).
Jamie Osborne
Jamie Osborne 8 dagen geleden
Nice one my son. Looking forward to the DVD
Paul Pateman
Paul Pateman 8 dagen geleden
As a Liverpool fan will miss Claude RIP 🇬🇧🇬🇧👍
Vexzy 8 dagen geleden
Him and ty is a legendary duo, Claude you will be missed
YNWA 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude.
The Crow
The Crow 8 dagen geleden
A true fan who really loves the flag,rest
Kush Karma
Kush Karma 8 dagen geleden
Started watching in 2013-2014 , around when I started following Arsenal after being introduced in Cali by my college roommate. Claude was always the first interview I went to. The tempered enthusiasm, and unabashed emotions he showed. He fired up the crowd every time. He's a huge part of this channel, he unfortunately said a slur which was caught on camera. How many people reading this can honestly say they've never said, or even thought of a racial slur! Even if its happening in the mind, its as bad as saying it out loud. We all do it, and 99% of the time its never malicious. Its never that deep. RIP to this guy, really really really gutted I won't hear his opinions again, even with his shitty baby boomer generational understanding of camera phones and webcams, zooming in ridiculously on his face. Never forgotten Claude C, his name is synonymous with Arsenal from this Bay Area Gooner. RIP and hope you are enjoying with your mom up there bro
Roxann Frost
Roxann Frost 8 dagen geleden
Claude what a man funniest out of aftv sad to say goodbye;(
James m
James m 8 dagen geleden
Emmanuel Obehighe
Emmanuel Obehighe 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude! You were like the face of AFTV as far as I am concerned! Your passion was unrivalled! Emma Obehighe from Abuja , Nigeria!
Erik Alsgaard
Erik Alsgaard 8 dagen geleden
Rest in peace, Claude. Fly high. I will remember the funny videos, the funny moments. The videos with you and Ty. I dont even support Arsenal but I still very much enjoyed watching AFTV because of people like you!
Esteban JWB
Esteban JWB 8 dagen geleden
rockethot 8 dagen geleden
RIP Claude
1stman UK
1stman UK 8 dagen geleden
Mitch TheRonin
Mitch TheRonin 8 dagen geleden
So many claude fans here. I wonder how many of you visited his channel
john1951w 8 dagen geleden
I'm a very sad Leicester fan today. I've just heard the news. He will be missed. RIP Claude. xx
Josef Richter
Josef Richter 8 dagen geleden
Rest in peace, Claude. From a Chelsea fan.
Maduka Austin
Maduka Austin 8 dagen geleden
RIP claude
rexomaster 8 dagen geleden
rest in peace
SunTzu192 9 dagen geleden
Legend, rest easy Claude 🙏
Tine Ferk
Tine Ferk 9 dagen geleden
Rest in peace Claude. Always made me laugh. Hope you're smiling down on us, top bloke even though i didn't know him. Coming from a Liverpool fan, you'll never walk alone Claude
prochay 9 dagen geleden
RIP Claude
Ato Neikha
Ato Neikha 9 dagen geleden
RIP to a true football fan from a fellow football fan
eatsleeppk RS
eatsleeppk RS 9 dagen geleden
We know he wasn’t a perfect guy. None of us are.
ChxwYz 9 dagen geleden
Rip a real one
George Foord
George Foord 9 dagen geleden
Claude and ty friendship was awesome
Jj L
Jj L 9 dagen geleden
You guys cancelled him and now are singing his praises. Rats.
Q y x
Q y x 9 dagen geleden
Rip Claude, condolences to your family.
William Higgins
William Higgins 9 dagen geleden
Lovely video
Adam Clarke
Adam Clarke 9 dagen geleden
Gone and forgotten hahaha
david moon
david moon 9 dagen geleden
You dropped him like a stone AFTV The guy was depressed after u did fk all too help him and let him deal with all the social media abuse without backing him up all cos he said dvd ..... should hang your heads in shame stopped watching after u sacked him most your "pundits" are pointless now ....... RIP Claude 🙏
Gaz Masterton
Gaz Masterton 9 dagen geleden
Claude was the only sensible fella on here, I always loved watching him after the Arsenal games, win, lose or draw he’d always be honest and that’s what I admired about him. I’m a Utd fan but I genuinely had so much time for him. R.I.P. Claude, and with that news I will now unsubscribe to Arsenal fan TV.
Patrick Giordan
Patrick Giordan 9 dagen geleden
RIP Claude, from a villa fan. A voice of reason along side Robbie
Simen 9 dagen geleden
Matt Goff
Matt Goff 9 dagen geleden
I'm a Man Utd fan and I first noticed this channel in 2014 after the 3-2 loss at Stoke, thanks to Claude. Can't believe he's gone. His legend goes beyond Arsenal, beyond NLblock and beyond Social Media. I hope he knew how popular he was with thousands of people around the country. One of the old school, comedy gold and a proper fan, RIP Claude.
kurt donald
kurt donald 9 dagen geleden
Had to give my condolences to everyone he touched and entertained with his passionate takes. Truly was hilarious and entertaining especially whenever he would get into the disagreement spats with Ty. Rest in Power.
G 9 dagen geleden
Not even an Arsenal fan but I loved watching this man🙏🏻
Ayaz China
Ayaz China 9 dagen geleden
Rip Claude I support Manchester United. Top guy ❤
Tim Sleppy
Tim Sleppy 9 dagen geleden
YNWA Claude. Banter is great but the love of football is forever.
Killer Pass
Killer Pass 9 dagen geleden
What a great guy, really funny guy big character, will be sadly missed by everyone ❤
Mohammad Hassan
Mohammad Hassan 9 dagen geleden
I wise man once said "ITS TIME TO GO"
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Mr Bennett
Mr Bennett 9 dagen geleden
Anyone know what happened?
Cian Hennessy
Cian Hennessy 9 dagen geleden
You don’t have to be a Arsenal fan to love him rip Claude
Dutt Ryan
Dutt Ryan 9 dagen geleden
RIP what a legend
Dr Krueger
Dr Krueger 9 dagen geleden
You all only care because he's dead
Gareth Ravenscroft
Gareth Ravenscroft 9 dagen geleden
The best ever on AFTV!